Who Knocked Suge Knight the Hell Out at Night Club?

So I’ve got be VEEERYY careful how I handle this. Yesterday I wrote about how living in Hollywood taught me a lot about showbiz people. How it is a VERY cutthroat business. And most people don’t equate "Hollywood" the idea with "Los Angeles" the city. And just in case you folks forgot; LA is a Bitch! South Central, Watts, Long Beach. All the shit is NOT a joke. I’m from Chicago’s South Side and I put in 10 years in Money Makin’ Manhattan; Alphabet City and Hell’s Kitchen to be exact so I KNOW rough when I see it. But Hollywood is both an idea and a neighborhood that I lived in for nine years. 90028 Y’all! And currently around the corner from my old apartment Suge Knight has a club. Well TMZ, who I’m embarrassed to say I’m getting this story from, reported that Suge got into a tussle. And this is where I have to be careful…he may not have come out ahead in the altercation. I’m saying right here; I don’t know a thing . These are just some video/photos I saw. I do not know a thing. I am moving back to LA by the end of the year, and I DO NOT KNOW A THING. Suge might have won the fight.

Suge Knight Gets Knocked the F@#$ Out! (TMZ Exclusive)

As I said in the title:WHO would do such a thing? They HAVE to know that this is not going to end well. Not by a looooong shot. With the key word being “shot.” So you punch man out, and NOW you gotta spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder who you KNOW since the Deathrow Record days has a thing for a "personally settling" disputes. Anyway, wanna see some more funny videos? Visit my other site DirtySmiles.com .