OH MY GOD! Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Ah man I got sucked in by VH1 AGAIN! Damn them. Damn them! I keep falling for it. I actually turn past their channel and see 5 minutes of something and I’m hooked. I’m a chump. I’m a fool. I must be some kind of ass, because I keep getting into this trap. I have NO time in my life for any extra TV. Plus Prison Break just came back, Lost is coming back, the Terminator show just started. I’m outta time, and here comes Dr. Drew.

Now I lived in LA for about 9 years and I’m going back in about 6 months, so I know him from a radio show in LA on KROQ called Loveline. And I’m pretty sure MTV tried to make a TV version of the show for a while, but I don’t think it translated very well to from radio. But in my head I’m so used to hearing Dr. Drew introduced as a “something, something and addiction specialist,” and obviously I’ve forgotten what the something part was. It must have been sex therapist or along those lines because Loveline was occasionally an addiction skewed show but MOSTLY it was all about young people calling in with sex questions. I mean YEARS ago as a kid I read David Ruben’s Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex, but Were Afraid to Ask but that book was written ages ago. Loveline was like the interactive modern version of that book.

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Needless to say VH1’s new show with Dr.Drew Pinsky is mostly about addiction but also some sex stuff. Seeing as how he’s got a collection of characters that do what most addicted people do; mix the addiction with the sex issues. Take a look at this cast of 8: Brigitte Nielsen, Joanie “Chyna Doll” Laurer, Jeff Conaway, Daniel Baldwin, Seth “Shifty” Binzer, Mary Carey, Jaimee Foxworth and Jessica Sierra.


Now it was only about a week ago I was looking at the Chyna sex tape “One Night in China” cause I had heard about a bunch of pimples on her ass. So that tape let you know how out of control she was years ago, and from the one or two episodes I’ve seen of the The Surreal Life , it was clear she had gotten even worse.





But she is NOT the saddest case on the show. That honor goes to Jeff Conaway. How bad is his situation? Bad. So bad I watched the guy for HALF AN HOUR and THEN had to go on the internet to figure out who the hell he was. Dude, he was the guy from Taxi ! The handsome “actor” cabdriver from Taxi, Bobby Wheeler. Now some people know him as the handsome greaser from Grease (Kenickie), but the point is everybody puts “handsome” on the first part of his name. Well, no more baby! Those days are over. Drugs have officially fucked this guy. Episode 2 has him getting his ass rubbed down for the pain! Listen I’ve done some acting in my past, and I’ve had some body pain in my past, and I’m here to tell you; NO person, especially an actor, wants to be seen like that. It’s rugged. The only thing that even comes close to that is the downward spiral of Jan Michael Vincent . First episode is tough for Jeff, he ends up in an ambulance on his way to the emergency room. It’s a helluva show. And now I’ve got to make room for it on my schedule! Damn it!

Final word: I beleive this photo was taken after the show ended.