Black on Black Crime Obama vs. Rev. Wright

If you watched The Daily Show this week, aside from President Jimmy Carter making a visit, maybe you saw the montage of Reverend Jeremiah Wright “clarifying” his various statements. I cringed and cringed and cringed. As a Black man, to see an adult, ex-military, presumably educated black man go into multiple media venues and express himself with seemingly no regard for the impact it would have was mind blowing . And I’m not even running for President! God almighty, what must life be like for Barack Obama these days? Watching Wright do a Stepin Fetchit routine in particular was so upsetting I had to just turn the volume down. I couldn’t take it. Well of course, Obama came right out there and said what he was supposed to say “I denounce his actions…”

But most (white) Americans are probably scratching their heads and have no idea what happened. Hell, I’m sure even some BLACK people are wondering what the hell would make a man do that. What would make a man, who says he’s the friend of another man, go out in public and cripple him? A Black man. A minister no less. To destroy by association, another Black man-who’s running for President? First time in HISTORY that a Black man might have an actual snowball’s chance in hell of winning . So how could this happen? I’ll tell you. As it happens all three of US are from Chicago. (Barack is an import, but he’s put in 25 years so we’ll call him a Chicagoan). And most people do NOT know what being Black in America is like. And most people REALLY do not know what being Black in Chicago is like. That. Is. A. Unique situation. I kid you not. Keep in mind, I had been out of town for nearly 20 years, and when I got back almost 3 years ago I had to RE-learn what being Black meant around here.

By now I think it’s become part of the lexicon to talk about “Black on Black crime.” It’s one of those platitudes people throw out there whenever yet ANOTHER crime takes place “in the city” and gosh darned, they just wanna make sense of it all! But have you heard about the crabs in a basket analogy ? I’ve heard that when crabs have been captured and they’re all piled in a basket if one tries to claw his way out the other crabs will pull him back down. None of the craps escape. The fishermen don’t even need to put a lid on the basket; the other crabs will do the work for them. Can you see where I’m going with this? And so it is with Black Americans; especially in Chicago. Did you know that the 1st generation children of African immigrants (and even Jamaican immigrants!) tend to do better in education and economic growth then most long standing Black people? Say, isn’t Obama’s dad an African? And aren’t Colin Powell’s folks from Jamaica? Yeah, the Black people in this country have a problem . And that problem is NOT White people; it’s other Black people. Shhhhhhh!! This is kinda secret. I mean it’s the worst kept secret since…well, no this is the worst.

There used to be a rap song in the 80’s where the refrain was “Self destruction, you’re headed for self destruction!” Well that’s us! And Chicago is like a petrie dish for me. It is easily the largest grouping of Black people, unbroken by other races, in America. In other words it’s the biggest Black neighborhood in the world. And because of that, all of our bad habits are MAGNIFIED here. So let’s just say on any given day on this side of town (that’s the South Side y’all) you’re very likely to hear “man them niggers is crazy” at least a dozen times. Oh yeah. It’s a VERY popular expression around here. And the reason for that is…well them niggers IS crazy. What can I say?

Reverend Wright is not only a product of this environment, but he’s a product or our cultural flaw of crab-like behavior. Rather than see another Black man move in an impossibly lofty position he’ll ruin him. He’ll ruin him. NOBODY else has it in them like us; sit down for a moment and reflect on the one step forward, 2 step back hokey-pokey the Black population has been doing for all these years. We are broken on such a deeep level that a guy whould make himslef look like an ASS on the world stage (and it’s going in the history books folks) out of vindictiveness. I’m asking you to consider the SCALE of what he did and then try to imagine some other group of people doing that. Especially given how often we do it. It’s unimaginable for ANY body else except Black people. We knew what it was right away.

7 thoughts on “Black on Black Crime Obama vs. Rev. Wright

  1. I actually wrote an article about this some time ago called “Culturism” about how it seems like the people keeping racism alive are the activists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and guys like Jeremiah Wright. Most people are way past the concept of racism, like you and I man, race plays no part in our friendship here… we’re cooperative and helpful eager to see each other succeed. I can imagine the experience of being black is quite different from what I would expect though, and I am sure it’s very frustrating to watch these black leaders (race warlords) keeping racism alive.

    Ever heard of the book “Black like me?” It’s a true story about a white author who stained his skin and went to experience the south as a black man… it is incredibly insightful, and an excellent book.

    I find it interesting though that Obama is only NOW outraged, now that Jeremiah Wright is looking for his 15 minutes of fame. I find Obama questionable at this point, and if you’ve read my site, I put him in the melting pot of political candidates… Neo Cons and Democrats alike have become socialist parties, and are only interesting in votes and power. It’s all pandering. Not one of them deserves to be President, because they are all career politicians and want more power and bigger government.

    You really nailed what I was trying to say in my Culturism article… the crab mentality isn’t unique to black culture, but it certainly is apparently there. Good post man… I am not sure I can agree with you about Obama though… I am not a fan of socialism on any level. Cheers.


  2. Thank you for the compliment!

    And yes I’ve read the book and I’ve seen the movie.

    I’m not sure Wright’s motivation is so much a fame chase as it is a “let me clear my name.” Keep in mind he’s been the subject of 24 hour derision in the media. But “politically” the only thing Obama could do was distance himself-just like Hillary had to with Geraldine Ferrara. Everybody says it’s a “move” but if they don’t do it people will keep hounding them until they do. Catch 22.

    But part of American culture is lifting people as high as we can-then throwing rocks at them. This was beautifully depicted, in of all places, a recent South Park!

  3. I agree with you man… I actually think Career politicians should not be elected President though (or for anything for that matter). All these law degree type senators should be bound to the senate if they want the job, and not allowed to switch branches of government. It’d be nice to cut their ambitions.

    Still, I can handle a President smoking pot when he was younger, but when you are influenced by values that create a conflict of interest for the leader of the free world (and representative of ALL the people in this country) it definitely casts a shadow.

    As for South Park: That show is great about political messages, and are usually pretty insightful about it.

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for continued support and for being interested in my take on this.

    It really is such…an embarrassing thing to have out there. It feels like..we’ve grown accustomed to other Black people doing crime and “making us all look bad.” But this act shows an aspect of our damage that is rarely seen by anybody but us.

    And on a sort of human/everybody level, to speak in religious terms, it’s really a Sin of pride.

  5. On a lighter note, It’s interesting what your google adsense comes up with when you say “black on black”… I keep seeing dating sites appear. Good job.

    PS I got that $25 already… pretty cool! Good tip!

  6. Hi Collin. Yeah Adsense over here is pretty much a losing battle because of the mixed topics. It’s pretty much a one penny click type deal or off topic. But I’ll address it on another post.

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