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OK, so waaaaaaay back in 2008 I wrote all these pieces about TLC shows (aka The Discovery Channel), like the Half Tree Half Man and the Man with the Worst Facial Tumors, and the No Face Man. And in theory I’m DONE. But I can’t help myself! So here I am again writing about stuff I’ve seen on TLC. But I tell you what? I’m actually going to direct you to a original source article on the program about Mandy Sellars and her big legs.

The most amazing thing about Mandy’s condition is that nobody has been able to tell her what’s wrong with her. An entire lifetime of various medical conditions brought on by the big legs, but not being able to identify and correct the problem. Amazing. It took a TV show being done about her to finally get her over to America where somebody could try to find out what went wrong. At this point her legs are 210 pounds and she’s considering amputation.

And I hate to spoil the surprise “did she or didn’t she” but today I stopped by mandysellers.com and read this…

Mandy leg amputation

Her legs are 36 inches thick, and she’s 33 years old but she’s SOOO thin. I mean, to be such a thin person and to have 210 pound legs is such a….I really don’t have the words. In fact you get the impression her legs are actually starving her body. And dude, I mean, look at these shoes…

Mandy relaxing

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Originally I thought the program was going to be about at 24 year old Chinese woman named Wang Cheng. Here’s a quote

A Chinese woman who long-suffered with elephantiasis of the legs says she is looking forward to wearing skirts and trousers after having a life-changing surgery to correct the painful condition, Agence France-Presse reported.

Before the surgery, Wang Cheng, 24, who lives in the eastern Chinese province of Zhiangsu, has not been able to leave her house or wear regular clothing since she was 6-years-old because the condition caused her legs to become deformed and triple in size, giving them a combined weight of 110 pounds.

Anyway, they’re really is no shortage of this type of human suffering. At least in some cases they’ve been able to catch it early and find solutions Or check out the DailyTelegraph site for more on the stories below. And don’t forget about myHalf Tree Half Man and the Man with the Worst Facial Tumors, and the No Face Man.WARNING** Some of those stories have upsetting pictures.

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  1. Thank you for visiting,
    And I can see you’re strong proponent of that condition but it’s my understanding, having watched the program, that Mandy has NOT been diagnosed with the condition Merrick had. Many people with PS have been able to have operations and live less troubled lives.

  2. that is really sad and if there was anything i could do i would it makes me wanna cry knoowing there is nothing i can really do but pray to let you no i promise i will!!!!!!!!

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