Thank You George W Bush jr. for Our Black President

No, no really! We couldn’t done it without you. Take a bow my brother-you deserve it. Stand back and observe what you have wrought (I know you’re big on the Bible so I threw that in for you). Now, no gnashing of the teeth! You must move forward. Get started on you Presidential “library.” Lot of people would underestimate designing a 2 foot by 3 foot space but I know, even that, takes planning so don’t let us hold you up on your next exciting adventure.

All kidding aside, many do view you and your presidency as a joke, but let’s be real for a minute. A lot of real live people died because of you. A lot of people died here in the country as a whole, in the Armed Services, in Iraq, in Louisiana! And all the people who did go to work and came back missing limbs, or missing jobs, or missing years of their kids lives, or coming back to NO FAMILY AT ALL. A wife who jut couldn’t’ take the stress. And a lot of people lost their homes. Your REFUSAL to deal with wall street gone wild cost people their retirement with the Enron and all the other companies who played with people’s lives. But turns out that was just the tip of the financial iceberg right? In other words your damage is very real. Very real. And so much carelessness because you surrounding yourself with a callous and greedy body of people. Cheney and his Halliburton money grab, Wolfowitz and his theories and Rumsfeld and his armchair general’s approach to combat. Real people really suffered.

But with Obama’s election the world is proud of America. The signal has been sent. That the ugly Americans have finally been beaten back into submission. Everybody recognizes that they’re still here, but that it will take an enormous effort for them ever to regain power and wreck havoc on the world again. People knew that we black Americans didn’t have the numbers to ever put a black man in office, that it was going to take all types of Americans pulling together to enact a actual “regime change.” But we did it, we ending a stranglehold that went on for too long. It’s over.

The thing that has struck me in life is how unusual are the people who want to be president. Invariably what I see is this desire to go down in history. I only see the desire to serve the people as in afterthought. Except in 2 cases Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, otherwise it’s been one history whore after another. As we’ve just seen with McCain’s use of Sarah Palin. His greed for that office prompted him to insult the American people to such an unbelievable degree that after the initial shock wore off his OWN party realized that guy couldn’t give a flying fuck what happens to us if it meant he would “get to be president.” I have a theory that I’m always telling people; toothpaste does not come out of the tube on its own. I’ve learned that in life almost no movement forward happens without the appropriate pressure. And you Mr. Bush backed the country into such a corner, such a corner, that they would vote a black man into office. That’s a hell of accomplishment. You will go down in history, not just as the worst president ever, but the main who made Obama possible.

So again, being the good Bible man that you are I guess there’s only one way to say goodbye; don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.

Here’s an image brought to my attention by HotRod at WFMU. As you know this blog is 1/5 about comics and Alex Ross who went to art school here in Chicago did this one.

4 thoughts on “Thank You George W Bush jr. for Our Black President

  1. I actually had some close friends who strongly believe Barrack is down with Bush and the rest of the Illuminati. They really didn’t think too highly of me voting for him,but as I explained,I believe he is a different kind of brother and regardless of what he ends up doing…this is indeed a sign of the return of the gods ❗

    Just look at how the whole world is galvanized behind him? Of course on YouTube there’s videos saying this same thing except their angle is to make him out to be the anti-christ…only time will tell.

    btw: I know I haven’t been around in a while,but I’m still down with ya 😉

  2. Hey Caleb
    Oh don’t worry about not visiting. I haven’t actually been writing over here in MONTHS. I just sort of started back a few weeks ago. But I’m not daily anymore, just weekly.

    At any rate sticking by your guns is the way you roll! Right? Some of your friends didn’t get Internet Marketing either for a while you said once. So I’m glad you went with your feeling.

    Slim chance he’s part of any backroom deal. But American’s LOVE conspiracy stuff. The 911 industry has become a thriving big business in the last 7 years. And so the Obama conspiracy stuff is almost mandatory-he’s Black for God’s sake no matter WHO he was, as a Black guy who managed to get the White House people were gonna have theories.

  3. Then Biden -whom I truly don’t believe was Barrack’s sole choice- was chosen mostly because of his CFR connection,but also as a watch-dog for keeping tabs on Obama.

    That may sound like a speculation,but think about when Barrack announced Biden while making a terrible Freudian slip…he called Biden “the next president”!

  4. Well I think everybody would agree; picking a vice president is really kind of a backed into a corner situation. All the sort of “good” choices are people you ran against and probably don’t like. Plus you need somebody who has qualities you don’t have (to scrape up any voters who are on the fence about you). Palin is a perfect example.

    Not to mention the Democratic party doesn’t have winning people on its team. They lost to Bush of all people-twice. And how desperate do you have to be to actually consider a Black guy? What none of them expected was Obama’s team, who built that strong internet/grassroots. And grass means green. Money. Nothing wins election like money. It even beats Black.

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