TLC Electric Human is a Story I Can Personally Relate to

I keep thinking I’m done watching these TLC “My Shocking Story” episodes-but I keep coming back. And then I write stories like my Half Man Half Tree story or my Woman with Giant Legs and Man with No Face stories. And I keep thinking I wont write another piece, but here I am! This thing about Electric Humans though really caught my attention because I actually KNOW people with this ability.


SO the first guy they show is Jose Marcus Aiella a young man in Puerto Rico who lives a simple life as a quiet man working at a TV repair shop. Quite simply the guy is super powered; he can conduct electricity, create enough electric heat to burn stuff and even create magnetic fields and store electric energy. But I have to tell you. I’ve seen something like this before.

My grand-uncle (that would be my grandmother’s brother) just had his 83rd birthday about 10 days ago, and he’s been repairing electrical appliances, like radios but especially TV sets, since he was a teenager. He can handle electricity. I’m currently renovated a house (see other parts of this blog) and so on occasion I’ll ask him how to wire or run electricity in the house, he’ll tell me, and guess what? I’ll do it and get my ass shocked! I’ll call him and tell him what happened and he’ll say oh HE can touch this or that thing but I can’t. I’ve seen him handle things a normal person can’t, I’ve seen electricity shoot at him and it not have any effect on him.

Back to Jose. So Jose’s mayor finds out about him and his first reaction is to get some kind of tourist attraction set up. Jose sort of recoils from this idea, but does decide to stage and extremely dangerous demonstration for his neighbors. I say this because I’m currently putting siding on my house and the ONLY section I haven’t done is where the 220 Volts are attached. That 220 (in Jose’s case 244) is pretty much the most lethal juice a normal citizen will have access to, after that you’d have to be in some non-residential location. But Jose survives. The scientists determine that his has essentially trained his body to withstand the juice. So nothing definitive except don’t YOU try it.


The show also features a woman named Debbie in the UK who basically kills or changes things that function on electricity. She calls herself a “slider” a person who does this due to their emotions or state of mind.


Now this story is also close to my heart. I had a girlfriend who knocked electrical things out. She didn’t believe me at first and for some reason interpreted her ability as me putting her down. She felt embarrassed and really tried to deny it, but after numerous situations she had to admit it. I first became aware of her “power” when I changed all her normal light bulbs to the energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs. Those things are supposed to last 7-10 years. But hers started going out. So I brought the bulbs back to my house and they worked in one of the light sockets. When she would visit my place she ALSO began to knock MY light bulbs out, my computers, my TV. I mean clearly things related to me caused a change in her emotions, but more importantly when she would leave my place the devices would start working again. I loaned her my truck to pick her daughter up from college. Truck comes back; headlight blown out. She gets out of my truck, I get in, the headlight comes back on. And so on.

Back to Debbie. They run a test and have her watch video of Jose, and she has an elevated electrical reading due to her excitement in watching Jose. There’s a comic book British superhero named Jenny Sparks that I’m reminded of…


Anyway here is a link to the My Shocking Story British website. WARNING; like some of the photos on this site you will see some hard to digest images. I suppose you could acclimate yourself by first reading my Half Man Half Tree story or my Woman with Giant Legs and Man with No Face stories. Here’s a story I just found last night about facial transplants.