5 Resources To Get Into Mobile Marketing And Start Making Money

Here’s my confession; since early December 2009 I’ve been making money using mobile devices almost every single day. And I haven’t really told anybody about it. But good news; this piece will give you the top 5 players in mobile who don’t mind sharing their secrets. (And here’s a hint; the one I’d actually buy is the last one on the list).

The only real bad news is that I’ve had yet ANOTHER new hard drive burn out on me so this version of this post is pretty much abridged. With most of my expository images and personal tips and tricks not included. The hard drive data should be extracted soon so if YOU want the longer version of the article maybe I can send you a pdf or something like that. But don’t worry this thing is still jam packed with insights. So let’s get started!

“Mobile Marketing.” It’s here. And it’s BEEN here. In fact if you read anything on the net these days all you hear about is the fact that “it’s here.” Now me, I’m not going to waste your time quoting ten thousand different surveys and studies. You already know that everybody has a phone. What you might not know yet is that some countries have saturation levels of 200 and 300 percent. Meaning that in places like Lithuania or Greece people have multiple phones (or maybe they’re counting  kids and pets).

What that means is that you need to be thinking big AND small. Big in the sense that you SHOULD be thinking beyond “America” or “iPhones.” And small, in the sense that you should NOT neglect things like SMS and MMS i.e., text messages, and reaching potential customers that way.

So since I started nearly a year ago and got to watch the industry change before my eyes I was able to observe and try a lot of different things. And what I mostly watched was WHO was getting into the space and how they went about doing it. I’d like to share that with you. Basically there were 2 time frames. Around March 2010 the five players I’m going to talk about all released “lite” versions of the products they then re-released or modified in August 2010.

Brad Fallon and Dan Hollings StomperMobile

Brad of course is pretty famous as a money maker and product creator of things like SEO Elite. Dan was/is a StomperNet guy. I know I’m supposed to know more about Stomper because they’re heavyweights, but I really only know that Andy Jenkins was with them and branched off. I’m a big fan of his mailing list this year. Dan had done a Twitter product about a year back and it was a hit. As for their Mobile product it was released in the early Spring and was priced around $2000. The video’s look and feel gave me the impression they might be targeting more traditional businesses than affiliate marketers. The videos and description gave off a VERY thorough look. It didn’t originally appeal to me or seem affordable/actionable, but I didn’t know much back then either. They just did that August/Sept update to their site. Check it out, maybe their price and focus has changed.


Gauher Chaudhry and Kim Dushinski MobiBlueprint

Technically this is one product, but I’m counting these as “two” and “three” on my list because there are 2 people and they’re both professionals and have their own mobile careers but PARTNERED for this product. First is Kim Dushinski who I had been reading about since the beginning of the year on her website  www.mobilemarketingprofits.com/ She’s a very big deal in the industry, in that she has a good deal of info and she’s high profile. Gauher of course is Gauher. Major money maker and teacher to other marketers. I even bought a product from him for almost 1000 bucks. I’m a big fan of his mailing list and free resources. He says he started mobile in 2007, which is pretty much when I learned about him with his “Science of Getting Rich” report that was latter beefed up and released as a CPA guide. That thing is top notch.

As I said I lost my data and all the stuff I wanted to say about this mobile product, but I will say this. It seems like a lot of “you could do this, and you could do that.” At one point during prelaunch they had to modify the OfferVault webinar to show concrete steps to take. (The had done several webinars.) And as I also mentioned this was originally released around Feb/March to a select group, but I declined this one too. The product seems to be positioning itself as a contrast to Stomper, but lower priced and the standard Gauher forum where members can share info. It was available for a week and then closed. Again, classic Gauher.

