Oh! That’s Why John Edwards Wasn’t Chosen as the Running Mate

Has it been that long? Wow, john Edwards. Remember him. Man, time waits for no man and it seems like years ago that Edwards was a part of this whole election circus but yeah, he was in it. Anyway I took a gigantic break from writing on this blog, but I didn’t stop thinking about story ideas, so a bunch of things that are now going to start popping up because they’re still vaguely relevant. Take for example this piece you’re currently reading.

Months ago John Edwards dropped out of the race, and at the time he wouldn’t give his endorsement. He was being coy. Ho hum. Then he FINALLY dropped it on Obama, and the event was like the Fourth of July; with these guys holding hands and looking triumphant. And it seemed like a fait accompli that he was going to be the running mate. I even wrote this whole piece about it. A couple of young, progressive, popular guys, one black one white. It was like some awesome Hollywood cop buddy movie. But then…things went quiet about the VP pick, in fact it shifted to Hillary talk after she got knocked out of the race. And I was confused.

I mean I’ll be honest I’m not a long time fan of political things, but like many people have HAD to become other world has just gone to shit. So I thought a I had developed a pretty good grasp of things because I DO have a strong understanding of human behavior. So when Edwards didn’t get the VP pick I was really surprised. Cut to; a few months later and John Edwards is hiding out in a hotel bathroom. But it wasn’t a Republican style closeted gay issue. He had allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock. Well, well, well. Turns out black guys aren’t the only ones. The National Enquire dug up Rielle Hunter AND took pictures. And that’s what happened to Edwards; the vetting process dug her up or he confessed that this shit was about to explode and they took him out(“John, you sure that’s not anything you want to tell us about?” “No. No, why do you ask? Have you heard anything? Well…well, there is one small thing…”). Coulda bin a contenda’!

6 thoughts on “Oh! That’s Why John Edwards Wasn’t Chosen as the Running Mate

  1. Thanks, it’s good to hear from you too! Yeah I’m limping back with my partial working and VERY stripped down blog. No entrecard, alexa thing, no nothing really. I’m pretty much up to my ears with other blogs and doing as much on my house before the winter changes-but I like I, said I’ve got easily a hundred story ideas for this one, so when I can I’m gonna try to write them and get them up. I’ve got 2 Obama ideas that pretty much need to happen NOW.

  2. Nope! I know it seems crazy. But I’m so deep into blog work and house renovation that I didn’t even KNOW about it until the day of it. My mother even had tickets-but of course I we did have those highly sought after newspapers printed here so I did get some of those. I’ve got about 15 pages of obama writings I’m trying to edit now and break into 4 or 5 posts.

  3. Then Biden -whom I truly don’t believe was Barrack’s sole choice- was chosen mostly because of his CFR connection,but also as a watch-dog for keeping tabs on Obama.

    That may sound like a speculation,but think about when Barrack announced Biden while making a terrible Freudian slip…he called Biden “the next president”!

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