Oh! That’s Why John Edwards Wasn’t Chosen as the Running Mate

Has it been that long? Wow, john Edwards. Remember him. Man, time waits for no man and it seems like years ago that Edwards was a part of this whole election circus but yeah, he was in it. Anyway I took a gigantic break from writing on this blog, but I didn’t stop thinking about story ideas, so a bunch of things that are now going to start popping up because they’re still vaguely relevant. Take for example this piece you’re currently reading.

Months ago John Edwards dropped out of the race, and at the time he wouldn’t give his endorsement. He was being coy. Ho hum. Then he FINALLY dropped it on Obama, and the event was like the Fourth of July; with these guys holding hands and looking triumphant. And it seemed like a fait accompli that he was going to be the running mate. I even wrote this whole piece about it. A couple of young, progressive, popular guys, one black one white. It was like some awesome Hollywood cop buddy movie. But then…things went quiet about the VP pick, in fact it shifted to Hillary talk after she got knocked out of the race. And I was confused.

I mean I’ll be honest I’m not a long time fan of political things, but like many people have HAD to become other world has just gone to shit. So I thought a I had developed a pretty good grasp of things because I DO have a strong understanding of human behavior. So when Edwards didn’t get the VP pick I was really surprised. Cut to; a few months later and John Edwards is hiding out in a hotel bathroom. But it wasn’t a Republican style closeted gay issue. He had allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock. Well, well, well. Turns out black guys aren’t the only ones. The National Enquire dug up Rielle Hunter AND took pictures. And that’s what happened to Edwards; the vetting process dug her up or he confessed that this shit was about to explode and they took him out(“John, you sure that’s not anything you want to tell us about?” “No. No, why do you ask? Have you heard anything? Well…well, there is one small thing…”). Coulda bin a contenda’!

The Obama Assassination Hints Are Starting To Stack Up

It’s amazing isn’t it? How we’re hearing all these Presidential assassination allusions. Obviously in private people must do it all the time, but probably not since Lincoln have we heard so many public figures make some kind of remark and then have to either make a retraction or face the consequences with law enforcement. After all it IS illegal to allude to killing a President, former President or even Presidential candidate. So in the last month there have been several public figures who’ve had to say things like “Oh I didn’t mean it that way” or “I was just kidding.” Obviously FOX News wasn’t going to allow itself not to be the FIRST place to get people thinking about this idea of a dead Obama . And of course Hillary herself got into the dead President game (and I don’t mean money). And of course I MYSELF said this kind of talk was going to start picking up momentum. White people can’t take it. Listen I know people keep talking about “young people” love Obama-of every color, Hurray! But maybe some young people are cut from a different cloth . Take, for example, this young guy…

This is Yazmany Arboleda and he just had his art show closed down. The title of the show? “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton & The Assassination of Barack Obama.” You say to me, “But Dave, he threw Hillary in there too.” And I say to you, that is what we call a “smokescreen.” Like gay guys and their “girlfriends” or “wives.” I mean you MUST remember Republican Jim McGreevy? He was just in the news! He came out and confessed to being gay, and recently the ex-aide brought out the whole three-way with McGreevy and wife. Oh how short our attention span. At any rate, Arboleda is a Boston artist (what? of course he’s from Boston; I think the black/white issues up there are quite well documented) and he had this great idea for an art show. The problem was that title. A title so inflammatory the NY city police and Secret Service shut him down . The content of the show doesn’t really show either of them getting killed per se, unless you consider maybe character assassination. You can see the contents yourself if you like at that link above. But I have to warn you; there is some graphic content. The Hillary stuff? Oh no, not that. The Hillary stuff includes year book photos of her, her pantsuits, her dog and cat, and allusions that she’s not sexy and takes political money. No. What you’ve got to prepare yourself for are the Obama images . And it’s not the Nappy Headed Hoe picture that’s a problem. Maybe it’s the painting of him and the deceased Kennedy and the word “passed.” Or maybe it’s the Hillary poster that says she’s the “cure for Niggeritis.” Or maybe, just maybe it’s the 18 foot long 6 foot high naked penis of a black man that stretches across all four walls of one of the exhibition halls. Maybe it’s that one.

So why this animosity? Why are people so ANGRY at the prospect of a black man being President. I mean that IS all it is. FAR lesser prepared people who walking into office. I liked Gerald Ford the person, but come on! And does the name George W. Bush ring any bells? But, Dave, he was a governor! Yeah, a bad one. I have a LOT of respect for Bush the elder, but the son? He was so busy killing death row prisoners instead of checking for DNA when almost every single state in the nation put a pause on the practice that he managed to make Texas Number One for number of prisoners killed. And shall we review his alcohol abuse, (unconfirmed?) drug use, failed companies and bail outs? No need to right? You’ve heard it all before. And how about his running of the country? How on earth can any single human American have any conflict about Obama after the Bush experience? Or any conflict about ANY person who is capable of tying his own shoes running the country at this point. The Republican Party got everything they wanted. The Senate, the House, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and entire NETWORK dedicated to promoting their opinions and masked “leaks.” That’s the whole show. They had a LONG time to show us how good their rule was. They said if they could just get control of the country the “grown ups” would show us how it’s done. And boy did they show us! Let’s let companies police themselves, they’ll do right by consumers and the general public. Let’s let Greenspan run the money-he’s so smart we don’t understand him. (By the way Greenspan’s legacy is the nationwide home loan scandal that’s not just about to crush the American economy but the WORLD money supply-do 20 minutes of research and have your mind blown).

