Worst Saturday Night Live in Years; Jan 17 09. Thank Goodness for the Australian Open

This is not an easy thing for me to say. Why? Because for years I’ve had to deal with people saying “Saturday Night Live hasn’t been funny in years.” And that’s just not true. Not true at all. It IS easy to look back on some horrible periods-and they have been numerous-but by and large the show has been coasting along at a much better performance level than most people realize.


I’m not an SNL specialist (there are fans who have whole websites and blogs dedicated to the show and TONS of people who go to these sites and know MINUTE BY MINUTE analysis of the show. For real!). But I have seen every single episode, and mostly I’ve seen the shows in real time; meaning I sat up in front of my TV and watched. Even in an era of digital video recordings, I like to watch the show “live,” as I have since the show started. That’s right! I’ve been watching since the first show. And yes, there were a few late high school and college years where I wasn’t as faithful; but prior to my club years and CERTAINLY after I got sick of the clubs it was back to live viewing.

So last night’s show was awful. Not because of Rosario Dawson, she was literally the best thing abou the show, but the writing. It was the worst written show I think I’ve ever seen. The performers are pretty much rock solid, even the newer cast members or “ok,” meaning nobody sticks out as terrible or great. But the writing was so bad. Take a look out there on the web and download a copy because I’m not about to recount every sketch. But mainly the problem was as if somebody came in and said “yeah this is funny” and then everybody else said, “but nobody’s laughing.” And this new imaginary boss said “trust me.”

In other news the Australian Open snuck up on me and its here. (Don’t tell anybody the date of this post and when I actually wrote it aren’t really the same). So I think “today” Sunday was the first day, but of course I only really care about Venus and Serena Williams aka the William Sisters. So, they didn’t play until Monday. They played doubles on Tuesday, but I got caught up watchin’ all the Obama stuff and then forgot to watch the game.

Anyway Monday’s games for the Williams were both notable-not for the tennis-but for weird occurrences. Venus played a woman from China named Yuan, and it was hot. Not sexy hot, but actually hot, hot. The courtside temperature was clocked at 141 degrees. Like futuristic Earth, living in underground, hot. So the ladies played slow, slow, slow. Hey, I’m surprised they let the game go at all.


Venus on the other hand had a match against a German woman named Kerber, and the game was being televised but then they switched to the game between HcHale and Moore. Those 2 were both very young players who had gotten in the tournament as “wildcards.” But McHale, as one of the only 5 Americans of the 128 women playing, seemed to have a suffered from either a pressure or physical attack. She had a cramp in her calf and the commentators got deep into this issue, so that became the drama of the day. They didn’t got BACK to the Venus game until Kerber had an injury too, so then THAT became the drama. Then the game was over.


23 Below Zero in Chicago Today but at Least the Obama Spider-Man Comic Book Arrived

So this week in Chicago, today in particular, it’s been cold as a hell. Since last night it’s been getting colder hour by hour and right now at mid-day its nearly 25 below (with the wind-chill, as they say, but whose counting…). At any rate this really isn’t a weather blog so I won’t linger, but please enjoy the image below from a weather site. Last year I kept taking pictures of the Chicago style snow and putting them on the blog, but this year…I dunno, I figure if people want to see those pictures they can check the archives.


But the big story this week-in terms of fun-is the Spider-Man comic book featuring the President Elect Barack Obama. Oh Marvel Comics first you kill Captain America and now this? You wouldn’t happen to be chasing Press this year are you? I won’t ruin the story for with a recap but I WILL put an image up for you steal. You’re welcome! To be honest I’ve got about 5 or 6 Obama pieces in various states of completion, but again, I dunno…I think I might be suffering from Obama fatigue. And I kind of think a lot of people are. Well let me be more precise people are SICK of Bush, but they’re still a little tired of the elect Obama process. But in terms of the man, not only are not people tired of him they’re finding new and expanding ways to pay tribute. I’ve dubbed this man The First T-Shirt President. Clearly that’s just me, because many people have doctored pictures to show him in a super-hero setting. So this comic book was pretty much inevitable.


Think about the comic book is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re so much Obama stuff out there it’s crazy. Not since those popular “I Like Ike” buttons about Eisenhower have you seen people actually wearing something about the President that wasn’t a joke; like an “I’m with Stupid” shirt pointing to a Bush picture or something like that. And I’m not going to fault people for a) cashing in with any product they can get people to buy (in these times especially) or b) wanting somebody to believe in. And really that’s what it comes down to; having a guy who was actually elected by the people and the electoral college in no uncertain terms. The very act of saying “yes” to a Black President is a gesture that screams forward and upwards. But people wear Obama shirts like those Che Guevara shirts that became people about 20 years ago. And that my friend says “man of the people.”

