Don’t Use Mailchimp For Marketing-They Just Committed Suicide and Don’t Even Know it

I was really torn on what to title this piece. I started with;
“Mailchimp, the epitome of dumbasses”
Then I was thought about;
“Mailchimp; from whimsical to a jock in 10 seconds flat”

But it’s irrelevant, just don’t use them. For your OWN GOOD, don’t mess with them. They now equate affiliate marketing to alcohol and porn. For real! They gradually snuck in a few new rules in their Terms and Conditions.


I’m guessing it happened around April and then they really began to enforce those policies around September. Simply evil they way they went about it. I personally HAVE an account and I’ve received no kind of notification. So I went through their blog and still couldn’t find anything.

The only thing they’re really talking about is all the smaller email companies they’ve been absorbing and the fact that they FINALLY reached a million members after 10 years. But guess what? I predict that number will be their high point and they will start to slowly loose member over the next 12 months and probably sometime in 2013 they’ll go out of business.

So maybe you’re wondering why PROHIBITING AFFILATE MARKETING is such a big deal. Well, think it about. There are obvious cases of affiliate marketing where you painfully build up a list and then try and promote goods and services to that list. Obvious. And now a banned technique. But in the broader sense of the concept let’s say you have your OWN product, well that’s just 1 product and they’re almost a 100 percent chance you will eventually write to your list about products and services that work well with your product. Well, now you’re an affiliate and if you use Mailchimp you have to try to sneak the promotion in. That’s Goddamn ridiculous. This is a company YOU ARE PAYING for and you have to sneak a product in. Or let’s say you have your OWN product, well that’s just 1 product and they’re almost a 100 percent chance you will eventually write to your list about products and services that work well with your product. Well, now you’re an affiliate and if you use Mailchimp you have to try to sneak the promotion in. That’s Goddamn ridiculous. This is a company YOU ARE PAYING for and you have to either sneak a product in our ask them to review the product and have them arbitrarily have one of their nimrods decide if they like it or not.

WHY on God’s green earth would anybody put their business in some assholes hands like that? Well they WOULDN’T. And you shouldn’t either. They’re not the company to use. Oh I might STILL use their email service for like answering support tickets or something. But I wouldn’t even use them for what they’re trying to be now; which is basically a newsletter distribution service. They might as well discontinue the entire autoresponder suite of functions and the blasts, and pretty much the whole thing. It’s just so asinine. And so damn EVIL. To not put what’s restricted in bright red large letters right on their homepage is deceptive, underhanded, and such a time wasting venture for anybody who signs up for their service BASED ON THEIR MARKETING OF THEMSELVES.

MAN! Their actions are infuriating. It’s been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve written any kind of “review” for some service. I just don’t have the time and TRUST me I’ve dealt with such horrible services that I could, literally, build an entire blog dedicated to bad, shady, and poor service online. But what’s the point of putting down crappy companies? Well it’s a public service. I came out of “retirement” because this is a big one, people need to know. Use them at your own risk.

I spent months in 2010 comparing email services and FINALLY chose those guys I was JUST about to start putting that account to good use. Then I read an email from Shoemoney  and then did a search on Warrior Forum and man oh man the horror stories just start rolling in Even to the point of people not writing any marketing INSIDE the email, but having a link to their own site with just a BANNER on it and having their accounts closed. So I wrote Mailchimp and they confirmed it. And then I asked when they started the policy and where they announced it. And they went silent. Never heard from them again.

Now I use another mail service and advise this domain service.


Here’s some links to read about people having their asses handed to them by Mailchimp…





And I think in this on there was some stuff in the comments where the guy gets shut down


And this is some big time marketers talking about how bad this move was…


The Techniques and Software I Use to Make Money While Online

I guess it’s been nearly a year since I figured out that I could make money online with websites. And shortly after that I figured out HOW to earn; make money online. Well that’s not quite accurate, I knew back in the 90’s you could make money-I even had an online dating site back in ’99. But this idea that it was possible to make money from online blogging or websites without having a product per se, or a high start-up cost. Just a computer connected to the internet is pretty much all you need. In fact, these days I don’t even pay for hosting anymore. I could, if I wanted that warm/fuzzy secure feeling, but nowadays I’ve got so many sites that if 2 or 3 go down for the day it doesn’t break me up too much, it just lowers the total profit for the day until I fix the problem.

So this post is a list of the articles I wrote where I discovered the method and basically I lay out how I  make money online. Before I forget let me tell you, you should probably get Gauher Chaudhry’s free CPA money making book. LISTEN TO ME: don’t be weird-that link goes to a little site with a 3 minute video and an email form. DO IT! The little book you get using your email has YEARS of information in it. I took me a long time to learn all the little tricks, so it’ll make your life a lot easier if you get it.

