ANOTHER Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. Northern Illinois University.

I really can’t believe I’m in a position to write about ANOTHER multiple killing here in Chicago this month. You may recall that I just wrote about the 5 women killed in Tinley Park, and even THAT story was related to the 2 women burned to death not long before that. So it’s with a heavy heart that I relate the local news of what happened in Dekalb yesterday (about 65 miles from the city). And here’s a strange update to THIS story. But for now I’ll just put some links below about this incident. Actually, some of you might remember we had a another famous February 14 killing spree way back in 1929 and they called it the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre.


But don’t let that get you totally down. There actually WAS some good news yesterday. A couple of gorillas were filmed “doing it” not their usual doggy style but, well, “man style.” First time ever recorded face to face sex for these guys. So hooray for taking a step toward evolution.