Really Venus? You Needed to Show Your Whole Ass? Even The Crack?

So OK, let’s talk about the Venus thing. And “the thing” would be her ass. For this 2010 French Open, Roland Garros, Venus has designed and chosen to ear a black lace outfit. In and of itself THAT is not the problem-it’s the underpants, the “lollipop.” Basically, it’s ass colored. Now earlier this year for the Australian Open show were some brown underpants too but that pair had a more distinctive un-Venus color and the seemed a little thicker and less skintight. This current pair is Goddamned insane! It’s SOO tight and SOOO exact in it’s color match.

She released a statement when the ton of press came out saying she wanted to convey the “illusion of bareness.” So let’s get to the meat of this piece; Why? WHO on God’s green Earth wants to show people their naked ass. WHY would ANY human walk around in an outfit that shows their ass, let alone a FAMOUS person at a an event with thousand of live viewers and MILLIONS of worldwide viewers. WHY. She’s already famous, already rich, already the 2nd best ranked player in the WORLD. Does she think her “fashion line” needs promotion? And if a designer put something like that out there WHO would want to buy it.

OK, let me calm down and backtrack a little. It’s no secret I’ve written about a dozen articles on this blog and LONG forum comments out there on the web about the William sisters. I’ve been watching their careers for maybe 12 years and I’ve seen them play live, so I feel I have some understanding of of their place in women’s tennis. Next. I know ass. I’m an avowed and well known “ass man.” I built a whole website dedicated to ass! So I’m the LAST person to want less ass out there in the public space-but there’s a time and place.

And by doing this she has now joined her sister in permanently tainting her career. As you know they have both been treated for the bulk of their career with both overt and subtle demeaning statements and attitudes. But last year Serena “showed her ass” by cursing out a lineswoman. So now Venus has joined her LITERALLY, by actually showing her ass. The worse part about the underpants is it LOOKS like she has a very dark seem down the middle which gives the “illusion” of her ass crack! Jesus. If it’s not a seem then the wedgie she gives herself EVERY time she serves makes SURE you can see her actual crack. WHO would do that? INTENTIONALLY! Why? Take a look at this Huffington Post pictures.

Serena Pretty Much Headlined the 2009 French Open. But Let’s Be Honest They Don’t Like Her

So a couple of days ago I read something a guy named Couch wrote. The premise of his piece was that Serena Williams should “do more.” In his mind she’s not fit and not committed tennis. So I wrote a response that’s pretty much going to get buried amongst the barrage of livid racist who can’t stand somebody Black playing tennis anyway let alone somebody they can villianize because she has the unmitigated gall to be confident.

Pam Shriver is quoted in a piece for the LA times this week where she says the obvious. The French Open has been repeatedly miserable to Serena. And the speculation is that maybe it’s not racist since the French have Gael Monfils and maybe it’s not anit-American since they love Roddick. But A) Gael is a a FRENCH Black person and they’ll root for anybody that can put France on the map for tennis. B) Roddick is a (white) man. Case closed on that one. In fact the ONLY person being heckled with nasty comments and repeatedly having officials ignore blatant cheating is Serena.What I wrote in response is below…


Serena’s not fit? Compared to whom? Look, Couch, I don’t know you; I’ve never read anything you’ve written, but the story title caught my eye. So I don’t know if you’re a former tennis pro, a sports writer in general or just some dude who got a job at a website and assigned to this part of the site. But I’ve been watching women’s tennis since 1999, and even I feel I can make a better assessment of what’s going on than you.

Waaaaayyy back a year and a half ago I wrote a piece about the slump BOTH Williams were going through and either on my own blog or in a comment I made on somebody else’s blog I predicted they were probably on a downward spiral.

But NOT for the reasons you’ve indicated; fitness and commitment. That’s absurd. I mean have you really listened to what you’ve said? Serena’s strength is so apparent that she does not even LOOK like a tennis player. The irony is that I thought she looked about 10 pounds lighter than I’m used to seeing her for the French open. But the Williams in general are SO fit no American can even compete anymore. It took a flood of Eastern Europeans, people coming from poor parts of Europe, to be able to be able to match the physicality of the Williams. The French had to go back to the drawing board (Mauresmo) and the Belgian just dropped out (Clijsters) and one by one the other Americans have receding into obscurity.

My belief for the REAL reason for the Serena (and Venus) slump is not about commitment so much as it is about home life. When their parents got divorced and their sister got killed that broke their momentum, and they haven’t recovered. Richard (their father for those of you not up to speed) pretty much handed over coaching duties and their mother took over for a while. He wasn’t even at games as often. And I just think it’s a case of diminishing returns unless something drastic changes.

As for this issue of sponsorship money. Well let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a Black issue. Case closed. No need to harp on it. But the guy you interviewed, Bob Williams, ironically located here in FANTASTICALLY racist Chicago saying 50 percent of endorsement deals go to Black people should be corrected to “men athletes.” Yeah, Black GUYS make a lot of dough in “traditionally Black player dominated” sports. There is no Black man making a killing in hockey. So the Serena is fighting two uphill battles; women not making as much as men, and being the “wrong” race for her sport. The ad agencies are essentially not in a mood to sell Black Barbies to little white girls not when they’ve got an IDEAL candidate in Sharapova WHO ONLY WON A FEW slams compared to Serena. Because that was the other argument right? “Serena doesn’t win enough” Ha! In addition, sponsorship deals are not necessarily tied to winning as much as DRAW. The Williams have drawn more viewers to TV, more worldwide fans to the game and sold more tennis seats than anybody in the last 10 years. FACT.

