Some Guy In Hong Kong is Stealing My Blog Content

So this blog is really about a month old. And ALREADY I’ve got some guy in a far off land lifting my pages. I mean I’m happy it’s not some guy down the block. Because at least I can feel like he must have thought I wouldn’t find out or wouldn’t notice. But take a look at this.

That’s my article lifted word for word WITH the images. And clearly he just pressed Control A, Control C, Control V, because the stuff is still being pulled off MY server every time the page loads from his site. His site, by the way, appears to be some kind of collection of Firefox tips. And I’m not the only person whose content he’s stolen. The site is totally in Chinese, but from what I can make out, they just go around copying people’s discoveries and loading it into the site as a sort of centralized melting pot of how-to’s. A translation of the goal of the site reveals this; “Collect relevant content, just a hobby, to promote the popularity of Firefox browser.” Some hobby. He’s got ads running with my content, getting impressions and clicks, and making money.

Here’s the odd thing. I’m not really gonna do any kind of “cease and desist” type thing. I need the incoming link. Links pointing to your site indicate to Google that you’ve got something going on. I need to break out of my zero page rank and this guy’s got more traffic than I do. And at LEAST my original title was maintained during the theft. I see other articles on the site where the link to the original site has been cut off. His site is even showing up on “Best of the Web” type sites with my article being the featured content!


I tell you what it reminds me of. I had a girlfriend who used to tell me how smart I was and how much she LOVED me because I was so smart, etc., etc., and then one she starts cheating on me. And from day one I’m watching her (I’m smart after all right?) and this goes on for a month before she finally announces she’s “moved on.” And all I asked her was, “did you think you were smarter, or that I was just not that smart that I wouldn’t know what you were up to”? And like her, this website thief gives me credit for being able to figure out this nifty trick with Firefox, but not that smart that I would see what he was doing.


Just ignore my paltry number of links and DO notice where my article is being “distributed” for me.