If You Are Not Using Yahoo for Domain Name Registration at 1.99 You Are Crazy

OK, I’m still a little behind schedule today. The reason I’m behind schedule is I’m creating multiple blogs and registering domain names. And trying to find host like PowWeb (where you can get 80 dollars of free advertising from both Yahoo and Google , and there’s a little ad at the bottom of this page for their $3.88 hosting). But purchasing domain names can be expensive if you don’t look for the cheapest domain registration. I usually go to Godaddy to do my domain name checks, but then I buy my domains from Yahoo . And you should too. Can you find a better ongoing deal than $1.99? I don’t think so. And do not get fooled by Godaddy’s $1.99 offer . Like I said, I myself am a Godaddycustomer, but their $1.99 comes only if you buy something else-like hosting.

But you need to do a search. I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest checking Yahoo! Small Business . As you can see from that screen capture. I got offered the cheap domain name deal last night, so you can still purchase a domain from that at that price. The deal is only for “new customers.” Also keep in mind, their 2nd year domain name renewal price is NOT so good, so when the year is up I usually go to Godaddy. This year they were doing $6.99 and get a second year free. (I spent most of the afternoon today doing that upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1, I told everybody it was gonna happen 2 weeks ago when they released that terrible 2.5).

But if you’re going to stick with making blogs you’re going to need to buy domain names. But once you start one blog you’ll probably do another one. Be sure to find the right department, which is Yahoo! Small Business and register with them for that good price. If that links doesn’t show you the deal don’t worry as of March 2009 I checked they’re still doing it! So you should look around at the above site and also try see if this link might work too. And do it multiple times , it doesn’t matter. You can use any Yahoo account, I used mine, my mother’s, my uncle’s, etc., They’re not doing anything with ’em! So now I just have a little Excel chart with all the different logins and domains.

The Reason You Should Be Watching The Spectacular Spider-Man

There one good reason to watch the WB’s new Spectacular Spider-Man show; it’s a good show. I’m not gonna lie to you. Spider-Man hasn’t been done this well, in animation, in quite a long time. Here are some of the high points of the show; the humor that Peter Parker throws out as Spider-Man is spot on. Next, Spider-Man is shown as a total freeloader! He is constantly jumping on buses, helicopters, trucks-ANYTHING. And that is great! Because they do it in the comics, and it’s a reality that he has to come from Queens and get to Manhattan. And there is no other way to do that kind of commute dressed that way. Next; the action is fast and brutal. Here the animators have clearly taken their cue from Spider-Man 3 and maybe a couple of scenes from 2 and 1. But they toss Spider-Man around on this show so much it’s funny. They throw him into walls, and bounce him off the ground. You’re watching and it’s so rugged, your first thought is, “how is the costume staying on?” And in that same vein; they have him doing all kinds of logical stuff with the web. The Spider-Man of the comic books is obviously a web master and in Spectacular, they show what a smart guy and powers would do by pulling junk onto opponents or punching them and yanking them around poles or whatever, it’s just very astute. Next the villain are the classics; The Vulture, The Sandman, The Rhino, Tombstone and Electro.

And all the pals are there like Gwen, Harry, JJJ and Robbie. And there are also indications of who’s coming. Doc Octopus is on the show in some form, the Green Goblin and Venom are foreshadowed too. So the foundation is strong. But I think Marvel Comics has REALLY turned over a new leaf in terms of how they do movies and TV show versions of their characters. The 90’s X-Men and Spider-Man shows seemed just off kilter somehow, like that Hulk movie. It’s like they KNEW what was the right thing but they decided to be different just for the sake of being different . We don’t want that. Just do the Goddamn movie like the comic books ! And that’s why Spider-Man in the new movies has been the first project from the new template. Marvel learned that traditional renditions, while USING THE NEW TECHNOLOGY, was the way to go. Just depict what we’ve always imaged. Hence, the new Iron Man movie looks ridiculously good. They said; “ok let’s take all of the cool poses Iron Man is known for and build scenes around that.” Perfect! That’s all you have to do. And then get a known addict like Robert Downey Jr. to play a role he was BORN for. And it looks Goddamn perfect . Can’t wait until next week.