I’m also noticing a lot of people talking about how “arrogant” Serena is. How she’s needs to “do it, not say it.” Well, all you fat ass people sitting at your computer’s look ridiculous. Have any of YOU ever won a Grand Slam? Even one? Come on, surely you MUST have done something to be so full of attitude. And man, how short people’s memories are. Does anybody remember Muhammad Ali most famous saying? Oh that’s right it was “I’m the Greatest!” Or let’s look at Jimmy Connors, or John McEnroe. NONE of these guys were shy and demur-whether they wore winning or LOSING about how they were the “best.” It’s unusual for a woman to do it and there are so few Black women tennis players that, YES, she pumps herself up. Who can fault her when she’s been repeatedly cheated at the French, called all kinds of names, AND had to deal with those “objective” people in the booth talking about her and her sister negatively whenever they get a chance. I mean, Mary Jo and the others were SO easy to make backhanded compliments for YEARS until the Williams winning streak could no longer be denied. So surprise, surprise Serena decides to be her OWN number one fan AND number one critic to get herself to the top. To NOT be a braggart is, frankly, kinda UNAmerican. Anybody remember a certain flight suited dude standing in front of a Mission Accomplished banner?

With Richard’s Role Reduced the Williams Sisters Loose a Little More Steam Every Year

So, here we go. I could have also titled this piece My Very First Sports Article or maybe Yes I’ve Watched ESPN2. The truth is; I’m not a big sports guy, but I am a Black guy, so yeah, the Williams caught my eye when they hit the scene. YES, I know it’s very typical, and God knows I hate to be in the “trends follower” rather than “trends setter” column, but what can I say? When Venus and Serena hit the scene my eyeballs almost jumped out of my head. And yeah, I said Venus first because that’s who we “met” first.


All those years ago there was some special on TV showing these 2 little girls and their dad hitting tennis balls in the ghetto and all these goddamned hair-beads flying around. And I was like “what?!” There was some long haired French Black dude playing tennis around the time Agassi first came out who people used to tell me I reminded them of, so the hair/black/tennis thing has been on my radar ever since. Anyway about a year after that TV special the girls went pro, or maybe it was just Venus and then quickly followed by Serena. But you know the rest of the story. Having skipped out on the Jr. league they just caught everybody by surprise. They played their ASSES off and just started winning. And winning. And winning. It was crazy.

But it wasn’t just the wins that alarmed people, it was they STYLE of women’s tennis. Basically it was men’s tennis played by young women. It was weird. Did they have technique? Yes. But what they really had was power and will to win. It just hadn’t been seen before-not on that level. They were hungry. CRAZY hungry. Dude, they looked like somebody had an earpiece in their ears whispering “I have your parents! I will KILL them if you don’t get this next break point!” I mean they played like life and death. No kidding. It looked like it meant something to them. Up to that point women’s tennis was competitive, yes. It was very competitive, BUT it didn’t look like the men’s game. When you saw McEnroe fighting those judges or Connors jumping after a win and pumping his arm you KNEW these guys carried those wins and losses in a soul shattering way.

And the sisters had that look and style. Then their parents split. Oracene and Richard did a very quiet split (or maybe the media culture in tennis is just low key). And Oracene became the focus of all camera shots at the girl’s matches. And Richard became a less frequent visitor to the games. Or if he’s there-you don’t see him on TV anymore. People say that Oracene is now the coach. And you know what? They don’t win as much. They get hurt more. They play less. I mean the whole situation is different.


Now I don’t what they do, or how they live. I’m just telling what I’ve seen watching these 2 play for the last 9 years or so. Around 1998-9 I started watching and then GOING to games. Yes I’ve been to games! I have paid MONEY to see them play. I do not go to ANY sports events. Period. But I’ve gone to see them! Because they changed the game. American women first got caught off guard, and after a couple of years they go their act together and made their way to the gym. Because that’s what it took; a crazy level working out to catch up to Venus and Serena. But one group of women already had that ethic. You wanna know who?

The Eastern Europeans. Yes we’ve had a few French and Belgian women come rolling out on top. But for sheer numbers its been the EE’s and you know why? Because those women are desperate. They KNOW they don’t have anything going on at home, and tennis is a way out. So they’re here now. The industry has pretty much been taken over. I don’t think they American slice of the pie is going to increase in the coming years-certainly not at the rate of the EE’s.


So yesterday at the 2008 Australian Open Serena got knocked out by Jankovic. And tonight Venus is getting the stuffing knocked out of her by Ivanovic. Of course MY BELIEF is that they made a bad decision by trying to play doubles. A couple of young ladies from China knocked them out of THAT match. Their…health/drive/lifestyle/age just is in a different place now. I believe Venus has beat Ivanovic 4 times prior to tonight, but tonight she’s limping around with a giant bandage on her leg playing the game. Just struggling. And quite honestly, except for the odd bursts, that’s kinda how they’ve looked for the last few years. Struggling. I know their dad is still involved, but I think his position has been reduced and their game just isn’t the same anymore.