Join RSSHugger and Maybe You Can Generate Some Blog Traffic

Is this pay for post today? I’m not sure. I want to join RSSHugger and the deal is either you write a post or you pay 20 dollars. So I guess we’ll call it a “barter” arrangement. Ok RH is a website that aggregates RSS feeds from blogs and then ivory soap style floats the most popular 100 blogs to the top. Am I done yet? Have I fulfilled my part of the bargain? Nah, I got more to say. The site is run by the guy Collin LaHay. I’ve actually read stuff on that blog and found it very useful so I think he knows what he’s talking about with RH. The “structure” of RH reminds me a famous 3 sided Egyptian death tomb (hint, hint). See the idea is that a person joins, writes a blog posts which attracts ten people, those ten people join, they write 10 blog post (all in lieu o the 20 dollar fee), and the cycle continues. It’s traditional Multi Level Marketing in that respect. But inside the site you can either browse with the “random blog” button or look at the top 100. The good news is that there are currently only 1675 blog feeds listed. And the today the number 1 blog has 30 views listed. So you stand a good chance of making it up there. And the colors of the sound don’t sound good on paper (gray, brown and orange) but they’re actually kind of soothing and easy on the eye.

So why am I joining. I want to have my stuff read. I work on this blog every day, so since it’s not a private diary people should be reading it. I’ll be honest, when I started I wasn’t really thinking (or even knew) about making money from the blog, I really just wanted to have a website for my t-shirts (see above or below). But then I learned that people were making money and some people were making a lot of money while online, I thought hey, let’s get in on THAT part of blogging. So then around October 2007 I made the decision to post once a day. I would try to write a legitimate, researched, image included article of some sort. And I did man, I mean I really put it out there. And I started reading and reading and reading about how to get more traffic and/or money. And it becomes this great exercise in filtering; what’s crap and what’s real. Because the content was here. I was doing that part, and still not getting any great regular traffic. As you can see I have a real ghetto fabulous, home made strategy board-well actually it’s two. One “whiteboard” is made from a cleaners bag and the other is like some giant 4 foot dinner mat. But the main thing is they both have erasable surfaces.

And the money thing was just disgusting. So I decided in March 2008 to “solve the problem.” And for all intents and purposes after 2 months I did . I mean I learned that a popular blog is NOT the same as a money making blog. You don’t NEED a popular blog to make money . It helps but it’s not mandatory. This blog is still slightly under 500 visitors a day and I can make about $2 a day with Adsense. The main reason for the problem is the multiple topics confuse Adsense, so some days the ads are relevant and some days not. But I have other blogs and now I make about $70 a day, and I know how to double and triple that. BUT; I still want THIS blog to be read by people. Because this is my personal blog. And so I’m joining RSSHugger hoping to get read…

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6 thoughts on “Join RSSHugger and Maybe You Can Generate Some Blog Traffic

  1. I like the white boards 🙂 Maybe I need to implement something like that – I am still not seeing the dinero…i better spend some time reading your archives, lol.

  2. Hi Chelle,
    I really like when you visit, maybe it’s the avatar!

    But I hope you’ll read today’s post. I actually wanted to just write about motivation guys, but I had a feeling somebody would want to see some numbers, so I put that in there just for you.

  3. I’ve been pretty tied up with other blogs, but I finally finished signing up over there last night.

    But with any of the organizations/sites/communities you get involved with I don’t think you should expect a lot of automatic traffic. You pretty much have to put IN some participation to get some traffic out.

    The trick is to find the ones that will generate the most appropriate/relevant traffic.

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