I Had ATT DSL Dry Loop Installed Today. DSL with No Phone Line

Hi! My name is Dave, and below is original piece I wrote about getting Internet service without phone service (Dry Loop) from ATT. I wrote it in March of 2008. But now we’re into 2017, so I thought I would update all my AT&T articles by streamlining the pricing points here at the top and put my original articles down below.

Dry Loop is still available depending on WHERE you live. But they have lots of services and they come in different packages and price points-and it gets really, really cheap, if you also have the phone service or tv. But right NOW, they’re offering all High Speed Internet packages at reduced rates. And in some cases  no annual contract, so you get the first 6  months at a reduced price.

There are a few ways to get DSL, and this is the way it USED to be;

1. ATT DSL Internet ONLY (dry)

2. ATT DSL Internet with phone service


3. ATT Internet ONLY (dry)

4. ATT Internet Bundled with another service/s


Ok, let’s say you want the NO Phone and that’s something you can do pretty easily.

When you think about it the prices are pretty damn good. You can get  megs for low bucks.

Now let’s talk about the types of internet, you can get it by itself (dry loop) mix and match some of the other ATT services.

And despite some comical anti-bundle commercials out there it IS a good deal if you’re bundling with something else like phone service and/or TV. So let’s say you get two of their services, then you get a pretty low cost and in some cases on of their pretty good stuff at no cost that make the deal even better.

For instance right now they are giving out for different kinds of “wireless device” that you can pick from (only 1). And I can’t actually tell you the NAME of the things, but I can show you a picture.

So one more time, here’s the link for the service…



Check this out. When I upgraded to 3mb my speed got crazy, look at these fire hose speeds!


Your new Gateway router/modem looks like some kind of Sniper Kit.




So let’s do a little quick review on the DRY LOOP thing.

  1. Ok, “ATT DSL Direct” is the current name so just do your best to forget any other names you might have known it by.
  2. Dry Loop means DSL withOUT the phone service. Just plain high speed internet with no dial tone. A lot of people are confused and think you “get dry loop” with your phone service. Nope. You get Dry Loop INSTEAD of phone service. Either you want phone service and DSL or you want DSL by itself. Right?
  3. You can also get ATT phone service with Dry Loop. And it’s probably possible to have phone service from one company and Dry Loop internet from ATT. I wouldn’t really recommend it because of the technical complications. But I use AT&T DSL with an internet phone service and think it’s a good deal; 20 dollar phone from MagicJack
  4. The PRICES IF YOU ORDER ONLINE (meaning, if you CALL you might not get the same offers since those 2 ATT departments compete with each other) of Dry Loop (also called Naked DSL sometimes). Normally you’d have to pay way more and to get faster speeds. It’s not available in every state you can click here to check.
  5. The service today is an entirely different technology. Basically fiber optics instead of the old, expensive copper lines. And that’s why it’s so much faster, and barely cost that much more.

So when you look at these DSL prices you’ve got to remember in MOST of the country it’s hard to get DSL without the phone service and when you can get it’s VERY, VERY expensive and if you check around you’ll see. So ATT has DSL with the phone service  and they’ve got DSL without the phone service, and the price is a tiny bit more. But think about it; it’s way lower than cable.

Here’s the original article I wrote

I mentioned that I was getting rid of my ATT phone line based DSL service that involved having a telephone number in favor of their NEW phone-line-free service called Dry Loop (remember, at this time, it”s not particularly well known). Today I got it so I want to tell you a few things to watch out for and what to keep an eye out for. The first thing is to try to get all the steps taken care of at once.

When I called the DSL department I could tell in 30 seconds my customer representative was going to have problems since she barely understood what I was talking about, and wasn’t sure of prices or how it would be installed. I offered to hang up and call back but she REALLY wanted “to do her job” so I agreed with the full knowledge that I’d calling back to fix whatever mistakes were about to be put in place. See what needs to happen (if you have a phone line from ATT and DSL service already) is that line has to be cut off 24 hours in advance of the new DSL only service being turned on. You’re starting from scratch actually because they took my Social Security number to run a credit report. And I hate frivolous credit report checks because they lower your score .

