Best Hamburger in the World is Fatburger in LA

Tonight I went over to my sister’s place to finish her state taxes-we had done her federals back in January. And when she was bringing back home she wanted to know what I wanted to eat. I said, “just take me up to 95th street. I need to put this rebate for some computer RAM in my bank before the check expires. I’ll find something to eat up there; it’s a bunch of joints up that way. When we finally got up there it was pretty much wall to wall hamburger places. And I decided to go for White Castle’s. For those of you NOT in Chicago the White Castle chain, I think, started in Detroit but it’s still really big here in the Chicago. They have them frozen now, so you can buy them in the grocery store. That is, IF you’re so in inclined. Because man, people have a love it or hate it attitude about them. It’s a tiny little burger, so the idea is that you buy a bunch of them.

So it’s a few hours later and I still haven’t eaten what I bought yet, had to check in with my mom about my grandfather-nothing bad, just regular family stuff. Then I had to check the stats on the blog. You know how that goes. Then I had to check the female; maybe you can tell I did these things in reverse order from shortest to longest. So I’m finally ready to eat my hamburgers, but…well I’m still not inspired to eat these hamburgers . That would not be the case if I had gone to Fatburgers . But I’m in Chicago (welcome back!) not Los Angeles. But when I was in LA I was a Fatburger master. Not only did they know me personally in every shop within a 20 mile radius, but I’m a card carrying diner. That’s not a euphemism, I literally have a Fat Card that they punch holes in and after the card is filled you get a free burger.

I think my cousins used to call me the hamburger kid when I was a kid. And I guess from their point of view I was . I mean I have no problem eating at a hamburger joint 2-3 times a week. I don’t. But it wouldn’t be a problem. Fatburger is special though. The website says “1952, Lovie Yancey created something unique.” So it’s definitely one of the old timey places in LA, like Pink’s Hotdog (maybe I’ll write about them one day). Magic Johnson bought them out a few years ago when he decided he wanted to turn his riches into WEALTH. And maybe he’s smarter than people think because he didn’t change a thing . Fatburger makes awesome burgers. BIG, tasty, kinda sloppy, made to order not assembly line, a little expensive. But it’s worth it. It’s just a serious burger.

6 thoughts on “Best Hamburger in the World is Fatburger in LA

  1. Dave, I grew up in Los Angeles and Fat Burgers is without question THE hamburger joint to be reckoned with.

    I have seen lines at that place in the middle of the night that you would not believe! Same with Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Especially after the club, like 2 a.m when everybody starvin’, lol.

    I miss it. *sniff*

  2. Hey Shelia
    I feel so embarrassed. Normally I post once a day-but I’ve been struggling with a design issues AND the new WordPress (and you’ll discover that joy if you ever decide to leave blogger!).

    But I’ve had all these great visits this week, like yourself.

    Now back to the topic! Yeah I pretty much ONLY went at weird hours of the night. And I used to live in Hollywood about 100 feet from Roscoe’s so I know those crowds first hand.

    Looks like my work here in Chicago is nearly done, and I’ve still got 75% of my junk in a storage place in LA, so I’ll probably be heading back…

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  5. I don’t know Dave. When I was out in LA, I had a taste of them hamburgers. I think Jack in the Box and what was that other popular joint? Bottom line, I got really sick. Dunno why. Maybe it was the amount of grease they had. I just had a major case of gas in my stomach that I didn’t even eat for a few days. I got better thank God! I didn’t bother to touch Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. It smelled pretty good from where I was. But, I ended up eating Thai.

    Coming back to NY, I went back to my good ol’ fresh off the grill Hamburger restaurants. If I had to, I’d probably resort to either McD’s or White Castle’s Jalapeno or Bacon Cheddar burgers. Me and my brother in law rocked the 50 case. Ha! Now that I’m in Germany, I gotta say, I’ve been craving me some real hamburgers!

  6. Hi K,
    Well I did say I was known as the “hamburger kid” so I’ve got to believe I have a stronger hamburger “factor” than most people. And Jack’s in LA is really a little like that suicide game in the Deer Hunter.

    Plus you’re an athletic guy-you’re whole system is incompatible with a FAT burger man!

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