Another Birthday. I Might Be Done Being Crazy

Wow. So it was a year ago on my previous birthday that I decided to get “serious” about this blog. I made a post that day, then waited about a month and made a few more, then I think in October I got the commitment to go daily. And I stayed daily until about June 7th of this year. Then I just stopped. I forget why now, I forget if it was technical problems or just anger over some internet money issues (where I lost a LOT of money). Probably it was my state of mind. I’ve been crazy for a full year now. Did I mention that?
Yeah, I’ve talked on this blog about a personal issue that really upset me July/August of 2007. And for the last 12 months I’ve battled it. Feel ok enough to work, then just get low and have to fight my way up again. It was my 40th year so there were probably a lot of factors; the relationship that was the catalyst, money, career, fatigue, my ridiculous foray into the military. So all that shit. I took this picture a few days ago, and you can’t see it. But I have TREMENDOUS WHITE hairs in my beard that were not there before the incident last year. All around my jaw line; very out of place looking hostile slashed and patches of white hair. The hairs are clearly stress not aging.

At any rate. All kinds of stuff has happened in the 10 weeks since I stopped writing for this blog. Nothing earth shattering, just stuff like the news, the movies I’ve seen, the 100 article ideas I have, the tons of other (profitable) blogs I do maintain a little better than this one. At some point this year I bought DaveRosenthalBlog, so I’m thinking about moving all my musings over there. Because as you can see from the stats from this week below this blog still gets the same stupid-ass 200-500 pageviews a day and that was me doing NOTHING. Plus the blog got hacked, then hijacked for almost a month! And I’d fight these hackers all day and the blog would be offline. Then Google de-indexed me too. So I had to get back in their good graces. So I’m not sure what I’m going to do over here. But I AM done being crazy. I’ve got to get moving on the many, many projects I’ve got planned for myself.

So there were some welcome back comments here, but when the blog crashed I was lucky enough to be able to save this post but not the comments. And the comment section is where I decided to add a picture from a week later.