Vote for Steve-O to Play Deadpool

No. A movie has not been announced. But I’ve been thinking about this. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now actually. It probably isn’t healthy thinking, but it’s what I do. And the idea of a Deadpool movie is a bit of a stretch, BUT given all the super hero movies on their way to getting made he COULD be somebody a main character run into in one of their movies. So the next logical question is; who plays Deadpool? And for me the answer is obvious. Steve-O.


When you think about his sense of humor, his complete disregard for what happens to his body, his circus training, his affinity for the media (being polite here), and of course the voice. Deadpool is supposed to have some sort husky Demi Moore voice, and Steve-O’s got something going on with that voice of his. So he’s my choice. I enjoyed him in Jackass, I loved him in Wildboyz, and I haven’t seen the Dr. Steve-O show yet, but I think he could handle a small to medium sized part in a regular movie. I just showbiz isn’t too much for him to handle.


So the first step to make this happen is to get a grassroots movement going. So Vote!!!

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