Superheroes Everywhere Nowadays

So next year I’m going to start working on my big superhero movie. And oddly enough I recently auditions to act in somebody else‘s superhero movie. But it doesn’t end there there are currently about a dozen big budget comic book characters being brought to the big screen; Iron Man, Shazam, the entire Justice League, and of course here in the Chicago they just finished shooting the next Batman movie.

But tonight I’m going to see Men of Steel by Qui Ngyen. Obviously as a long time comic book fan the plays’ theme is attractive to me, but surprisingly everybody I talk to about it has taken an interest too.


And it doesn’t end there; tomorrow I’m going back to one of my old high schools, Kenwood Academy, for something called The 10th Black Age of Comics Convention. Apparently, and I really should have known, there’s a whole movement of Black skewed comic and sci-fi works being made-and there’s a whole convention related to it. Even the afore mentioned play was written by somebody with a Vietnamese name-so diversity’s afoot.