Battlestar Heroes and Me

A week or so back I wrote about how my interest in shows I initially got pretty jazzed about was waning. In particular Battlestar Galactica and Heroes; 2 shows that just knocked my socks off in their first seasons.

Season 2 of Galactica was also pretty admiral. But I REALLY started to get worried during season 3. It was OK but all that Baltar and Sharon stuff was killing me. I mean they’re characters on the show, and I like to see them, but I had the feeling they were overdoing it. So much so that I STILL have about 4 or 5 episodes I haven’t even WATCHED yet. Yeah, for real! I mean sometimes I hold onto shows to savor the enjoyment, and sometimes I just hold onto shows…if you get what I’m saying.

But, Saturday the SciFi channel aired “Razor.” Which was EXACTLY what I needed. It went all the way back to season 2 stuff, and didn’t really reference any of the season 3 stuff, so I was able to get a new dose of the show without having to watch those last episodes of last season. Good show. Nice 2 hour mix of stuff. It was satisfying. But sadly, the writers strike might kill the show. According to this article they had filmed 9 of 20 episodes and the strike might basically kill the show for good. Is this the end for Battlestar? I don’t know.

In other, but similar news, the current season of Heroes was also not what I would have hoped for. I just wasn’t feeling it, like I did last year. So around episode 5 or so I just started saving and not watching them. Finally this Thanksgiving I decided to catch up, and VOILA it’s good again. Episodes 7, 8 and 9 were a lot of fun and in fact it brings me to a an odd question. Were they going to give Nathan Wolverine hair? Look at these.


Ok now it’s time to get personal. Episode 10 featured some complex interpersonal dynamics that echoed my own life. Sylar has convinced Maya that her brother should not be a part of “their” journey. Originally we had a brother and sister who had complete trust in each other, and then Sylar comes along and worms his way into their lives-and divided them. Part of the reason I do this blog is because I have time now. Up until recently had a girlfriend and her kids in my life. And like that brother and sister team, we had a LONG history together. 26 years, on and off. And like that brother sister team on Heroes we had just endured some very difficult trials together and we ON OUR WAY to the relief of a good doctor. We had overcome SOOOO many obstacles. And then this guy showed up.

JUST like on the show, he convinced my woman I harbored bad feelings about her and that HE would really be on her side and together they could finish the rest of the journey. And just like on the show I presented my woman with the rock solid evidence of this guy’s past evil deeds. And JUST like Maya she announced they were alike and they would go on without me. Despite his obvious evil nature and nasty plans for her. On Heroes, you KNOW she’s headed for a world of hurt because Sylar is clearly a bad guy, and the exact same evidence was clear in my real life situation. People have warned my ex about this guy because SHE’S the one that’s going to suffer. And what’s the first thing Sylar does. He kills Alejandro. So now he’s out of a sister his life. And Maya has lost the most important thing to her and she doesn’t even know it yet. And now that I think about it, seems like I’ve heard this story before; or maybe I read it in a book called Genesis. It involved this good guy, a woman who got fooled and had to suffer, and another character that slithers.

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