Woman With Giant Legs on TLC

OK, so waaaaaaay back in 2008 I wrote all these pieces about TLC shows (aka The Discovery Channel), like the Half Tree Half Man and the Man with the Worst Facial Tumors, and the No Face Man. And in theory I’m DONE. But I can’t help myself! So here I am again writing about stuff I’ve seen on TLC. But I tell you what? I’m actually going to direct you to a original source article on the program about Mandy Sellars and her big legs.

The most amazing thing about Mandy’s condition is that nobody has been able to tell her what’s wrong with her. An entire lifetime of various medical conditions brought on by the big legs, but not being able to identify and correct the problem. Amazing. It took a TV show being done about her to finally get her over to America where somebody could try to find out what went wrong. At this point her legs are 210 pounds and she’s considering amputation.

And I hate to spoil the surprise “did she or didn’t she” but today I stopped by mandysellers.com and read this…

Mandy leg amputation

Her legs are 36 inches thick, and she’s 33 years old but she’s SOOO thin. I mean, to be such a thin person and to have 210 pound legs is such a….I really don’t have the words. In fact you get the impression her legs are actually starving her body. And dude, I mean, look at these shoes…

Mandy relaxing

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Originally I thought the program was going to be about at 24 year old Chinese woman named Wang Cheng. Here’s a quote

A Chinese woman who long-suffered with elephantiasis of the legs says she is looking forward to wearing skirts and trousers after having a life-changing surgery to correct the painful condition, Agence France-Presse reported.

Before the surgery, Wang Cheng, 24, who lives in the eastern Chinese province of Zhiangsu, has not been able to leave her house or wear regular clothing since she was 6-years-old because the condition caused her legs to become deformed and triple in size, giving them a combined weight of 110 pounds.

Anyway, they’re really is no shortage of this type of human suffering. At least in some cases they’ve been able to catch it early and find solutions Or check out the DailyTelegraph site for more on the stories below. And don’t forget about myHalf Tree Half Man and the Man with the Worst Facial Tumors, and the No Face Man.WARNING** Some of those stories have upsetting pictures.

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Thank You George W Bush jr. for Our Black President

No, no really! We couldn’t done it without you. Take a bow my brother-you deserve it. Stand back and observe what you have wrought (I know you’re big on the Bible so I threw that in for you). Now, no gnashing of the teeth! You must move forward. Get started on you Presidential “library.” Lot of people would underestimate designing a 2 foot by 3 foot space but I know, even that, takes planning so don’t let us hold you up on your next exciting adventure.

All kidding aside, many do view you and your presidency as a joke, but let’s be real for a minute. A lot of real live people died because of you. A lot of people died here in the country as a whole, in the Armed Services, in Iraq, in Louisiana! And all the people who did go to work and came back missing limbs, or missing jobs, or missing years of their kids lives, or coming back to NO FAMILY AT ALL. A wife who jut couldn’t’ take the stress. And a lot of people lost their homes. Your REFUSAL to deal with wall street gone wild cost people their retirement with the Enron and all the other companies who played with people’s lives. But turns out that was just the tip of the financial iceberg right? In other words your damage is very real. Very real. And so much carelessness because you surrounding yourself with a callous and greedy body of people. Cheney and his Halliburton money grab, Wolfowitz and his theories and Rumsfeld and his armchair general’s approach to combat. Real people really suffered.

But with Obama’s election the world is proud of America. The signal has been sent. That the ugly Americans have finally been beaten back into submission. Everybody recognizes that they’re still here, but that it will take an enormous effort for them ever to regain power and wreck havoc on the world again. People knew that we black Americans didn’t have the numbers to ever put a black man in office, that it was going to take all types of Americans pulling together to enact a actual “regime change.” But we did it, we ending a stranglehold that went on for too long. It’s over.

The thing that has struck me in life is how unusual are the people who want to be president. Invariably what I see is this desire to go down in history. I only see the desire to serve the people as in afterthought. Except in 2 cases Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, otherwise it’s been one history whore after another. As we’ve just seen with McCain’s use of Sarah Palin. His greed for that office prompted him to insult the American people to such an unbelievable degree that after the initial shock wore off his OWN party realized that guy couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens to us if it meant he would “get to be president.” I have a theory that I’m always telling people; toothpaste does not come out of the tube on its own. I’ve learned that in life almost no movement forward happens without the appropriate pressure. And you Mr. Bush backed the country into such a corner, such a corner, that they would vote a black man into office. That’s a hell of accomplishment. You will go down in history, not just as the worst president ever, but the main who made Obama possible.

So again, being the good Bible man that you are I guess there’s only one way to say goodbye; don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Here’s an image brought to my attention by HotRod at WFMU. As you know this blog is 1/5 about comics and Alex Ross who went to art school here in Chicago did this one.

Oh! That’s Why John Edwards Wasn’t Chosen as the Running Mate

Has it been that long? Wow, john Edwards. Remember him. Man, time waits for no man and it seems like years ago that Edwards was a part of this whole election circus but yeah, he was in it. Anyway I took a gigantic break from writing on this blog, but I didn’t stop thinking about story ideas, so a bunch of things that are now going to start popping up because they’re still vaguely relevant. Take for example this piece you’re currently reading.

Months ago John Edwards dropped out of the race, and at the time he wouldn’t give his endorsement. He was being coy. Ho hum. Then he FINALLY dropped it on Obama, and the event was like the Fourth of July; with these guys holding hands and looking triumphant. And it seemed like a fait accompli that he was going to be the running mate. I even wrote this whole piece about it. A couple of young, progressive, popular guys, one black one white. It was like some awesome Hollywood cop buddy movie. But then…things went quiet about the VP pick, in fact it shifted to Hillary talk after she got knocked out of the race. And I was confused.

I mean I’ll be honest I’m not a long time fan of political things, but like many people have HAD to become other world has just gone to shit. So I thought a I had developed a pretty good grasp of things because I DO have a strong understanding of human behavior. So when Edwards didn’t get the VP pick I was really surprised. Cut to; a few months later and John Edwards is hiding out in a hotel bathroom. But it wasn’t a Republican style closeted gay issue. He had allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock. Well, well, well. Turns out black guys aren’t the only ones. The National Enquire dug up Rielle Hunter AND took pictures. And that’s what happened to Edwards; the vetting process dug her up or he confessed that this shit was about to explode and they took him out(“John, you sure that’s not anything you want to tell us about?” “No. No, why do you ask? Have you heard anything? Well…well, there is one small thing…”). Coulda bin a contenda’!