I’ll Help You Make Money Online But are You Willing to Change Your Outlook? Part 1

Whew! I’ve been busy and behind schedule ALL week setting up more Adsense and eBay sites! It’s easy and hard at the same time. But once you put these things in place you can go to sleep and wake up and VOILA, money! So here we go, I’ve officially linked all my little journey to money making while you’re online” articles together with today’s post, and I’ve attached a bottom section that endorses the software I use and why. But you can see I’ve kept kosher to the format that all good stories need; I have a beginning, a middle and an end. So you’ll see my searching phase, my discovery phase and this last phase of me trying to spread the wealth. I’ve got about 2 more parts (at least) that I’d like to add to this series, and today’s might drive some of you away because of content or length-but this shit has got to be laid out. I need to express myself! I don’t hold myself up as a guru or even a jr. guru, but I will tell you what I’ve observed, and what’s worked for me. AND I took all the Adsense out of this piece so I can curse freely!. And you fuckers weren’t going to click on anything anyway :). I usually limit myself to 2 swears per post so I don’t have a TOS issue with Google-so as an ex-Navy guy things might get a touch “salty” in this piece. So the first thing I need to ask you is, are you for real about make money online?. If so let me help you get your shit together. Because this is not a money blog and I’m only doing this once.

1. First of all, Many of You are Hustlers And Don’ Even Know it

Some of you guys know my story, some of you don’t, So let me lay it out; I’m in Chicago. I’m black. I’m handsome as hell. I grew up on the South Side (and that means the ghetto in this city). Also, one of those facts wasn’t really relevant to the conversation but I just threw it in there). Anyway I lived in Manhattan, Tokyo and LA. I’m a city boy. I always live in the HEART of a city, so I know hustles . 2 days ago a very official lady called my cell phone and started rattling off information about my phone account and then proceeded to tell me that because I had been such a good customer they were offering me a $100 rebate to use as I like; as a payment for an upcoming bill, for a new phone, for text minutes-however I liked. But did you guys catch the hustle? She said rebate. I get easily $500 in rebates a year, because I’m a good shopper. And EVERY SINGLE REBATE I’ve ever gotten has been like pulling teeth from the company; fill in this form, staple it to that one, mail by this date, copy this UPC but not that one, and so on and so on. And, of course, you only get a rebate IF you bought something. So when she said that my ears shot up. I instantly stopped the conversation and said, “so how do I get my money?” Well all I had to do was give her the last 4 digits of my social security number. And I said, “really? Well tell you what; give me your number and department and I’ll call you right back.” Click! She hung up. And you know what? She probably DID work for my cell company, but some dude probably talked her into this con and she’ll be the one doing time. Do you know the MAJORITY of women in prison are there because of a man? Did you know that?

So I know hustles. And most of the weird shit I’ve seen shouldn’t be put on a blog. Sometimes they look like that one above, and sometimes hustling is less INTENTIONALLY con oriented. Just people backed into a corner and doing the only thing available to them. So, on the street, when I see a dude mowing somebody’s lawn, taking out some old lady’s garbage, trying to get in on the local construction job, then helping some other lady move her new refrigerator into the house-that’s a dude hustling. Is that you? Or can you live your life without blog money and you’re just trying to get EXTRA money? But it all comes to a mindset of trying to play outside the system . And so when I look out there and see all these bloggers with this piecemeal money strategy. $5 here, $40 there. I see a hustle , not a career. You can’t live on a hustle forever. You’ve got to have a plan and sustainable strategy that can grow. Listen, this is all your choice, you can define what you’re doing however you want. But I’m telling you how it looked to ME. And I can’t lie; I was trying these method too; maybe a dozen, but when nothing was bearing any real fruit I said I’ve got to stop. Just stop and look around. Now look at the images below.