So what you want to do is talk to one competent person that can do all the steps at once. Because the way I was originally setup, I was told the service would start on the 24 and I would have to call at least 24 hours in advance to turn off my current phone service and DSL. A couple of days later I looked at a calendar and saw the 23rd was a Sunday, and there was no way that was going to happen. That meant I had to change the turn on date for the 25th or before the weekend altogether. If you have phone service and you’ve decided you don’t want it from ATT anymore.

* Disconnect the current line

* Disconnect the current DSL

* Start the new Dry Loop< So when I DID call back I got all that packaged up as one thing so I didn’t need to call the day before and all that.

OK, Today is the 25 and my internet and phone went off yesterday around 10AM. And that’s one miserable day without internet radio. I can live without the email, or even the blog checking but the music is my thing man! Anyway. Get this call today around 11AM from a ATT tech telling me he’s here. And I’m like what, “this wasn’t supposed to be a home visit, I’m glad I’m here.” So verify when you set this up for yourself. Now, I should mention that around 10AM this morning the internet went on and when I checked the modem login page I could see 384kb up and down, so I resigned myself to having to call and go through all the stuff I mentioned in my series about getting this service set up in the first place. But I couldn’t log in.


I expected I would have to go through the whole process of getting my 1.5mb, but since the guy was there I was like, cool, let’s take care of it now. So he did some stuff and I went back in and saw I still couldn’t log in and therefore get online but I could see my speed was now 768kb download. I went back out and the tech guy said he didn’t think my line could take the full 1.5mb. And I said, well why would they sell it to me. The whole point of asking my address when I signed up was to see my distance from the office. By the way; with cable your speed is determined by how many people are on the network connection you’re sharing, and with DSL your speed is determined by your distance from the originating signal . So he said at 768 my failure rate was 30% and I said well, just turn me up to 1.5 and tell me what you see. He saw a 80% failure rate, and so just like I told the last guy, I said turn me up. If it fails I’ll call and have it turned down.

Went back inside called the office, they said I could use the same login, but it hadn’t yet registered me and by 8pm I would be able to get online, but it should actually happen in maybe an hour. Around 2 hours later, still no connection. So I called back. This guy gave me the login and password of ATT and I got in and connected, and registered online. I had tried the registration CD they give out, but it didn’t work. Probably because it uses you phone number for the process, and when you get this Naked DSL package you no longer have a phone number but they give you a 10 digit account number that emulates a phone number . So I got registered online, had to restart my browser and the modem a few times and FINALLY TODAY I’M BACK ONLINE.

Folks the price right now is CRAZY, all you need to get MagicJack phone service working with a fast connection. And just to be upfront; I do receive compensation from ATT and Magicjack for recommending their services. But as you can see, I really like AND use the products.

Free Virus Scan Will Save Your Computer if You’ve Got Adware Malware or Spyware Pt2

OK so this is part 2 of this series computer virus, adware, spyware and malware. Part 1 was basically me saying I had a problem and what I normally do to stay safe. In this part I’ll talk in detail about how I got a clean system. It all started about 10 days ago, and I decided to test a bunch of freeware instead of just going into DOS. Because that’s the super easy way to clean your system; if you know where the infected files are, just stop the startup process using F8, F9 or the Del button or better yet use the installation disk if you have one of those and it will walk you through the process. But nobody does it this way anymore, for the most part they just run a virus scan and hope it gets all the removes viruses for them. This approach I’m showing you today is if YOU want to see what’s going on first. And then I’ll show you some free tools you can use to fix everything. Also I put some links to free software at the end .


But the question is; how do you tell your system has a virus malware or adware? Well, your system will be acting weird. In my case the system was slow and popup windows kept coming out of nowhere. And my computer kept trying to talk to the internet. I mentioned in part 1 that I use ZoneAlarm , and it’s a local proxy that tells you both what devices on your computer are trying to make contact with the internet AND when something from the internet is trying to reach out and make contact with your computer. It allows you to approve and disapprove everything. For a free device it can’t be beat! So I expect Internet Explorer to try to the internet, but when I saw Windows Explorer trying I knew something was wrong.

So the first thing you want to do is find the find virus software. Many times it’ll be in your system32 folder, and it will be dated.