So the white fear; is setting in. But let me ask you-WORST case scenario, how much worse can he be than Bush? And it wasn’t JUST BUSH by the way, it was the other two branches of government AND a cabal of Right Wing Hawks. Who, by the way, have been slowly backing out the back door like thieves in the night and plan on leaving Bush holding the bag alone by next January. They know what they did. They’re like a kid whose mother comes home and he’s all alone with a broken lamp-and says I don’t know how it happened. They know. And WE know. So what is problem with Obama? He’s black. I don’t care what you say about him serving all those years in government here in Illinois AND the Senate. People don’t care. They just feel like he’s “stealing” the government. He’s the ONLY person to apply for this job with a clean record. Just LOOK at McCain’s history or anybody else. Bill Clinton managed to slip in DESPITE his dirty record, Obama’s actually lead a decent life. He’s a bright guy. What else do you want? Oh. White skin. Silly me. I sometimes get to the end of a paragraph and forget how I started.

Listen. I kind of DON’T want Obama to win. The aftermath of Bush is going to be so severe that the person who goes into office now is going to look TERRIBLE. Unless they’re a miracle worker. So Rupert Murdoch says “no” on Obama and people like former President Carter and Arianna Huffington say “yes.” I bring those 2 up because they agree with ME that Obama should not have Hillary as his VP. It’s a bad idea-the Red States would burn the country down first is what I believe. But Jimmy says their combined weaknesses would too easy to attack. Huffington says you’d get Bill in the package too, and that “three-way” as she put it would be too much. It’s a long time till November though. A long time.

Wanna Know Why Obama Lost 3 of 4 States on Tuesday and Clinton Won?

Listen, there are exactly two reasons; race and cost . I have to assume that reason number one is CRYSTAL clear, so let’s deal with it. My name is Dave Rosenthal for example, and I’m a Black guy. That’s it! Now look at my last name again, and stop by my About page and take a look at my face. Starting to get the pictures? I’m a person of “mixed heritage.” And I’m not walking around taking the “Tiger Woods Approach to Racial Descriptions ” I, and everybody else, just call me a Black guy. End of story. Yes, when people hear the name they start asking questions, but UNTIL they hear the name I’m a Black guy.


I’m not a guy involved in politics. When it’s time to vote I site down a week before the elections and read then make my decision. That’s it. That’s the whole process. Now that reading part actually means something in LA where I lived for ten years, because that place is proposition crazy. But for every place else voting is not a big deal. So my mom, has been rooting for Barack Obama in the 2008 Election. But I told her months ago he didn’t have a chance-for the obvious reason. But this past week it started looking like he was going to get the Democratic nomination. So on Super Tuesday I got up and wrote a piece in the middle of the day, and then had to update it that night when the surprising results came in. And very briefly I explained what I’m essentially clarifying now. The reason for the loss.

RACE . Here’s what happened; years ago Jesse Jackson ran for President. He, and everybody else, never thought he had a chance in hell. But we all understood. He was running to show that we as Black people can run, and like Nader today trying to put some issues on the table that normally wouldn’t be presented. Plus it was a bit of a publicity stunt to raise not only Jacksons cache, but Black people’s in general. Again, we all understood-and I was just a kid! So when Barack threw his hat in the ring I said to myself, “now what is he up to?”

There’s a book out right now that talks about this giant debate the Abraham Lincoln had with this guy for a Senate seat here in Illinois, and how Lincoln lost the debate but became widely known throughout the country and 2 years later WON the presidency. Maybe, I thought, that’s what Obama’s got in mind. Or maybe he thinks he can win…that the momentum against Bush is swinging the political pendulum unusually far in the opposite direction. But no, I think he got into it like Lincoln with the intent to set the stage for the future. But what I think happened was…things changed. I think at some point he, and those others around him, thought he might REALLY be able to win. And he started running for real.


But then Super Tuesday happened. And he lost 3 out of 4 states. Wanna know a strange fact I learned a few years ago reading the Statistical Abstract of the US? Vermont has the highest interracial marriage in the country. So I was not surprised he won there. And I think like most people, my mother expected, if not a clean sweep, that he might lose one of the big states, but CERTAINLY not both. But it happened. And it happened because lots of people, of ALL colors, got into the voting booth where the Obama magic is no competition for that bland fluorescent lighting. And people started saying to themselves “a BLACK President? A Black president…well…yeah it’s almost time for one. Maybe when I retire in 5 or 10 years…” End of story.


COST . Time to address this issue; Seems a little mysterious? Let me expand; have you noticed how Hillary has been throwing this buzz word around. Experience. But see, that doesn’t make a lot of sense if you think about. She only made it to the US Senate 4 years before Barack. And yet Obama was elected to the state Senate twelve years ago. See that’s experience. But what if you look at the word “experience” as a subliminal cue? What if the “experience” she’s talking about doesn’t refer to herself? Are you catching my meaning yet? That’s right, He’s been keeping intentionally low key but nevertheless making his presence known. Bill. Do you see now? There’s been a subtle message that by voting for Hillary you get 2 for the price of 1. You get a guy who WAS president and woman who IS competent on her own, and sure, she’ll be president from 9 to 5 but when the doors close it’ll be both of ‘em. That’s what’s formed in people’s minds about her. We may not really like Hillary, but everybody loves Bill! And it’s 2 for the price of 1! And all Americans love a deal.

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There is some good news. Whoever does NOT win is going to be thanking their lucky stars and realize they really dodged a bullet. Because whoever DOES become President has to contend with the Bush mess. And I may need to write an entire piece to expend on that issue. But plain and simply, if a woman or a Black guy goes in after Bush they’re going to be blamed for the ton of hell that’s coming our way thanks to Bush. Even if McCain makes it he’s gonna have an awful time too.