Deadpool is Dead Dude. For Now…

Well they ended the Cable and Deadpool comic book with issue 50 this week. But a LOT sadder is the last 2 issues of Wolverine Origins where they’ve had Deadpool guest starring but losing his mind. Its kinda funny at first but the true nature of a guy who’s not just “funny” but legitimately had a break with reality is sad. Old rule of comedy; if it bends it’s funny; if it breaks it’s not. And not long ago I went through all the trouble to create this Steve-O as Deadpool campaign!


It’s always been my feeling that Deadpool was a combination of a few characters, but primarily somebody’s warped version of Spider Man. Deadpool is just…more. He’s way more violent, he’s way more resilient, and he’s supposed to be funnier-but that really depends on who’s writing the comic book. The weird thing about this comic book ending is that it’s because the other star is Cable, and now he’s being given his own book. You’ve seen this before with rock bands; there’s a band, everybody gets really into the lead singer and then the singer takes off on his own. So there wouldn’t BE a Cable solo book if it hadn’t been for teaming him up with Deadpool. Cable comes out of the X-men area of the Marvel Universe, so he’ll always have a home in their comic books.


But until being paired up both those characters were struggling and on their way to oblivion and joining forces saved them both. So for now we’ll have to wait and see where he pops up next.


At least they FINALLY brought Spidey and Pool together for a face to face.


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