Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Will Probably be Successful

So a few months back I wrote about a terrible show, The Bionic Woman, and a good show, The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And as I predicted the SCC is, as of right now, the winner. Sunday night’s premiere episode just broke rating records. And tonight’s follow up episode was just as odd and interesting as the first one.


Man, I wish I could remember where I was just reading a bunch of negative reviews of the show (I did it was a comic book site over here), but I read so much I can’t remember. But as far as I’m concerned the show is got everything a good TV show needs, or at least more going for it than Bionic Woman (plus here’s an update, as of late Feb 2008 Bionic has been canceled). Obviously the movie franchise, the comic books and people’s need for more Terminator related material is a big factor. But in terms of just stuff that people like; time travel stuff, killer robots, attractive females, constant chase type themes like the old Fugitive show (or even Lost in Space). They’ve set the show in LA, so they’re no shortage of “thugs” to play Terminators.

Note the hot ladies


And the thug playing a Thug-anator


Plus they’re bringing in good people. Tonight’s episode was directed by David Nutter, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen his name on X-files episodes and Smallville episodes. In fact in an odd twist I really wouldn’t have expected. They had a Terminator get his head chopped off, then they had him FIND his head, disguise himself in such a way to blend in and continue functioning.


That ALMOST feels like some quality comic book writing and not the standard TV type writing. So that element tells me they might be onto something that’s usually very hard to capture on TV, the elusive “X” factor. Battlestar has it, Lost had it, and very few other shows in recent years have. Speaking of good elements for TV shows check out my New Knight Rider Show piece.