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Send me a message. Do NOT be put off by this contact form. It’s just as secure and works just as good as a regular email address, in fact when you send a message it SENDS it TO my email address. The reason I can’t leave me email anymore is the spam robots collect addresses. So just type your words in and send your message, I’ll get it AND respond.

EDIT-whew! After all these years the spam got too bad, so just reach me over at twitter @WelcomeBackRose

Additionally, I’d really like to hear from you. The whole point of a blog vs. a website is that we get to communicate with each other. So get in touch and ESPECIALLY get in touch if, no, when you find my typing mistakes or hard to understand wording. I was trying to do an article a day, and well, between coming up with the idea, checking some facts, finding some images and of course actually writing the piece (WHILE still having a regular life) mistakes were not only bound to happen but destined to happen. So help a brother out and identify those errors so I can go and fix them. Thanks.

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