Amazing Adsense. Smiling So Wide I Could Eat a Banana Sideways

Dave finally gets some sleep! I’ve been awake and working a little over 2 months, and the journey itself to discovery how to make Adsense work took exactly 2 months. March 1 to April 30, but I feel like I’ve got a handle on the situation now and will be able to have an income from the internet. I don’t know it all, but I now know enough . The instructions on how I did it are here . But TODAY’S POST is not about the money, although I’ve put my results down there so you can see how I did. It’s about motivational speakers. I STRONGLY encourage you to read on through it, because it’s the foundation for the money stuff. Yeah, that “colorful” turn of phrase I used in the title actually came from Zig Zigler, who I was watching on YouTube super early this morning. And it got me to thinking; over the years I’ve been exposed to about half a dozen of these “gurus” and I’ve LISTENED. I mean I don’t go to seminars (I probably should) and I don’t buy home motivation seminar kits, but I have gotten books or tapes (CD’s now I guess) from the library and I bought one two books several times over. Funny thing about the books by these guys; if somebody flips through a few pages they usually ask to “borrow” it and you never see it again.

I’m going to include a few video clips in this post so you can get a feel for these guys, but after that it’s up to you if you like what you hear to search out their works and see if it applies to you. It’s hard for me to say with a straight face I listen to “personal coaches” or “life empowering strategist” or even the bland “motivational speaker,” but I have at LEAST a 10 year history of absorbing their works in one way or another. It all started some years ago, maybe late 90’s I was living in LA and hanging out at Venice Beach everyday skate dancing. Yes, I’m confessing to that too today; I was a Venice Beach skate dancer . Those are people you’ve seen in a hundred movies, where they show VB and all these “freaks” rolling around in thongs (dudes!) or giant oversized sunglasses and “dancing” while wearing skates or inline skates (I wore inline). And some days I would hang with the aggressive street skaters (dangerous tricks) and some days the dancers. I think in Fletch, Chevy Chase shows up for a few seconds as a long hair in a robe on skates. So THAT place.

Zig Zigler Video

But I hung with a homeless guy. He was a skate dancer, but he lived on the beach. He was my best friend. A lady ran into my VW Bug and crashed it. I won the court case. I took my 6000$ and went to Japan to see my martial art teachers. I got back, and somebody had killed my friend. Strangled him. For those of you not too hip on killing people; that process can take up to 9 minutes or longer because most people’s hands get tired. So it’s a rough way to be murdered (as oppose to say a gunshot). So I started…thinking about things. I mean I stopped working, I stopped my movie career, I stopped everything. I went to the downtown library for weeks on end and began a practice I keep to this day; taking out as many books as allowed and keep renewing and getting new books when I’m done with the first crop. But the books I got were all Eastern Philosophy, World Religion, and people who were successful type books. At this point, I promise you I could write a series of books and end up on Ophra within a year. I guarantee it . In fact, I DID write an 800 page book I’m sitting on.

At any rate during that process, which was several years long by the way, I learned at lot. But because I was in a receptive mode I heard somebody on TV one very late night that actually changed the way I thought in a major way. It was Deepak Chopra on an obscure program. At the time I was having woman problems (problems WITH women) and he said “become the thing you want to attract.” And it was just one of those things that stopped me in my tracks and I REALLY thought about that for a few minutes and then a few weeks and then months. This idea of not looking for something in life but becoming, and I changed everything. I had spent YEARS trying to make it as an actor and right then and there I decided I would make my own movies. I had spent years chasing women, and I decided I was done. I would become a better Dave Rosenthal. The BEST Dave Rosenthal I could be.

Anthony Robbins Video

Yeah, I’m still bastard! That’s just my way. That hasn’t changed, but I don’t do things that negatively impact others and I expect the most from myself, so I feel like I’m ok. And I make choices that I think are well thought out. These are just some of the traits I’ve picked up reading or listening to this group; Deepak of course back in the old days. Then I got into Tony Robbins, and I put one of his videos up that’s kind of a big hit with the tech crowd these days. And I also got very into Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Poor Dad stuff. But then I realized THESE guys where just echoing the words of the some old timey guys like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon hill. And the bridge between old school and new school is Zig Zigler himself. You just need to listen to these guys and you realize its’ all about attitude. My mom’s cell phone just went bad, but her contract ended a year ago. Today she’s going to the shop to get a new one, I told her; don’t go in there begging for a new phone-they have to make YOU an offer to get you to renew your contract. It’s just a point of view shift. And it’s that way about success or making money. Once you get in the mindset of “It can be done, I’m going to do it, and this is what I’m going to do to get there.”

It’s funny. I go to places like and you read all these comments where people say Adsense is dead . But, listen, Shoemoney made over a $140,000 only a few years ago. Like 4 years or so! Listen, if you said to me “Dave let’s get into the automobile industry” I’d say well, that’s going to be a tough market to crack, or the home computer business. Those are fields that are very tough and would take a hell of a strategy to break into. But if some guy made THAT MUCH money with Adsense only a couple of years ago there’s GOT to be some money left. Right? So I decided I wanted to learn how to make money while online. Yes, there’s money in affiliate work, or paid blogging, but I’m not going to skip one stream just because it’s hard. That’s like saying “hey, I never learned to walk, so I’m going to roll around in wheelchair. Oh my legs work, I just found it hard, so I’m rolling baby!” Anyway that’s more than enough for one post.

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8 thoughts on “Amazing Adsense. Smiling So Wide I Could Eat a Banana Sideways

  1. I’m a big fan of Deepak Chopra – I’ve read A LOT of his books, my favorite still being 7 secrets of spiritual success.

  2. Hi Chelle
    Yeah, during my big “sit and read” I read about 600 books and that includes all of Chopra’s even the King Arthur ones.

    Didn’t even know I went to college with his kid until I graduated. Now the two of them are running Virgin comics…

  3. Hey Dave, Congrats on your successes. I guess those two months without sleep really paid off… Now, if you could only put down in an Ebook very specific steps you took including time tables, costs, and links… well then, that would be something. 🙂


  4. Hahaha yeah that’s the way it goes, you’ve seen me doing “animal picture day” right? Yeah you gotta mix it up! Any one topic, hell any 5 topics can only interest you for so long. At first I didn’t understand why people had multiple blogs.

    But thanks for the mention. I’ll get by there and take a look. I spent most of night fixing my sisters computer.

    And it’s all here. Your email is part 2 (that I haven’t really written up for the blog yet) and part 1 is that piece I wrote with ad-intelligence. If a person does those things and read what I wrote in yesterday’s RSShugger piece (about a money blog not being the same as a personal blog) you’re all set. But maybe I need to do a recap. I’ve been thinking about putting like an audio thing on the blog so I can actually SAY what I’m talking about.

  5. Hey Dave, you are fast becoming one of my fave MMO bloggers…… and you are not even necc just a MMO blogger!

    I don’t think I am going to buy anymore software right this moment (no money) definitely waiting and reading more, especially in the bans dept.

    For now I am moding a theme, which I will then use on several sites.

    I am excited about the prospect of making cash without having to constantly update…. then i can spend more quality time with my no money making personal blog.

  6. Hi Forest
    I’m SO glad you understand those 2 very important things. I’m not an MMO guy. So I’m not going to spend years trying to figure this out, I spent my time on it, I’m posting on the subject, and then I’m done. You know?

    And next, you have made the mental break-this is the biggest hurdle people seem to have-a personal blog and money blogs. It’s that simple.

    And yeah I’m really big on BANS type software (although HyperVRE uses RSS to keep those sites fresh too) because it’s out-of-the-box ready.

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