Black People/African Americans Send a Nov. 2 Message

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Today is the big Black Out. Because Imus is back on the air and things like this . So I’m posting a media release and opinion piece that are not mine today. And I’ll be back tomorrow with my usual stuff.



October 11, 2007 Contact: Rogina Knight, Syndication One

For Immediate Release 301-429-3236



3 thoughts on “Black People/African Americans Send a Nov. 2 Message

  1. on nov 2.i needed some milk to make a cornbread so i went to love-one.a local own black store in columbia sc p.s how do i get my tee-shirt truthfirgthers

  2. Hi carolinabandit and thanks for reading. Usually I do 100% of the writing on this blog, but that was a special situation and I decided to relay some ideas about what was going on. So we’re all making a contribution in our own ways.

    And I’m VERY glad you asked about the fine shirts. You can either go to my page here on the blog and put your mouse on one of the shirts and link over to the site, or go directly to KreetonByKryton and get some. Register for a free account and you can track your orders. Also I just added some hoodies and sweater stuff for the cold season. And if you’d like a Jena incident related shirt you can go HERE.

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