TLC The Man With No Face is a Tough One to Watch

DUDE! Seriously. What in the living hell is going on over at TLC and Discovery. Listen. I enjoy the arguing guys on American Chopper, I enjoy the deep voice guy over at Dirty Jobs, I like the funny stuff over at Mythbusters. Hell, I even watched the first season of Deadliest Catch because for years I was sure that THIS would be the year I would head off to Alaska and make a bunch of money working on a fishing boat of some kind (still hasn’t happened and this year I’m 40! So….)


But for the last few weeks TLC has been freaking me out! If you saw my Half Tree Half Man piece then you know that show didn’t just feature one guy, but it was a whole group of people. So that made their story all the weirder and heartbreaking. But TONIGHT they’re going to air My Shocking Story The Man With No Face with a guy who has SEVERE facial disfigurement and I’ve seen him before on other shows, but when you put him in the context of this series-you just see this parade of oddities being pulled before the public for “enlightening” purposes. But it’s beginning to take on an exploitative feel as far as I’m concerned. (And yes, I’m aware that by now writing about it for MY site I’m not much better).


But just like Dede, the Indonesia Tree man, there are complications. 1) The tumors in his face can’t just be cut off because of the blood vessels inside. And 2) are you ready for this one? Jose, this No Face guy, is a Jehovah’s Witness so doesn’t want to receive a blood transfusion if they do operate on him. In the old days people used to be stuck with their disfiguring conditions too, have you ever seen the Mutter Museum Calendars? They are FULL of odd human remains. Check them out
Mutter Museum 2012 Calendar

Visit the one from 2012
Visit the one from 2011
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Sadly, his mother had a terrible impact on him.


This other guy Mark tries to share his experience, and then he talked to the doctors…



ANNNNYYWAYYY. Look, you found this site, but what you really need is more information. So let me point you in the right direction. The first thing you should know is the Discovery channel and TLC are all hooked up, but even more than that; Discovery USA is all hooked up with Discovery UK. So things seem to be airing over there either before or after things air over here. And that also affects the websites. So let me point you to this website for more info and more pictures. And let me point you at this web search to find more websites (and I’m not saying one word about downloading). Just do me the favor of bookmarking me or looking at my silly shirts. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “TLC The Man With No Face is a Tough One to Watch

  1. I am a board certified dermatologist and can tell you, and I wish to pass this on to Jose, that propranolol, a pill, has recently been shown to be VERY helpful for hemangiomas. This was in the New England Journal of Medicine on June 12, 2008. This poor man needs to try this. It is very safe and is used for high blood pressure, etc.Please feel free to call me at 516 227 3377.

  2. I give this man the best of luck. I believe anyone can be handsome on the inside. I feel bad for him, he must be sick of people saying “Ewww!” and “that’s nasty!” I mean c’mon people, thats uber mean! God Bless this guy, and i pray for him. I hope you can get it off, but even with it on, you’re still a handsome man on the inside, and thats all that really matters to me 🙂

    • Rose it’s people like you who can give hope to people like him AND me. Sometimes I see the worst in people because that’s just the way I am-but occasionally somebody like you comes along and puts the brakes on that. Thanks for visiting and making a healthy contribution.

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