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Chris Rock says “I probably came on her ass.”

I was intending to write about DSL high speed internet today but this one was just too much to pass up. “I probably came on her ass.” Normally that’s not a “probably” situation. I’m usually pretty sure about where I came. But that’s neither here nor there because this is all about Chris Rock and HIS ejaculate, not mine. Here’s a sample.




CR: I’ve been so set up…

AP: Did you come on her thighs?…

CR: I had a rubber on. I probably took it off right when I was getting ready to come. I probably came on her ass.


AP: Did you stick it in her? Without a rubber?

CR: No


AP: Now we got to go get this thing legally, which means we gotta subpoena it.


CR: It never stops

AP: It’s gonna stop. I’m going to make it stop.


Ok so, how do I begin this? I was over at Huffington Post today. A news blog that I was positive would make NO impact on the ‘net when Arianna first announced she was going to start it up. Man time flies, and here I am trying to get MY blog noticed by somebody. See what happens if you don’t move fast enough in life? But how did this quote ever make to the light of day?

Well there’s this guy. There’s always a guy, right? His name is Anthony Pellicano. He’s this Chicago guy out in LA. He’s been known as the “P.I. to the stars.” He’s got a big trial going on involving wiretapping, invasion of privacy, illegal explosives, racketeering, etc., He’s been linked to tons of famous people. And that includes Chris Rock, who had the unfortunate luck to be recorded in one of his phone calls with Pellicano, or rather BY Pellicano. I remember when I was living in LA and the Pellicano story was first breaking. Ironically it was right around the time that Chris Rock came riding down a big, fun hill in my Hollywood neighborhood on a bicycle. He stopped to talk with me a few minutes. I asked him what he was doing around there, and he said where else would he be? Good answer.

Ah, good times. Not such good times when you’re separated from your wife and dating girls who save your semen, put it in their freezers, then claim you got them pregnant. And then follow that claim with a claim that you raped them. Not such good times at all. Anyway, stop by Huffington Post where you can read transcript highlights or listen to the entire 31 minute call yourself. It’s both boring and depressing. Boring because pretty much any phone call that you’re not a part of isn’t that entertaining. And it’s depressing because on the one hand it’s sad to hear how a woman can make such a calculated and deliberate attempt to rob a guy. AND to hear how a rich guy can hire a profession strong arm man to crush a regular person.

Pellicano is rather famous for strong arm work. He went after the guy who created Crime Story (one of the first shows I ever tried to get on as an actor, and one the ONLY shows ever short here in Chicago). Paved the way for the Sopranos and Casino

Hey, speaking of scandals, that mayor in Detroit is catching hell! But here in Chicago we actually had a great black Mayor named Harold Washington, so check that piece out, or you could read my short piece on Harold’s Chicken

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