Clogged Drain Could Be Caused by Clogged Vent Pipe Pt2

So today was rather warm and tomorrow will be also so I figured the ice I had left in the vent pipe would have melted. I’m POSITIVE it froze at some point given how cold it’s gotten in the last 2 weeks. But today when I looked down the pipe there was a hole going down the middle of the ice all the way through.


The game plane for the day was to mix a nasty concoction of chemical and let it eat its way through whatever is clogging up these pipes. Muriatic acid, bleach, and non lye drain cleaner. A local pal/handyman said this stuff would get very hot and a) melt any ice in there and b) hopefully eat through the blockage. I DO NOT recommend this, it’s just something I’m trying before we open up the walls and dismantle the pipes.


But if you’re going to try something like this have some protection, like gloves…


And a clean air mask. If you don’t have one like this even one of those paper cup type is better than nothing. As those of you who’ve been to boot camp know. These big boys do work.


So we’re going to let that jazz sit in there and soak for a while.


One of the things you can do is if you need a local handy person–Check Service Magic Call them at 877-576-3375

In the meantime here’s a picture of my uncle walking around on his building. And a few shots of Chicago from up there.

image_00041.jpg image_00043.jpg image_00044.jpg