Do I even need to say anything about this. I mean, they’re both showing their best. Now which path would you pursue? There’s Jeremy holding his $132,000 check and these other guys with 1/100th of that. And when I go out into the blog community I see all these MMO blogs and it’s like watching the blind leading the blind. Right? I mean really it’s a bunch of people all saying “I’ll try this, I hope this works.” I see people with this piecemeal money and I DO NOT GET IT. You see Shoemoney standing there with a 1 check from 1 place . Why not try to see if you can make one thing work well? Or look for a system that somebody is ACTUALLY making money from then finding out how to duplicate it? And that’s another thing what IS big money. How much EXACTLY are you trying go make? Do you have a specific number? I do. When I set out I had 10 cents a day. Then I decided I wanted a dollar a day. Then I got that, and I said ok, my goal is to multiply by 10 and then 10 again . Steps one and two are now done. But I picked systems/methods where people were actually making money . I have not seen ANYBODY holding a $100,000 Pay Per Post check. Or a $100,000 Text Link Ad check. And if I DO see one guy with a big check, then I want to see at least 5 other people holding similar looking checks. (I don’t need to actually see the checks but I want to see SOME kind of track record for a system-other than some typed words about what a person could make using system X or system Y.

So I decided to learn how to make money with Adsense. Even though EVERYWHERE I went out in the blog community people said Adsense was dead . “Oh it doesn’t work anymore!” Are you crazy? This guy made over a hundred grand 3-4 years ago. If you were talking about getting into the auto manufacturing business I might agree with you, THAT system is played out, and the startup cost is insane (ask John DeLorean!). But Google is fine. Google doesn’t get smaller ever year, Google gets bigger every year . What fucking math are they using? Adsense is just fine. Adsense is good enough for me. So Adsense is good enough for you. I mean really. Who the fuck are these lazy asses to determine what does and doesn’t work and they haven’t’ made 100 thousand? Or 50 thousand? Or 10 thousand? I mean unless you’re out there for some years , I don’t think you can make that claim. Anyway, I kept reading how Adsense didn’t work, but I heard about this Shoemoney check. KEEP IN MIND, I didn’t even SEE it until today when I went out and got it for THIS POST. So I was going just on the idea that that much money could be made . But I had faith. BASED on fact. I’m not blind. And YOU’RE not blind. We can all see that Google is growing. And we all know the money is there. The TRICK was “how am I going to extract it.” And so day after day-all day, all night I researched. What have you been doing with your time? How have you not reached the same conclusions and discovers as I did? I mean, I wanna know.

Next up…

2. PPP and Text Link Ads. The Sin of Omission

3. How I’ve Been Making Money, is The Same Way Everybody Else Has Been

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18 thoughts on “I’ll Help You Make Money Online But are You Willing to Change Your Outlook? Part 1

  1. Thank you both. Tune in tomorrow I’m going go it into the serious topic of The Simpsons, and yesterday’s piece was on depression, Hahaha. But I’ll get back into the money thing this week.

    Comment time is always the time I see the errors in my writing and the problems in the WordPress layout, so I guess I’ll get started on those now..

  2. Hey, this is my first time over here and I like your attitude and style a lot.

    I am just getting into the multiple site thing and am going to start trying to make some adsense sites. One of my first is 3ddigitalwallpapers.com. It’s getting around 40 hits per day but I realised they were all image searches!!! But I will get there…

  3. HI Forest
    Thank you very much for visiting and the compliment. Didn’t I just “see” you over at bloggernoob’s place talking about your new designs?

    And I’m going to put some Adsense tips up, but I’ll tell you now, blog focused is important. SUPER focused. Write KEYWORD rich text to go with those images. Adsene needs that text to set itself. *UPDATE*. Ok, I just visited the site. Are you selling those, or an affiliate for the “15 ringtone” company? That’s kind of a 2 way or 3 way competition against yourself. And I also made your link “live” so you get a do-follow link from me.

    I get a lot of picture poachers too. Like 30 percent of my traffic! It’s cool. Just basically sandwich your images with Adsense.

  4. OK Dave – I went to all of your links last night and downloaded HyperVRE and decided to give that monthly template thing a try. Now I’m totally lost. What the heck do I do now? I’m guessing that I can now use HyperVRE to make some pages that I can tack onto a domain that I already have (put them on a blog…or something?) Otherwise domain fees would get rather pricey and I only have 6 more domains on my hosting package. Can you tell I’m totally clueless???? Sorry – I’m not at my best today…=(

  5. Hi Kathy!
    Yes I was by your blog today but I used my smiling EC drop instead of the one you’re used to. Very sorry to hear about your health.

    I’m very glad you decided to investigate the software. In the free members area of the site did you see the training videos? It’s under step 4. Ther’s also a users manual in the Help area.

    Well actually, you know what? Do you think you can hold off a few days and let me get a little further into this series before you jump into that one? I’m showing people early to get you all started but I we need to cover some theory and research first.

