The Techniques and Software I Use to Make Money While Online

I guess it’s been nearly a year since I figured out that I could make money online with websites. And shortly after that I figured out HOW to earn; make money online. Well that’s not quite accurate, I knew back in the 90’s you could make money-I even had an online dating site back in ’99. But this idea that it was possible to make money from online blogging or websites without having a product per se, or a high start-up cost. Just a computer connected to the internet is pretty much all you need. In fact, these days I don’t even pay for hosting anymore. I could, if I wanted that warm/fuzzy secure feeling, but nowadays I’ve got so many sites that if 2 or 3 go down for the day it doesn’t break me up too much, it just lowers the total profit for the day until I fix the problem.

So this post is a list of the articles I wrote where I discovered the method and basically I lay out how I  make money online. Before I forget let me tell you, you should probably get Gauher Chaudhry’s free CPA money making book. LISTEN TO ME: don’t be weird-that link goes to a little site with a 3 minute video and an email form. DO IT! The little book you get using your email has YEARS of information in it. I took me a long time to learn all the little tricks, so it’ll make your life a lot easier if you get it.

Also I’m also going to include a list of the software I use. And that is where the money making really happens. Like I said, you can make money online without really spending money; but paid tools and paid services makes it easier and faster. Oh before I forget! Once you DO start making money online go out and buy yourself a new computer. Hell, buy TWO. Because during tax season I calculate my income from the year and for my deductions I was able to deduct my computers AND internet costs for the year. It is your business after all, so don’t forget to transfer your real world knowledge to your online income. So here are the posts…

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1 Free Tool and 1 Cheap Tool to Make Money Online the Dave Rosenthal Way

BWah,hahahaha! I finally took the plunge. Everybody’s writing a how to make money online posts. In fact people are building whole websites and blogs, hell whole careers around it. I mean it never ends; internet marketing, online advertising, affiliate programs, pay per click, pay per post . So what the hell! I don’t know anything, most of them don’t know anything I’ll write one too. But what’s the difference with my how to get rich tip? I’m not gonna charge you anything and what you pick up here today WILL make you some money while you’re on line in the next 24 hours . So let’s get down to business. First; this piece is about arbitrage. And arbitrage was a pretty big deal in the online income community a few years ago. I guess? I’m not sure I haven’t been around in this field that long. But it still works. Arbitrage is buying low and selling high. Your profit is that thing in the middle.

The basic principle is to steer traffic toward your site. And then “sell” them stuff at a higher price. But there are a few little details in that statement. It takes some degree of marketing to get the KIND of traffic you need, so that when they get to your blog or website they’ll do some kind of “buying” action. Let me clarify; if you have a website talking about Thing A then you want traffic that is looking to buy Thing A. They may not even know they want to buy it , but if they see an offer for either Thing A directly or something related to Thing A, they’ll take that crucial action of clicking something on your site/blog/landing page. But getting targeted organic traffic is very hard. Most people can get some kind of traffic with a little time and energy invested. But getting people to come to a destination with very specific advertising or affiliate deal is very tricky . So Pay Per Click is the solution that most people with a little money turn to. They go to Google Adwords and start the great bidding game. That is very expensive and very time consuming. Trying to figure out which keywords WORK is hard enough. But once you do that trick then you’ve got to learn how to get into the upper realm of the good keywords. But guess what? Everybody knows what the good keywords are already, and they’ve bid the prices up so high you can’t get into the market. You’re never going to get people to look at your site about Thing A. Not unless you’ve got some extra money laying around.

The Free Tool Part

To the rescue comes a piece of 100 dollar software called Keyword Elite. I went to the site. I watched the video and it seemed pretty damn good. It does all that keyword research, puts them into cool, manageable programs so you can at least try to make some money. But it was a hundred bucks. So I started looking around and I came across something FREE. You ready for the weird part? It’s made by Microsoft! It works with MS Office 2007 and it’s basically a plugin, but you know Gates; if he didn’t invent it he hates to use the industry terms, so he invents a new word. In this case the “add-in” attaches itself to Excel. It’s then called Ad-Intelligence . Here’s a picture of it when I first got it.

As you can see, just like the new WordPress 2.5 the colors this thing ships out with are awful. Anyway, to make this thing work you need a Microsoft Adcenter account and an internet connection. Look around for one of their 50 dollar free coupons . They’re out there. If you look at that image you can see the first test I ran was just some generic term “new car.” And it came back with a bunch of possible keywords. Cool right. But that’s not all. If you download their 2 page instructions you’ll see it has a feature called Monetization. Man, whenever I hear the word monetize I think of Pootie Tang. But that’s just me. Anyway, this thing will go out to Adcenter and who knows where else and tell you its estimated value of those keywords. That is very powerful information . I can NOT stress this enough. Knowing which words are the post profitable will tell YOU which words you should be working with. I’m not saying write about valuable keywords. I’m saying pick a topic and then find the words that are most valuable in that topic and use THOSE words. Here’s the same results after I sent it out to the internet to get some information for me.

Are you starting to get the picture of what this thing can do? For this piece I ran a search for the keywords “making money online.” Once you start using it, you’ll realize that you need to pay attention to certain things like Cost Per Click, Clicks (how many of them), Impressions (how many times it came up in searches), Click Through Rate (how many times people actually clicked). The CPC is important because THOSE words are the ones you want to steer toward your blog/site/landing page. I just made you a lot of money .

The Cheap Tool Part

So now you know WHAT you should be looking for, so how are you going to get it? Pay Per Click. Yes Adwords is a strategy you can use, and I got kinda good at using it last you for my T-shirt site . But there’s even better alternatives. Keywords can be VERY expensive. What if I told you, you could get them for a penny ? Well you can. I use a company that I think is going out of business, but another popular company is called Miva. And those guys are giving you $25 in free clicks when you sign up. I haven’t started with them but I will, since I like the free sign-up bonuses. I’ve heard their clicks are 10 cents. But this is for the GOOD keywords, and what do you care WHERE they come from? With Adwords you get priced out so fast, you’ve got to have a big budget. Keep in mind; you do want English speaking traffic from North America and Australia or England even because if you make your money from Adsense this can be a big deal, since they discount clicks from just about everywhere else. But if you’re doing affiliate stuff , and I haven’t really started until recently, I would imagine where they come from or what language they speak isn’t as important. At any rate get the $25 in ads, if it were a penny that would 2500 people, at a dime its 250. And of course the Yahoo program has great conversions, but at about half the Google price, plus it comes with the $25 also. So if your people are looking for “Thing A” exactly, you can do very well.

Sign up and get $25 Bonus Pay Per Click Ad credits Yahoo! Search Marketing

But you can STILL get Penny ads out there . Look at this-

My archive plugin isn’t working with this crappy new WordPress 2.5 but I wanted to show you all of my archives at once. If it’s up there take a look at all my posts . In the 6 months I’ve been messing around with this blog I’ve written about 190 post like this. Well researched, LONG, pictures heavy post. And I’ve turned every single post into a website basically. I use arbitrage for every page. I’m gradually going back over every thing I wrote to see if there is a marketable item or angle I can use to turn every page into it’s own entity to gear keyword rich traffic towards. And you can do. So Keyword Elite can be emulated but sometimes you do have to step it up. Read on….

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Winning the Web Contest. Better Than Free

There is a topic that I have not discussed on this blog yet, and yet it is a topic that fully concerns this blog No, it’s not the trouble the new WordPress is giving me . The topic is "making money online." Yeah, that