Today it’s Easy to Get Major Medical Health Insurance and Temporary Medical Insurance

Well in theory it’s “Spring” time but here in Chicago, and I’m hearing other parts of the country as well, we’ve had a pretty chilly and rainy April and May. BUT, once the hot season really kicks in the opportunity to get hurt does also! I’m here to tell you I’ve already strained my back once and my legs once. The back is a recurring issue that has sent me to the hospital twice in the past. And HOW did I do this to myself this year? Cutting grass!

I know you’re not interesting the stupid details of exactly how I let blades of grass defeat me-but it brings up an issue I’d like to tackle today. Health insurance. The nation, obviously, had  it’s own “strained back” over health insurance this year, but on an individual level do YOU yourself actually have coverage. I don’t. And I work for myself.

A good deal of this blog is me discussing how I’ve made money on the internet, and I’ve tried all kinds of methods, but this year I’ve almost totally removed CPA type offers and gone to more stable products and services. Real goods that people can use. Ones that don’t have any hidden or evasive details. And I personally examine all the offers myself. One of the offers I’m working with these days is Health Compare. It’s a pretty logical deal-they just compare health insurers for you.

Seems pretty obvious right? There are companies that do auto quotes, why shouldn’t you be able to get a health quote. You go to their site, you put in your location, how many people you need to cover, the type of coverage you need or want and then apply. Boom, your done. You can even call them and they’ll walk you through it personally, if you’re more comfortable that way. Call 866-945-2517 between 6:00 am &  5:00 pm.

They’ve established connections to a great selection of insurance providers and you may have a personal preference, but seeing what they look like IN COMPARISON is a very good way to make a choice. A company whose name you love may in fact not be so great in reality and a company you might not have considered might actually have a better deal. It’s a great starting point. So, you know, I think it’s something you might want to try. Look into it, and Get Instant Health Insurance Quotes