Also I’m also going to include a list of the software I use. And that is where the money making really happens. Like I said, you can make money online without really spending money; but paid tools and paid services makes it easier and faster. Oh before I forget! Once you DO start making money online go out and buy yourself a new computer. Hell, buy TWO. Because during tax season I calculate my income from the year and for my deductions I was able to deduct my computers AND internet costs for the year. It is your business after all, so don’t forget to transfer your real world knowledge to your online income. So here are the posts…

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Bookmarking Demon is not the same as Social Bookmark Demon or Social Submitter

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The Truth About Making Money Online. My Jump From $3 a Month to Over $100 a Day

Ok, the first thing I’m going to do is connect this string of articles I’ve written together as a series. So this is actually part 1 of a 2 part piece on what I would do to get my blog some traffic , except I wrote and posted part 2 first. Hahahaha! But this post is also like part 5 or 6 of what you could call my making money online series. So I’m going to go over all the things I learned in the last 10 weeks. That’s right. You should know the credentials of the person who’s giving you their findings. And so let me reiterate my experience; bought the server space and domain name April 07, didn’t do anything, then started blogging daily October 07. Didn’t make any money online . March 1 decided to spend every day to uncover the “secrets” of making money while on line . By the way your first “secret” is right there, Google gives more weight to underlined words and words in bold. Keyword density relates to how often a word or phrase is repeated within a given body of text. 6 percent is the optimal ratio I hear a lot, but you’ve got to be careful not to overuse KWs, or you might get penalized by Google. And speaking of that; you need to know that Google is king . I wrote a piece during the MSN attempt to buy Yahoo, and mentioned the stat for searches per month was like 6 billion for G, 2.3 for Y and 1 for M, so even if M had gotten Y they STILL would only have gotten half the traffic of G. By the way, there’s another “secret” technique; you also have to watch keyword use for Adsense relevancy in content matching; so I’m very careful about which words I repeat in a post.

Personal Blog vs Money Blog

So I’m not going to drag this shit out; I’ll tell you the money stuff first and the traffic stuff second. I’m using software . Having said that, it still doesn’t tell you anything about HOW I’ve learned to do it. I can’t tell you for sure if it’s what the pro “make money” bloggers are doing. Bascically I reinvented the wheel and just taught myself, so you can ascribe whatever value to that admission that you want. Software also will not solve your problem if you don’t have a plan for making money on the internet, but it’ll make it easier and faster to implement-because you’re going to need your time to maintain, refine and GROW. So let’s get into what I think about this industry. Number 1; I don’t think a personal blog like this one can be a big money maker anymore . I think a personal blog like this, after a couple of months can start to generated maybe $50 and maybe peak at around $1000 and maybe even $1500-2000 for a real hustler. But that’s in the “personal blog” category, NOT the make money online blogs (also known as MMO). I have not made this blog a MMO. I sometimes talk about my income experiences because it falls into the “computer/tech” category, but today I wrote about Suge Knight and last night Speed Racer and the day before R. Kelly, so I still talk about stuff that’s not related to blogging or how to make money from my blog.

Conversely, what my 10 weeks of study showed me was that a money blog does NOT have to be full of content. People keep telling you that’s what you need to do. Everybody keeps saying if you make a blog full of content a) you’ll get traffic and b) traffic equates to money. This is a lie. This is absolutely not what I found to be the case . My money blogs are half hour creations. THIS blog on the other hand was blood, sweat and tears of work for 7 months of trying to write every day. Even when I didn’t make my goal of a creating a content rich post every day I THOUGHT about it and felt bad if I didn’t make it. But here’s another fact; you can write the greatest thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get traffic . That’s a fact. If you don’t hustle up some traffic you’ll be writing in a void. Because I DID write in near silence for months. But once I put in the SEO work and joined a bunch of Social Networking sites the traffic came. What you can take away from that is this; traffic is not passive. If you build it they might come (but probably not). And even “traffic” doesn’t mean money. In an upcoming post I’ll talk about the real and the mistaken value of an Entrecard, Stumble or Digg.

A blog like this does have value. Personal blogs serve as a foundation . I’m building thousands of links, and building Google Page Rank, and relationships with other bloggers and general traffic of people who come from the search engines . But again, I only make what I call “expenses income” from this blog (maybe a hundred a month). I got a copy of Camtasia this week, so I’ll try to do a video of my computer screen to show you the various regions of this blog and how they’re monetized. My money blogs? Adsense and affiliates programs . Ebay is an affiliate too, but that slice of the pie is so…powerful that I really consider it a third program. Seriously, Ebay “money site” work is so specific that it really is a science all its own, but it’s not traditional blogging . And that was the biggest hurdle I had to get over, and possibly many of you too. Blogging for dollars is not the same as blogging for readers . Money blogs or simple websites don’t need a lot of content, and they are intentionally created to generate Adsense revenue or affiliate sales. You are trying to help people get from point A to point B. They want X and you are directing them to X and taking a thank you tip like a taxi driver. So let’s recap : if you don’t have an older established blog, don’t have a very focused blog, and/or don’t have an MMO blog, MY BELIEF is that you’re going to reach an income ceiling and level off.

I made this post too long too didn’t I. Ok, I promise this week I will tie all these post together into a series and I’ll do all the traffic stuff and show you which methods I used. But I sincerely think that, if you hadn’t already figured out the ideas I’ve presented here, you need to seriously take a moment and consider the fact that personal and money blogs CAN overlap, but they’re not the same . Any site can make money from Adsense or affiliate programs, but if you try to do it with a personal blog you have to be VERY FOCUSED. Topics have to be streamlined, because the Adsense will be all over the map. Additionally those seekers I mentioned earlier, looking to do “X,” will not find you as often if you’ve got multiple topics. Hope to see you in the next part of this. It’ll be done this week.

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