Anyway later that night the weather got a little more serious. Actually, it got even COLDER after midnight, but it would have been against the spirit of this piece about “today” if I had shown an image form the next day.


Bookmarking Demon is not the same as Social Bookmark Demon or Social Submitter

Ok, let’s get down. Bookmarking Demon 5 is finally out (although they might be up to version 6 by now). So, yeah, it’s 50 dollars more than it used to be. But let’s also be realistic; why would you buy a social bookmarking tool for except to make money right? So the goal is to make money, and if this thing will put more money in your pocket it’s a good investment. I mean, I was a messenger in NYC when I was a kid and let me tell guys on foot vs. guys on bike didn’t even work in the same CATEGORY of money. But you’re looking into a social bookmarking script because you want to make money while online right?

The first issue to clear up, though, is the name. I’ve seen all kinds of variations like bookmarkingdemon and bookmarking daemon, but confusion is also out there because of similar products like Social Bookmarking Demon/Social Bookmark Demon or Social Bookmarks Submitter. But if you’re looking for the actual bookmarking software I’m talking about it can be found here www.bookmarkingdemon.com. And to make matters worse there are also a few FREE WordPress social bookmarking plugins like “Sociable.” But plugins like that are NOT the same kind of tool so we’re not even going to talk about them-I just want to point them out now and get that whole discussion off the table.


But those 2 products Social Bookmark Demon or Social Submitter are both sold through Plimus.com, and Bookmarking Demon is sold through Clickbank.com. If you Google Social Bookmark Demon or Social Bookmarks Submitter especially if you had the word “comparison” you come up with some blogs that look suspiciously like they were created to promote those 2 products. SBD looks very dicey to me; there is no contact, no testimonials (hell even FAKE ones at least make you feel better about throwing your money into the black hole of the internet), no forums, a SEVEN DAY money back. That is literally the shortest money back deal I’ve ever seen. And or course it’s more expensive than BMD, but the site makes you think it must be the top social bookmarking software out there. Listen, if you can find somebody that uses it let me know, because so far I can’t.

Similar situation with Social Bookmarks Submitter. This tool also claims to be the best social bookmarking tool, but to me it’s piecemeal. The way this one works is you have to buy it in parts. There’s the main software, then the one for scuttle sites, then the one for trackbacks. So it’s a little pricey to begin and the add ones get you into the most expensive for this kind of products. There’s another product out there that ONLY focuses on Pligg sites, but that tool is unquestionably Black Hat. These 3 I’m talking about in this piece at least pretend to be White Hat. Jeez! I mean go to Digital Point and you can find a social bookmark service with a social bookmarking list that will do the social bookmarking submission for you-and you just hold your nose and the look the other way and you can truthfully say “I have no idea what they did. I just paid them.”

OK, so let’s talk about WHY you’d use this kind of software

To make money! I’m not EVEN about to write the details of how to use these products or what all the special features are. If you want to know that get over the sales page and they’ll be more than willing to give you al the details. But I will tell you how I’ve used the software; to get backlinks to new sites and to increase my position in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization is sort of standard knowledge at this point. Everybody knows you do what you can, you get all the right plugins, blah, blah, blah. And after all that? Surprise you’re still not making money!

You need your pages, sites and blogs to pop up in the first page or 2 of somebody doing a search or you’re not going to get a lot of traffic from search. One sort of “new” wrinkle in this formula is social bookmarking websites to get both traffic from those websites directly AND for anchor text links that POINT TO YOUR SITES. Here I’ll draw you a couple of pictures. Let’s say you decide to make a site or blog about “jackass.” OK, brand new site is pretty much going to be at the bottom. As you can see from the image below, your goal is to pull yourself out of the deadzone and INTO the first position. It’s not going to happen, by the way, but you do what you can….



So let me show you a simplified image so you can get the idea. Basically 1000 words can be summed up with this one picture.


And there are about half a dozen articles on this blog where I learned to make 100 dollars a day about a year ago with Adsense, and you can read those if you want to know how to do that. But basically I just build sites targeting “rich” keywords. That is nothing special. Not at ALL. But the trick is getting traffic. So I made 3 new sites and just used Bookmarking Demon to get enough traffic to generate that amount of money. So if you’re doing Adsense, or BANS, or affiliate products I think it’s useful tool.