Serena Wins Her 499th, 500th and 501st Matches at the 2012 Australian Open

Not really breaking stuff, but they’re saying there are only 4 players actively playing who have reached that point. So it’s something.

She beat Arn in 59 minutes just now at 3AM Saturday morning. Nothing too exciting in the game, but I’m glad she’s moving on. Like to see her play Cljisters for the title. I saw those 2 play live some years ago at the Staples Center in LA. Anyway, in this tournament the first game for Serena was against Tamira Pasze. I don’t know much about her but they were saying all kinds of stuff about this brown woman; she either had a father from Kenya and a mother from India or vice-versa, but she was playing for Austria, so go figure.

But in general day 6 at the Australian open has been pretty weird. I just watched Arn make a weird play against Serena and they keep cutting back to the Gael Monfils game against Kukushkin. They repeatedly use the word “circus” about Monfils, and I’ll admit he DOES have a weird clown like vibe about him. Oh God, he JUST did a weird trick move between the legs to confirm the monkier. But the key issue about this match is that Monfils looked like he was going to call a medial pull out, but then he came back from the dead and dragged the match out. [oh, come ON! Somebody just threw a tennis ball onto the court, and they’re saying somebody threw a beach ball down earlier] And Kuk just won the match, the end.


Watched Hewitt against Andy Roddick the other day, and it’s been a while since I saw them play, But I think it was Wimbledon that Hewitt first reached my radar; the British press was saying it looked like he was about to storm Poland-a pretty solid Nazi reference for a guy who had a very stern Aryan look. But that wasn’t cool. But that might have been where I saw him play Roddick. Anyway this time Andy had injuries so had to quite the game.

Speaking of Roddick though, he and Serena are supposed to play mixed doubles at this Grand Slam, so everybody’s waiting to see how that’s gonna go. Everybody acknowledges they’re both great players and Serena with Venus has done wonders in doubles. But can you just jam two top players together and they’ll beat practiced, well-oiled pairs?

A few days back I also got to see the best I’ve ever seen Jo-Wilfried Tsonga play. It’s always some issue with him winning, but he FINALLY pulled through clean.

I think it was later in that day that this dude Marcos Baghdatis did this strange racket braking thing. Here’s a scream shot from the video. He just broke racket after racket. Maybe one of the oddest displays I’ve seen since I stated watching the game.


So Serena hurt her ankle area a few weeks back (also in Australia, but in Brisbane). So the thing she’s wearing on her leg is I guess this tournaments fashion statement. She’s always got something.

Man! That Maria  Sharapova is a good looking woman. It took her a couple of years for her to grow on me and I usually don’t really like blond women. At all. But I can’t figure out if it’s her height I look, or the look of determination she always wears. I really feel like a cape and sword and some fur boots this woman would have been like an ideal Viking worker-woman wife.  It’s not just about being good looking you know? I mean Ivanovic is pretty but it’s not the same kind of deal. Here just like at this picture from the AO a few days ago.

She acutally played Serena last year at the US Open, so for me it was great to see  my 2 favorites play.

So let’s cross our fingers and see how she does…

Venus Puts on Sweater and Loses French Open. Nervous About Network Viewers?

So Venus just lost the match. And look at this bulky ass-hiding sweater she put on. So was she self conscious? I talked to my mom about the game before it started and we had a long talk about WHY she had done that to her career. I just wrote about it yesterday. My mom doesn’t have cable or sat TV so this was going to be her first chance to see “the dress.” Then we talked after the game happened because two things were going on.

1) Venus (and Petrova) were both wearing bulky gear. It looked like a cool day out there so it made sense

2) The camera men were CLEARLY being very generous to Venus and not showing her ass to American viewers. I mean NONE of the shots were close-ups or from behind or  ground level. NONE. All the shots were long distance.

So my mom thought Venus looked very self conscious and was going to loose the game. And that’s what happened. But that’s the traditional it seems for women tennis players during a major; they pick and outfit and stick with it for the whole run. So she HAD to wear it because to stop wearing would mean she caved in to the pressure and realized she had made a mistake. So the crappy weather saved her “ass.”

My argument was that IF she was going to be worried it would have came out somewhere int he last 6 days-but maybe mom was right, up until today it’s been on cable. Either way she looked totally distracted and out of it.

But let’s go back to that pre-game talk. I got REALLY agitated because we as black people are SO self destructive and when you look at what Serena did with cursing out that official, Tiger did with his whores, and Venus did with this ass-showing outfit it’s ALL so self defeating. All three of them achieved TOP positions in “white sports” and held their positions for a long time. I mean let’s be honest, people expect “black” behavior from basketball and football players. But those 3 had great careers, had clean personas and then within a period of about 9 months took nose dives. And the worse part is they had examples of what NOT to do. When Serena did her thing Tiger should have said, maybe I should get my act together. And Venus has Serena AND Tiger to look as terrible examples of choices.

And they all willingly did these things. Nobody put them in this situations, they just tainted their careers permanently. The actions they took will always be linked to their achievements.