First Snow of 2012 in Chicago

So it finally happened. We got our snow. And for that matter the cold is finally kicking in. But let’s be honest it’s MID-JANUARY and it’s just starting to get winterish. That’s pretty damn cool. I mean basically we’re  getting a half-winter. All we have to do is make it through the rest of the month and February and we’re home free. March will be chilly but nobody is going to confuse that for winter.

So is this the end of the world or what? I mean Chicago is  a place you could say produces “Professional Winters.” We are not amateurs at this, so what’s happening? Is it the global warming or just a matter of a “lucky break” this year? Either way it’s very ironic for me. Last year my furnace blew out and basically I had to wait until April 1st to get my new one. So the joke was on me; I froze my ass off and then this year I’ve got my brand new furnace only running occasionally. But hey, like I said it’s a gift horse, so I’m not gonna look TOO hard in its’ mouth.

 So as usual on this blog I guess I’ve got to include a few snap shops as “proof” or something. This year my neighbor passed away, so I’m shoveling the family’s snow along with another neighbor. He got out a little earlier than me and shoveled some, but there was still enough for me to get some nice pictures.

Coldest Day of 2011 in Chicago January 21st

Well today was the day to be here if you wanted to freeze your ass off. It was in the “single digits” as they say, but it’s that wind chill that makes all the difference in the world if you have to be outside waiting on a bus or something. But it’s not only been a strange winter, it was also a strange fall.

Last summer ended kinda abruptly. It just started getting cool and right then and there I was sure it was going to be a super cold winter. The last 2-3 years it’s been cold in a sort of Chicago way, but it’s the snow that has really given my back a workout. Just consistently messy outside and as a homeowner in a typical sidewalk accessible neighborhood that means I’m out there shoveling and salting the damn ground all the time. So that’s what I expected this winter.

But that wasn’t the case. It’s been ok. Really. Look at this picture of some early December snow. I’m ashamed to even call it snow-it reminds of the snow I saw in Los Angeles. In the 9 or so years I lived out there I think it snowed about twice; and it looked like this.

Around mid-December we started to get some typical snow like this.

But there’s a catch to all this! Even though the season hasn’t been all that bad, staying in the 20’s and 30’s a lot, there were about 2 weeks in December that were in the low teens. That period were BRUTAL for yours truly. Why? Because. I. Do. Not. Have. A. Furnace. This. Year. Wow! It was intense around here!

And until my MOM of all people suggested I turn on the stove it was really hell. But with the stove on I’m cool. Not cold. Just figuratively “cool.” So the new furnace has “been coming” for obviously a while now, but that industry gets backed up in the winter, and since I’m just one dude living alone I’ve decided to just wait until my time comes rather than pulling them away from some family that really needs it.

Like I said I’m pretty cool, and when I do my exercises I’m even better. Certainly not uncomfortable. But I’m SOOOOO glad I insulated the house inside when I took the walls down, installed the new windows and put the siding on with the insulation underneath the previous years I was here!

And now it’s getting super cold for February

February 4th was the first day it got pretty cold.

And then Feb 10th (today as I’m editing this post) it’s been pretty brutal. I was supposed to do a bunch of errands but after a little while outside I decided to delay until tomorrow.

I think what’s happening during these few days is tougher. Even though it’s not as cold as Jan 21st it’s going several days in a row and that makes it harder. Check out my piece on the Blizzard!

Chicago Finally Got it’s 2010 Winter Snow

Well FINALLY. SNOW. I mean, really! We have had an incredibly mild winter. Don’t get me wrong it’s been cold. It just hasn’t been COLD. “Chicago style” means more than just our famous pizza, we get a kind of cold out here that really puts us on the mad in the lower 48. The only places that probably DON’T get credit for being super cold are the Twin Cities in Minnesota; theose guys have built sky walkways to get around. That place is insane (but nobody talks about it, so it doesn’t have the rep).

But yeah, remember a couple of months back I did my little piece on insulation when we got our first snow? No? Must not be a regular reader, well since then we had maybe 10 days where I’ve had to shovel. And as for as temp goes; let’s put it this way my last month’s gas bill was 8 dollars and this month 9. Now to be fair I insulated the HELL of my house (after all it is a renovation project I intend to sell) and I’m also on a bill payment plan you can get to divide your bill into 50 dollar payments-but that still means my bill is only 60.

At any rate; it snowed. So you know what that means! Time for me to go stand in my doorway in my underwear and take pictures and hope nobody sees my naked ass and my crazy hair. Ok, so this first pictures give you a clue about the severity.

A few hours later it calmed down enough for me to get a couple of shots where you can at least see what’s going on.

And finally around 4 AM ( hey I work on the internet, I keep weird hours) I was able to go out and shovel. My stuff was so clean that by morning I had dry ground, but those are not exciting photos…