    In the meantime I hope you’ll watch the Hyper videos and the SEO Elite videos. And please don’t spend any money yet until we go over everything. And I want to talk about hosting issues too (can you remember for me?).

  6. You bet – I can wait. I’ll just keep fiddling. I did watch some of those videos last night and I was just playing around and edited a template and created a project. Then I didn’t have a clue what to do with it…LOL. I will remind you about hosting issues for sure!

    Where were the SEO Elite videos?

  7. Thanks for being understanding Kathy, I could uploud the whole series, but
    a) I try to make time for people to find it and
    b) to digest and think about if what I’m saying has merit.

    Link 1 up there to SEO Elite’s site has about 4-5 videos.

    In the meantime would you like to do some experimenting? The whole backbone of this approach is keyword knowledge. So take some terms and use Google suggest to see what has value. Type slowly

  8. THAT is cool! I have bookmarked that and will definitely be usig that! I fully admit that I am very weak on keywords and don’t have much direction there. I just plug in a few that seem to fit and go on my way…

    That SEO Elite is ‘spensive!

  9. Hey I’m glad you like that.

    Software can seem pricey when you first get into it. But I started in digital media; and let me tell you 900$ for photoshop and 3000$ for after effects SEEM like a lot until you see what you can do with them. You can compete with 100,000$ packages.

    And once you understand that a program can take you from 500 uniques a day to several thousand or put a new site on the map in a week-it’s a drop in the bucket. Today I’m doing keyword testing and running ONE adsense site and at the 12 hours mark for the day I’m at 16.50$-make that 18.14$

  10. Hi Dave,

    I enjoyed reading this, even if it did get the song “Do the Hustle” stuck in my head. I think you are right though, that’s what many of us are doing and it is the blind leading the blind.

    I can’t wait for the next posts 🙂 And I’m glad you got Askimet to like you again, lol. 🙂

  11. Wow, that shows you how old I am. I think hustle and I think 1976 gangsta movie “Monkey Hustle” with Yaphet Kotto and Dolemite. Ah well

    And I know it might be a challenge, but if you get a chance, it’ll all make sense if you’re able to read the earlier parts in the series.

  12. Interesting stuff. I’m still throwing around the idea of adding ads to my blog, even though I don’t plan on trying to make it a substantial source of income.

    I’ll keep reading though!

  13. Hi A.C.
    Well this is sort of ths issue I’m talking about-the limited amount of income a blog can make vs, sites built just to make money. Pleae stick around while I clarify my thinking in the next parts.

  14. David! It’s been awhile I know! After returning back from London, I took awhile to relax and just be lazy. Afterall, I had the lower back spasm on me after doing gymnastics. On top of that, with that same injured back, I went and just threw myself around, slammed against bathroom stall doors, walls, lockers and got tossed and rolled down a flight of concrete steps without any padding whatsoever.

    Anyhow, now that I am back to the normal pace of things, I’ve also finally started doing some catching up with your blogs! Boy have I been away for awhile!

    I’m definitely going to give this whole online money making thing a try. I already started it off with an online blog to get my ass to producing more comic work daily to keep the blog site fresh and up to date. Not only that, but now that I finally gotten around to Cafepress, I think that is going to my next step in promoting my comic through t-shirts and posters. I think they’ve also got a great feature to help ‘publish’ my work!

    So right now, for me, it’s going to be a whole trial and error thing. I definitely appreciate you having the blogs up should I run into any snags. Afterall, I kind of hate doing things via online.

  15. HI Ken
    I’m glad you were able to make it back without too much additional grief. Sorry to hear that the back is still hurting, but with any luck if you give it time to heal you wont have any lifelong pains.

    Just this morning (I’ve been up all night building websites) I took a break to watch some “free running/parkour” videos and saw this kid named “urban ninja.” Those guys have good movement.

    As for the money thing. Well there’s not a lot of reasons to be doing trial an error. I’ve got some pretty strong methods over here. If I would say anything it would be this; concentrate on learning the value of keywords, and then learn how to distribute articles. This will work well with any item you want to sell. Even your skills!

  16. Yeah, I’ve heard of those kids. I should turn you over to some kids that are much, much more skilled! Whenever you’re on Youtube, my username is kwong310. You can check out all the videos I’ve got under favorites for some really insane acro/martial arts stuff!

    And thanks for the info regarding money making online! I’m taking you up on that!

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