T-Mobile G2 with Google Discount of the Year. Take a Look at Mine

So the bad news is that after 4 and a half solid years my SUPER advanced MDA smartphone had a screen failure. The good news is that something like the T-Mobile G2 with Google exists and makes me completely forget the loss of my phone. The T-Mobile G2 with Google, as it’s called is a phone so new it didn’t even come out until TODAY. But I got my G2 a day early, so I’m able to show you some pictures and a video from the place I got mine on super low discount-Let’s Talk, CLICK HERE to visit them.

T-Mobile G2 with Google real

Of course that’s the G2 in real life, the advertised picture is pretty fancy but I think it’s pretty accurate too. You can go to the website and see for yourself.

T-Mobile G2 with Google


A place to get the best price on these phones is…

Surprise it’s ebay! It’s pretty obvious if you think about it, but recently I wanted to get ANOTHER G2 so I went over and saw a bunch of them. If you go look at the prices over there it’s the best possible place for a break price other Let’s Talk in my opinion.

Anyway back in ’99 I was another “government employee” working on the 2000 Census project as a crew leader. I had about 40 folks working under me and decided it was time for a “cell phone.” And Let’s Talk, then as now, had the BEST PRICES. Those guys have rebates and specials on phones I don’t see anywhere else. I’m telling you they have a deal on the T-Mobile G2 that I don’t think is too easy to find, so last week I pre-ordered it.

T-Mobile G2 with Google front

T-Mobile G2 with Google back

4G and Android

So let’s see, officially “Based on 4G network speeds currently available in the US; our new HSPA+ network not available everywhere. Google, the Google logo, Google Voice, Google Voice Search, Gmail, Android, and Android Market are trademarks of Google Inc. ” And so in a nutshell if you don’t want or like iPhones they Android is a VERY viable alternative. I knew for a FACT I didn’t want ATT Wireless or the closed source that comes with iPhones. And a lot of people feel that way, and it’s why Androids are taking off. In fact I looked a few different carriers/phones on Let’s Talk.

I checked out the Droid 2 on Verizon. They have a really good network, they’re own CDMA, but in my memory I always assume they can be a little pricey, but that’s not really the case anymore. So that Droid 2 giant screen almost had me.

Droid 2

And I also looked at a Sprint Evo. MAN this phone does a lot and it’s just great to look at. It’s also by HTC, so like my old MDA and new T-mobile G2 it’s a phone “type” that I know pretty well.

Sprint Evo

But since I had a no-contract account with T-mobile I decided to stick with them. Yesterday I took the G2 out on my half hour fat man walk to get back in shape 10 minutes after the UPS guy dropped it off, and I was able to figure it out WHILE WALKING. I got online and started streaming some exercise music.

T-Mobile G2 with Google keyboard

Don’t get me wrong I TRIED to save my MDA. Years ago back in the 2000’s I was one of those guys hanging out at Howard’s Forum who didn’t mind taking apart an expensive phone or changing the firmware on his own. For the MDA I was actually able to find the service manual. Because I think what happened to it was the screen just blew a few pixels and that eventually spread and basically made it look like this…


Next I went to eBay and phone what was SUPPOSED to be a compatible screen and then began this ugly job…

MDA taken apart

But I really don’t think you want to be involved with this! The phone itself still works, and HTC quoted me a repair price, but that $10 screen from eBay was calling my name. And I did a great job, it still works fine. But that screen isn’t responding to touch, so I think I got screwed. SO I’m putting this bad boy out to pasture and one day I’ll get back to it and find the RIGHT screen. In the meantime I just switched SIM cards and I’ve been on the T-Mobile G2 with Google every since-that “ever since” means a whole 24 hours!