If you open a folder and press the “date modified” button (across the top of the folder) it will put things in chronological order and you can see what software is recent.


Just look for something weird-in the old days hackers use to sometimes name their malicious software clearly fake names like “stealcomputer.exe,” and many times they’ll name it something that looks like a real file. Below in the picture you can see a bunch of files from March 15th that I know I didn’t install, so they’re bad guys and probably adware and spyware. Those .dll files are typically the bad guys. But YOU should just be looking at this point, I kinda know what I can throw away and what I can’t, and how to restore stuff if I make a mistake-so just take it easy we’re just trying to ID stuff at this point.


Another way good piece of free software is Startup Control Panel . You should have this program anyway because it helps you find junk that starting up when your computer starts up and you can stop a lot of that crap to speed up your startup time AND give you more memory to use in a way that you want. As you can see in the picture there are bunch of virus type files that in my startup. In fact you see double entries. What happened was I unchecked the boxes but they came back. And THAT is when you KNOW you’ve got some bad malware hanging in there. When it won’t go away and you can’t use the right click “delete” function of Startup Control Panel that means it’s sticking to your system like a parasite.


Another tool on your computer should know about is the Windows Task Manager . It’s a little like the Startup program except it comes WITH Windows already and tells you currently what’s going on with your system. It even tells you how much of your CPU power is being used. So I know when I’m not running anything heave but see 99 or 100 percent being used that SOMETHING is being run in the background. And those “rundll32.exe” look very suspicious. Remember when we saw those .dll programs in the System32 folder? See how it’s all tying together now?



Now if you had a bad virus infection you might not be able to get online! But if you can, there are a few online scanners that are free like Trendmicro, so that’s something you can try. But my suggestion is you should download this stuff now . They’re free and they’re all small files. So have them installed and ready to go when you get infected.

Well I tried my old standby and usually very good program LavaSoft’s Ad-aware . But it kept konking out. Normally this thing has a basic scan and a DEEP scan, but it would scan for a while and freeze up. So that did not do the trick. So I tried to try a new program I had never heard of called Avast 4.7. Total crap. It kept konking out too. But worse than that it’s trying to be fancy. And let me just say; when you’re computer is shut down by viruses you’re NOT in the mood for fancy. It’s got a space age interface and makes a bunch of sound effects (that you can turn off, but now you’re wasting time doing THAT). And the interface is confusing It checked me out and said I was clean!


I tried another program I had never used before, but I didn’t know it was one of those deals where it will FIND the viruses, but then charge you to clean them. It was called Spyhunter 3. It found some stuff, but I could tell that it didn’t find the REALLY bad stuff.


Next I moved on to some old favorites Spybot’s Search and Destroy. This thing will find the bad stuff and delete them. It takes a while, but really they all do. It did a good job of getting the upper crust of the malicious software off. But that’s something you have to keep in mind, if you get some malware, or adware it will start multiplying and inviting more bad software to your machine!


So Then I went and got the best free computer condom out there. It’s called Spyware Blaster, and it’s like a said a condom for the computer. It just protects you when you go out on the internet. While I was getting it, I also did search for one of those bad .dll files to see if anybody knew anything about it. That’s a big part of virus removal going onto a search engine and seeing if anybody knows how to defeat it. One really great website (it’s actually a forum).


But I had mljgg.dll and the recommendation was VundoFix, so I ran that and it gave me a clean bill of health.




But then I ran Spybot again and it said I still had Virtumondo stuck in my registry! So I went back to the forum and another recommendation was Kaspersky. And that did the trick. It found all the problems and didn’t freeze up in the middle. And deleted the problem files when the computer restarted. Now I also tried about 4 or 5 other programs like Microsoft’s Defender, but that one froze up too in mid-scan, and some other stuff but I feel I’ve overloaded the average reader at this point! So Kaspersky is the one that worked.


And here you can see my clear system.

v2.jpg removed.jpg

Ok Let’s do a review. First there’s the stuff I recommend

There’s Ad-aware Virtumonde has been integrated into this program

There’s ZoneAlarm, and they have multiple versions including a free one


Internet Security

Spybot and Spyblaster are two separate things but both good. MS Defender was very effective.

