Oh I’m Still Here. I Was Out Picking Fights About Making Money Online

So Hi! Hey. Where’d I go? Well I was having internet problems for a few days. Normally I might take Saturday or Sunday off from the blog and this past week intended to write Sunday night after doing a full day of Entrecarding . Dropping those cards is a full blown once a month type event for me. Because I try to read and leave significant comments on the way. And…it’s a lot of work! So Sunday I did all that stuff and then by evening my internet was out. Lots of calling, complaining, fighting, testing equipment. You can look at any of my Comcast or ATT posts to see how I manhandle customer service people at this stage in my life. I’m as polite as I can be, but I also don’t want to be walked through somebody’s troubleshooting script if I KNOW what the problem is. When it’s on my end I know, and when it’s on their end I know. So Monday was a holiday so I was still out. Then that night this happened.

I really didn’t resize this image well enough for you to tell, but that is a substantially sized branch. Over to the left you can see the wire it brought down, so NOW my internet problems were really serious. And you can also see I decided to go Paul Bunyan instead of Discovery Channel Axeman. I just didn’t feel like chainsaw work; since this blogging thing I haven’t been getting enough sleep and things could get a little messy. One day for my home renovation section I’ll talk about the TWO trees I took down and uprooted so I could build a garage this summer.

Money Fight

Anyway while I was out blog surfing I was involved in some software debates and some money debates. I’m putting one the money debates up, because it relates to the next part of the series-which I WILL do right after I do a TV piece today. But I came across a blogger had written 2 back to back pieces on what does and does not make money. He even drew a pyramid shaped chart. Where Adsense and affiliate sales were at the bottom and sponsored reviews and selling EC credits were at the top. And trust me I do understand how this made sense to him. He’s not alone with these kinds of results, but e also repeatedly used the word “efficiency.” And talked about how much work one had to do to make money and the big thing was his approach. It was all; this is irrefutable fact. No evidence, no information about his experience. So I wrote this…


My name is Dave and….I’m not sure what you’re up to over here, I’m not a regular reader, but some Sunday’s I go out into the Entrecard world to see what’s happening. I see on the 23rd you did a pyramid and then did a follow up today. And I’m not sure if I you’re trying to make money or provide information to people about how to make money. I can’t imagine you’ve been at this very long. You’ve mentioned the word “efficient” a few times and I don’t know if you mean least amount of work or quickest. It’s irrelevant really, because I think your model is all wrong. Or rather, very wrong. No money is made by selling EC and to put it anywhere near Adsense indicates you might not know the whole story. Sponsored post of course is also a limited amount of money because you’ll get penalized by Google like you and have a PR0 or gray bar like yours. So you wont show up in Google search very easily.

I’m also not sure why you consider affiliate programs “tricky.” I have ebay and CJ sites and there’s not much tricking going on. I show people the stuff and they buy it. No mysteries involved. And they’re very efficient-an ebay site can be done in half an hour and make 10-100 or more a day. I do the same with Adsense-and make about a hundred a day. So good luck with your method, but I hope you’ll do a little more research for yourself and your readers.

So then he came to this blog, and emailed me, and said I should come read his response. I went over and read it. It was snippy-and, you know, I’m wasn’t surprised, hahaha. But he said he was glad I had come by with some new information. And he talked about his position was based on his experience of losing money I also didn’t understand how he lost “so much money” with affiliate programs, since normally you just slap up a banner and hope for the best. Even though I use it, most bloggers are too scared to use Pay Per Click advertising so I can’t imagine how he lost money. Even a lot of affiliate masters are wary of it. But when I looked at my stats I saw that he was from India, so maybe it was just affording the hosting that broke the bank for him. Or maybe somebody sold him a program. The Reverse Funnel System is one of those 50$ upfront programs and THEN I think you’re supposed to put in $3000 then they’ll tell you how you’re supposed to make money while online. So I don’t know what he did, but if he lost money with affiliate marketing that said to ME he probably didn’t do enough research. Anyway-this second response never made it to his blog…


Well I’m happy to know you appreciated my first comment cause you’re going to love this one. And I say that with a smile-so I’m not coming at you like an ass, just clarifying my outlook. And my position is that you present things in a way that leave a sort of mixed messages. You sent me an email saying you did some updates and I should come take a look but “it doesn’t matter.” That’s a weird thing to say. And right here you say you appreciate my input but that “it doesn’t matter” just devalues what you just said. Either my opinions have value or they don’t.

And it’s the same with these 2 blog post. You’ve made some titles and statements about income that sound like proclamation of fact. “Fire is hot.” Then I added my 2 cents and you clarified (in fact, my opinion is that your subjective outlook about all this should have been in the beginning) “fire is hot to ME.” You said you designed a pyramid that had the “best methods for making money using blogs” as if it was based on fact. What facts? You didn’t say “man I really lost a lot of money or got confused so I really didn’t do very well, so this is how I’m making money now.” And all I said was, you probably haven’t had enough experience yet to a) develop the skills to learn how to make money with those other methods and maybe you should b) research this issue enough to see some of the dozens and dozens of blogs where people generate lots of money with adsense, ebay and other affiliates programs.

And I stand by my position that selling EC credit makes “no money” that doesn’t mean “any money.” But 5 and 10 dollars seem like a very “inefficient” way to make money-considering all the effort of doing 300 drops a day. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got 5 browsers with tabs going, Firefox gets swollen and needs to be restarted after all that. So that seems like a lot of time that could be better off building a BANS site that makes $50 a day.

I’m also glad you say you don’t want to “push your readers into thing” because that’s how I feel about sponsored post. I have no problem with recommending that strategy to people AS LONG AS they’re told about the PR trade off. Because once you make that trade off your traffic will only be so big and then it’ll reach a ceiling. And that is a fact.

(NAME REMOVED) we are ALL trying to figure this out. How to get a nice amount of money with a clear road to growing it. I was not doing well as recently as March, but I put my nose down and did some research. I want you to be successful too, and that’s why I took the time to write TWO giant responses so that you can maybe go take a second look at methods that work for people and have nothing “shady” or “tricky” about them at all. Clean, honest, smart work. And as you get better you can cut your time and have this efficiency that you’re looking for. And I did a quick write too, so I might have spelling issues too.

Exotic Animal Planet Night

So I lost my little internet connection the other day, and that put me behind schedule today and that’s GOOD NEWS for you. Because it means I’m not doing much writing today, but instead going to show you a bunch of exotic animal pictures. Keep in mind these are not your run of the mill work animals, zoo animals or even zoo animals. These are pictures of animals that I guess aren’t really endangered so much as bred or exotic or just plain rare animals. They’re not from the rain forest or jungle. It’s sea creatures and stuff. So having said that, let’s get this party started.

Next up is another sea creature. But this one is probably unlike any you’ve seen before. Just look into his eye….

Ok and lastly, here a thing we’re used to seeing, but something’s not quite right…