Howie Schwartz IM FoundersClub

I stumbled on this guy in maybe 2008 or possibly 2009. I had seen or gotten a video and it was all about using 2.0. At the time I was using SOFTWARE to achieve similar results, but I didn’t understand the theory. And Howie and another heavy hitter, Jeff Johnson, seemed to know how and why that strategy worked. They both give away boatloads of free stuff. But I stay on Howie’s list not Jeff’s. Just a taste thing maybe. Anyway Howie came out with his Spring mobile product too. And his methods are pretty much “join our club” or “we’ll do it for you.” So this didn’t appeal to me either. And it seemed like he only knew about Pay Per Call and texting. Little did I know…

He was quietly planning his OWN mobile CPA network. Now for those of you who don’t know, for mobile CPA we all use a German company (that’s actually British) and a French company (that’s actually Spain based- told you- mobile is VERY global). But Howie partnered with Mark Roth of OfferVault, which I mentioned earlier.

In fact let me do a little commercial. When people want me to tell them how to make money online I send them to about 3 sites; to Warrior Forum, ShoeMoney’s System and OfferVault. It’s free and quite amazing. And TODAY they just released some more new features. It’s insane.

Anyway OfferMobi is the network those 2 opened, and there are more people involved like Jimmy Chin, and even I myself am a publisher there. But I haven’t REALLY used it yet (except their AWESOME free tools). Again, my taste and techniques are a little unique.


Adam Horwitz Mobile Monopoly

Last but not least. The youngest player who I believe just turned 19 a few weeks ago. I think he released a pdf about a year back called “I hate my job.” Then in early Spring of 2009 he released Cell Phone Treasure, and it looked like he was doing the same thing I was. So I didn’t buy it. In early August 2010 he released Mobile Monopoly and had some MAJOR affiliates promoting this thing. All big names. The gravity at Clickbank was like 997 and it was merited. This was the first, and only, mobile product I had seen that was affordable, AVAILABLE, and doable. Buy it today and start tonight. Boom, boom, boom you’re done. I was livid when this came out. I MYSELF had planned to release a product like this about now, October. But this guy beat me AND Gauher to the market with a  good product at a good price. There’s a lot to mobile, many directions you can go, and you can learn theory and history and potential avenues as you go. But in terms of starting right now-this is the one I’d go with because it’s how I work and EARN. I can’t even buy it myself-in case I do release something I don’t want to get any of his ideas in my head confused with my own.

Go take a look

At his Original Program

But wait there’s more!

You should also check out his brand new EVEN BETTER program

How do I know what I know?

Well I’m just another guy making money on the internet (and phones obviously). But I’ve been at it a while, but I have ZERO interest in creating a “name” for myself (at least until certain school loans are paid off!). But basically I had a dating site in 2000-2003, started advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN (and other places). Missed the  Adsense release-or I’d be Plenty of Fish today. But in 2003 I joined the military as an old man to kill some people, but THEY wanted me to keep doing computer and telecom stuff, then intelligence. Even though I had been trained in anthropology! So after that big bag of fun I got back online in 2007 as a blogger-cut to today. Well, there is ONE crucial point I didn’t cover; Yahoo mistakenly opened up a European mobile account for me in early Dec of 2009 and the rest is history. Since that time I’ve spent at least 1000 a month testing ad networks, offers, methods, etc on mobile.

Below is me last week meeting with the Microsoft Adverting people. I’ve been known to get in touch with people if I’m not happy. And so MANY mobile advertising networks know me personally and Yahoo and Google both got roasted on this blog. Google kicked me out and Yahoo is out of the game. Poor 7Search got a 9 page “advisory” from me, but they’re local here in Chicago, so I want the best for them. Anyway, in this case MS got in touch with ME and wanted to talk about usability and I, of course, wanted to talk about their questionable mobile advertising-but we got a lot done.

Microsoft Rep Jill Strutzman Microsoft Engineer "Y" and Internet/Mobile Marketer Dave Rosenthal Sept. 23rd 2010

By the way PLEASE IGNORE how FAT I look. I worked all year online and I didn’t realize how bad the “situation” had gotten until I saw this picture. Then I decided to loose weight, and since last week I’ve already dropped 8 pounds and I’ll probably go for 30. I know how to lose a pound a day NATURALLY and for FREE, and if that’s something you need or want to do just get in touch. Or maybe I’ll release a product…