A great tool to let you know what’s in your startup is Startup Control Panel

Next is the stuff you can try but I had mixed results

Avast free removal

Spyhunter and here’s a review by wiki

Finally there is an online tool called Trend Micro House calls . I didn’t want to push this really because even though it’s good, you need to be online .

Forgiveness Takes Time

Recently, somebody visited the blog and read this piece I wrote about getting over depression by using a few natural vitamins. She gave me a link to a piece about forgiveness, so I sent went and read it, then wrote a response. But when I got all set to leave my response I couldn’t find a comment box! Then I looked over what I wrote, and I was like “this is natural speaking to me, but it seems kind of rough for somebody else’s site.” So I’ve put my response here. But I recommend stopping by her link first to see the original piece. The piece begins with a quote, so let’s have a look at that quote.


“Learning to forgive is infinitely more useful than merely picking up a stone and throwing it at the object of one’s anger” said the Dalai Lama..

Well I’m not a religious person but I’ve heard this one “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” And yet, this past week, what did the Dalai Lama do? The Tibetans, who apparently reached the end of their forgiveness capacity, have resorted to good old fashion retaliation. And the Dalai Lama lashed out by threatening to quit. He threw a stone! Last I heard his wasn’t a job you could quit-I was under the impression it was s die and reincarnate kind of position. But that’s neither here nor there because there’s a 99 percent change he won’t be leaving “office” anyway.


But I point this recent event out to say this; sometimes forgiveness is the way to go and sometimes it might not be. Sometimes you have to work with the situation and build a strategy around that. It’s always different. And ultimately it’s all about how you’re going to cope with some issue from your past. How you’re gonna make peace with being wrong. Because that’s what it comes down to; somebody wronged you and they GOT AWAY. When you’re a toddler and mommy spanks your sibling for taking your candy you’re going to have a very different feeling than if she says, “just let him have it.”

During an 18 year period I had a woman cheat on me 3 times. Now the first 2 times, after some time apart and ME doing the forgiving we got back together. I wiped the slate clean. That’s forgiveness right? You’re saying, “I will not hold your past actions against you today-in my heart. I will not hold this ANGER over the thing you have down to me, against you. I believe you have made the necessary changes in your behavior and experienced growth. So I forgive you.” This THIRD time was a surprise (well the first 2 were too) but my thinking was “hey, we’re getting to be old people-are you kidding with this kind of behavior?” But no, she was kidding. I left the military, and moved across country-and she left me for a KNOWN villain. And her and her kids are gonna suffer. That is enviable, that’s his way. So ultimately they’ll split up. And when that time comes, should I be there with forgiving arms? No, you got that covered in point #1

Now, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s a good guy, did I mention I’ve met him? Well he’s a good guy and despite his title I don’t deify him. I don’t deify people. ANY people. In my travels around this planet I’ve seen things that would make the eyes melt out of your head; so I understand that humans are capable of the full spectrum. Great goodness and horrific, deprived, malicious acts. And I’ve seen WAAAAY more of the later. But even the DL can react with anger-depending on the newness of the wrong. And to me that’s what it comes down to. Forgiveness is a luxury of time. In ten years you can forgive all kinds of stuff, because that’s how long it took me to take that woman back.

But when the wrong is fresh there’s a pretty good chance you’re gonna need a more immediate fix to cope. And typically that fix is diminishing. You end up putting the egregious party down. “Well they’re retarded! Or plain stupid! Or just evil!” Because the pain will burn you up as you think, “They don’t have to pay. They did a wrong to me (or others) and I’M hurt and they’re walking around scot free.” So my feeling about pain inflicted by others, is that in the early days, managed anger (and or sadness and grief) is what you’ll be working with. I see it less as a burden or chains, as you’ve described, and more as too much air in a cavity that can’t contain it. A balloon, if you will, and there is no sole technique to release that pressure. MY technique is to tell about my woman’s evil behavior every chance I get!! This response, for example, is only the tip of it-I wrote a whole MOVIE. But I feel a lot better! And that’s the point I’m making; your 10 points, to me, have varying levels of effectiveness. But you premise that keeping the bad feelings does more harm to you than the wrongdoer, and finding SOME method to express and release that build up is advisable.