3 Natural Remedies When You’re Sad or Depressed

Some things in your life can get you down. And when that happens natural remedies for depression might be what you look for. In my case it was when my woman left me by cheating on me it really upset me. But I was really hurt by the nasty series of things she did AS she left. And it was after I had put in several years of dedication to her, and her kids, trying to make things better for them. It was a big blow. Because of that I had sad, and generally negative feelings, that I was unable to shake-in a reasonable amount of time. I just couldn’t dig myself out. But I’m a man, right? I’ve already had the embarrassment of having my woman stolen, but to follow that up by “seeking help” and being prescribed medication was too much. I just couldn’t make that move. So I started looking for options .


I tried 3 different things. High concentrate Fish Oil with Omega-3, high concentrate St. John’s Wort and Super B-Complex with Folic Acid. As you can see I wasn’t messing around, you’ll note there are no “average strength” or “regular.” I needed something to get me past the grief. Because for me that’s what this loss amounted to; grief . Not having her AND the kids in my life gave me feelings of grief. For a month I lived with the pain and just tried to “work it out” on my own. Didn’t take anything. So I’ll tell you how things went once I started trying these different solutions. I also didn’t want to mix them because then I wouldn’t know which thing worked. So I did one at a time, THEN I started mixing and matching to see if I could find a working formula.

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Now for years I had been taking the Fish Oil. I had heard it was good for brain function, heart disease prevention and mood. So I always have the highest dose, that I can find in a store, on hand. I have 1200mg which has 432 EPA Omega-3 and 288 DHA Omega-3 if you take 2 capsules a day. Well as I said I had been a habitual user but had stopped a few months prior to the onset of the depression. So a month after being depressed I started taking these again. Maybe I was too far gone, but all they did was “sustain” me. I mean I didn’t get any worse, but I couldn’t feel myself lightening up either. So I moved on to…

St. John’s Wort 450mg. A little harder to find at this concentrate, but I wanted the highest I could get. The instructions say it’ll take time for these to kick in, like a week or 2. But in less than a week I started feeling something. A general stabilizing and even some positive moments in the day. So I got the feeling something was happening. And after a month or so I felt generally better….BUT I also found myself sliding back down if I started thinking about what had been done to me. So I figured, now what? This is supposed to be the stuff! My mom suggesting vitamin B. Oy vey! Here we go. So now my mom’s in the picture.

I went out and got the B-Complex. That NIGHT I started feeling better. And every day I take one I feel OK. I can crack a joke and I can look at my ex with some distance an objective THOUGHTS instead of my normal FEELINGS. I’m using my head not my heart when she comes to mind. So, for me, the B was the winner. Still does the job if I feel myself slipping back. But be prepared for some bright pee-peeeee!

So that was my medicated solution, but I also did some deep thinking , but that post probably WONT cheer you up. And there is also a follow-up piece about forgiveness .

6 thoughts on “3 Natural Remedies When You’re Sad or Depressed

  1. Hi! Nice to hear the natural stuff is working for you. I have a google keyword search that is always looking for info. about Omega 3 for me, and found your site.

    I am taking the Omega and also have a SAD light (for the winter blues) and I take Wellbutrin.

    If you don’t have much of a history of getting depressed, the natural stuff should work. I have had low level depression that gets bad during the Winter forever. And in the Midwest, man the weather and short days can work against you.

    Keep on healing and keep on looking. I know you got burned, but there are still a lot of great people in the world.
    Carol in Wisconsin

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    I hadn’t even considered how the weather might play a role.

    I appreciate your well wishes and insights. Sometimes when I’m too moody I can’t even hear people’s support.

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  4. Hi Astrid, thanks a bunch for stopping by, commenting, AND giving me a helpful link.

    I actually did go and read. I also wrote a lengthy comment, but then couldn’t find a comment box, so I’ll post it over here today or tomorrow!

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