It’s Offical! Deadpool is the New Marvel Mascot-Move Over Spidey

Well by “official” I mean I’m declaring it. But how can I NOT declare it given all the evidence? A slow and steady tidal wave of Deadpool love has been churning in the collective underbelly ever since The Marvel Civil War.

As loyal readers know Deadpool has had books come and go since the 90’s and during the civil war thing they basically took him and a BUNCH of B-list characters and said “look if we can’t get these characters off the ground we’re throwing them out (or we’ll try again with the Skrull Invasion, or Dark Reign).” But low and behold Deadpool finally “took.” I mean even with they had Gail Simone trying to build her resume on the DP clone “Agent X” they couldn’t sell the comedy to the loyal fans. But in this age of angry politics, 2 wars, everybody broke-comedy works!

You may have noticed that Marvel and DC booth have been trying on this new Grimmer than Grim hat now for a couple of years. But Marvel has Also been trying to slip you the comedy in the form of Marvel Zombies (ripped off by DC and called Blackest Night) and the Pet Avengers. But the reigning clown prince has been Deadpool (who now has HIS own spin-off called Hit Monkey. Oh right I almost forget to mention who USED to be the clown prince; Spider-Man. But somebody had the bright idea to remove ALL the humor from his story line, re-boot it, give it multiple writers and artists and basically just see if anything stuck to the wall. It’s hell. I read it, but I kinda hate it. Y’know?

So what’s with all these word things!?? Let’s get to the digitally scanned proof! As you can see, by the sheer number of variant covers that came out in the last month that DP is a player. And by the way, this doesn’t include his THREE series currently running.

23 Below Zero in Chicago Today but at Least the Obama Spider-Man Comic Book Arrived

So this week in Chicago, today in particular, it’s been cold as a hell. Since last night it’s been getting colder hour by hour and right now at mid-day its nearly 25 below (with the wind-chill, as they say, but whose counting…). At any rate this really isn’t a weather blog so I won’t linger, but please enjoy the image below from a weather site. Last year I kept taking pictures of the Chicago style snow and putting them on the blog, but this year…I dunno, I figure if people want to see those pictures they can check the archives.


But the big story this week-in terms of fun-is the Spider-Man comic book featuring the President Elect Barack Obama. Oh Marvel Comics first you kill Captain America and now this? You wouldn’t happen to be chasing Press this year are you? I won’t ruin the story for with a recap but I WILL put an image up for you steal. You’re welcome! To be honest I’ve got about 5 or 6 Obama pieces in various states of completion, but again, I dunno…I think I might be suffering from Obama fatigue. And I kind of think a lot of people are. Well let me be more precise people are SICK of Bush, but they’re still a little tired of the elect Obama process. But in terms of the man, not only are not people tired of him they’re finding new and expanding ways to pay tribute. I’ve dubbed this man The First T-Shirt President. Clearly that’s just me, because many people have doctored pictures to show him in a super-hero setting. So this comic book was pretty much inevitable.


Think about the comic book is just the tip of the iceberg. They’re so much Obama stuff out there it’s crazy. Not since those popular “I Like Ike” buttons about Eisenhower have you seen people actually wearing something about the President that wasn’t a joke; like an “I’m with Stupid” shirt pointing to a Bush picture or something like that. And I’m not going to fault people for a) cashing in with any product they can get people to buy (in these times especially) or b) wanting somebody to believe in. And really that’s what it comes down to; having a guy who was actually elected by the people and the electoral college in no uncertain terms. The very act of saying “yes” to a Black President is a gesture that screams forward and upwards. But people wear Obama shirts like those Che Guevara shirts that became people about 20 years ago. And that my friend says “man of the people.”

Anyway later that night the weather got a little more serious. Actually, it got even COLDER after midnight, but it would have been against the spirit of this piece about “today” if I had shown an image form the next day.


The Brave and the Bold on Cartoon Network is Batman–centric but Accurate

So a couple of new super hero cartoons have come out recently (actually a few, but we’re gonna stick to traditional Marvel and DC). Like the Wolverine and the X-Men and of course the Brave and the Bold. The B and the B is actually a long standing comic book series which comes and goes in the DC universe which seem to depend on how many original ideas they can come up with and whether or not their main titles are selling. See, I didn’t grow up reading DC, except for the occasional Flash, I read Marvel. And Marvel also has this idea of pairing heroes in a series they call Marvel Team Ups. In fact like Xerox become synonymous with making copies the term “team up” is pretty much the phrase you use when talking about, well, a team up. But DC called their team up series the Brave and the Bold. Got it?


So with this new TV series their doing team ups-except only with Batman. In the comic books it can be anybody. I mean it tends to feature Batman a lot, but it can be Supergirl and Green Lantern or just whoever they feel like pairing. Team ups are fun. Because it mixes heroes with different people, and it’s not a heavy thing like the Justice League or the Avengers involving a whole bunch of people, just a couple of heroes trying to work together when normally they might not ever speak to each other for months or years.

This new animated series (cartoon!) is a weird mix of old and new. What do I mean? Well they’ve got Batman with the yellow chest emblem. And the black bat on a yellow oval tends to refer to the more “friendly” Batman that you might see hanging out with Robin. As opposed the black bat with no yellow-no, that Batman is the haunted, bitter, tormented, driven, solitary “Dark Knight.” And in a weird twist-or rather a new trend I’m seeing a lot of-a comic book based onthe cartoon is now coming out. It’s a little snake-eatin-it’s-own-tail.


Its fun. They’re are jokes and light mood, I mean they’ve got Diedrich Bader from the Drew Carey show as the voice, but the show’s not necessarily child skewed. It’s not as dark as Justice League would sometimes; I would say it’s about on the level of the original Ben 10 show. And all kinds of characters are showing up. Recently they had Jaime as the Blue Beetle so you really feel like the show is up to date.


We’ve also seen Etrigan and Morgaine Le Fey.