Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab Fourth Season Reunion/Finale

So the VH1 Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab program had a weird fourth season reunion/Finale tonight. I’ve been keeping tabs on ALL these Dr. Drew programs. In fact mor than once I’ve called it MY addiction. Still can’t put a finger on why THIS is the reality TV I choose to watch. Anyway I’m not sure if they’ve done a lot of these after show style sit down reunions-maybe once that I’m aware of.

But tonight they felt the need to do it. I think the reason is maybe because this season was really the UGLIEST. I don’t how to put it into words but the cast was just weird, the anger was maybe the worst I’ve seen. Personally I was only vaguely familiar with about half of the people. Oh let me do that real quick here are the names and some images. Eric Roberts,Rachel Uchitel,Frankie Lons,Jason Wahler,Leif Garrett,Jeremy London,Jason Davis,Janice Dickinson.

Yeah it was just kinda of a sad and weird and it just didn’t feel a lot of hope or success. The Eric Roberts thing had a positive ring to it, but watching the special you can see him doing some asshole stuff “I don’t like everybody here.” He’s still struggling, but they’re all struggling.

So I got a copy of the Dr. Drew book, The Mirror Effect because it’s similar to a book I worked on some years ago about the relationship of fame and regular society. You REALLY see it in young people; this focus on celebrity and distance from real life and real aspirations. Anyway eventually I’ll have to make time to actually READ it.

Coldest Day of 2011 in Chicago January 21st

Well today was the day to be here if you wanted to freeze your ass off. It was in the “single digits” as they say, but it’s that wind chill that makes all the difference in the world if you have to be outside waiting on a bus or something. But it’s not only been a strange winter, it was also a strange fall.

Last summer ended kinda abruptly. It just started getting cool and right then and there I was sure it was going to be a super cold winter. The last 2-3 years it’s been cold in a sort of Chicago way, but it’s the snow that has really given my back a workout. Just consistently messy outside and as a homeowner in a typical sidewalk accessible neighborhood that means I’m out there shoveling and salting the damn ground all the time. So that’s what I expected this winter.

But that wasn’t the case. It’s been ok. Really. Look at this picture of some early December snow. I’m ashamed to even call it snow-it reminds of the snow I saw in Los Angeles. In the 9 or so years I lived out there I think it snowed about twice; and it looked like this.

Around mid-December we started to get some typical snow like this.

But there’s a catch to all this! Even though the season hasn’t been all that bad, staying in the 20’s and 30’s a lot, there were about 2 weeks in December that were in the low teens. That period were BRUTAL for yours truly. Why? Because. I. Do. Not. Have. A. Furnace. This. Year. Wow! It was intense around here!

And until my MOM of all people suggested I turn on the stove it was really hell. But with the stove on I’m cool. Not cold. Just figuratively “cool.” So the new furnace has “been coming” for obviously a while now, but that industry gets backed up in the winter, and since I’m just one dude living alone I’ve decided to just wait until my time comes rather than pulling them away from some family that really needs it.

Like I said I’m pretty cool, and when I do my exercises I’m even better. Certainly not uncomfortable. But I’m SOOOOO glad I insulated the house inside when I took the walls down, installed the new windows and put the siding on with the insulation underneath the previous years I was here!

And now it’s getting super cold for February

February 4th was the first day it got pretty cold.

And then Feb 10th (today as I’m editing this post) it’s been pretty brutal. I was supposed to do a bunch of errands but after a little while outside I decided to delay until tomorrow.

I think what’s happening during these few days is tougher. Even though it’s not as cold as Jan 21st it’s going several days in a row and that makes it harder. Check out my piece on the Blizzard!

KUSF Killed By the University. How Absolutely Horrible for the Community

Well I wanted to use the word STOLEN, but technically I guess it’s impossible for the University of San Francisco to steal what they already own. But they sure as hell did treat everybody like a squatter that didn’t belong. Way I hear it, they showed up with guards and probably did one of those quick lock changes that say in no uncertain terms “you are no longer welcomed here.”

DJ Push, I think

How very shitty. How unbelievably shitty.  Not just for the people of San Francisco. In 2011 a “community” is no longer defined by geographical borders. I am currently in Chicago. I’ve never lived in San Francisco. But on the basis of the radio station alone I’ve literally been considering the place I might move next. Well, that and the women. But mostly, KUSF.

Just trying to lighten the mood. This is just horrible. I was LISTENING TO THE STATION WHEN IT WHENT OFF!! I’m thinking, oh the live365 stream crapped out. I’ll just turn back to my other staple station KXLU. But after 2 hours and the nature of the silence I started getting worried. Check out these pix from the meetings. I don’t know how to identify anybody but the photos link to the folder

I’ve lived in NYC and LA-a little under a decade each. While in NYC one of the stations I listened to was WFMU. Also while there I began listening to a young lady named Jantine. She did a show called Mint Condition. Lot of fun. I was so impressed with her music and personality I stuck with her all the way back to her home town and station KUSF. That’s how I came into this mess.

But there’s a TWIST. I also listened to the “school station” when I was a student in NYC. Columbia’s WKCR. Guess what happened  at KCR a few months ago? The University TOOK a 20 year old Hip Hop show known as Squeeze Radio and GAVE it to some students. This is important because a) same deal; school makes a decision DESPITE what the community wants and  b) it was secret and sudden.

So it goes without saying the Univ of SF made this decision in secret because SF is an activist town and they KNEW all hell would break loose, so they did the whole deal behind closed doors. By the way you can read the University version

Here at the University page

And you can read the STATION version

Here at the KUSF Archives page

And if you’re ready to move beyond “what happened” and into “what can I do” then you need to go to http://savekusf.wordpress.com/

Man, this is so sad. I feel worse because I had been intending to write about KUSF for a while where I talked about what I liked about a pretty long list of DJ’s and shows. So for the time being all I can do is write this little post and add another log to the fire of trying to “keep hope alive” and let those DJ’s and volunteers know that people all over enjoy and respect them and if it’s an online only future so be it-but how horrible for the people in the city. Another money decision.