This Super Tuesday Thing Just Might Change the World

Well it’s mid-day and the question is; how are things going to pan out for Clinton and Obama? What kind of country are we going to have. On the other side it’s pretty much over; McCain has got this thing sewn up. So the REAL question is; is America REALLY ready for a totally new way of thinking. Standard issue white guy, black guy or woman? WOW. That’s a massive concept. Has the pendulum swung so far in response to Bush that the country is ready to take that big a chance? the sad news it’s going to be tremendously difficult term for whoever goes in, so if it’s Obama or Clinton they’re going to get 100 percent of the blame for every single thing that goes wrong. Here’s how things look over at CNN.


The big question is; are the Ohio voting and the Texas voting going to determine who gets to be the Democratic nomination? So everybody’s watching for the Texas primary results and Ohio primary results with intense scrutiny. In fact you should start seeing hungry reporters trying to gather Ohio exit polls 2008 opinions in the next this afternoon. But the contest really wont be decided until the final Texas election results are in.

Ironically the BIGGEST news of the day is this “marine throws puppy” video. I’ll post a link for the video at YouTube, but I wont post it here. I’m not a huge fan of dogs, but I don’t hate them either. So press the IMAGE below to go to see the video, but YouTube has been removing them all day so hurry up.



Wow! She won…well, I guess people really looked at the situation and said, ok, Obama looks like a good choice but can we REALLY do it? And there’s Hillary over there-but wait it’s NOT just Hillary we’re actually getting a 2 for 1 deal! Since we can’t legally but Bill back in, we can slip him in the back door. Now you know why a woman who had barely been in congress longer than Obama and spent WAY less time as an elected politician kept using the word "experience." It was code for Bill will be co-president behind closed doors-in fact check out my follow u p piece .