Have You Heard the New Gnarls Barkley and Dan Le Sac Songs?!!

They’re great. Well, as the kids say-these tracks are slammin and/or bumpin. Plain and simple. Both these tracks I’ve heard during the last 2 weeks or so over at Jason’s show on KCRW. And You know, there was a real concern that Gnarls would suffer from a “sophomore slump” in my mind. But in my HEART I knew that Danger Mouse would keep the quality up (that’s a reference to today being Valentine’s Day). Danger Mouse is easily the strongest producer to hit the scene since the Neptunes. And this new song that’s hit the airwaves, Run, is short but strong. So I don’t think they’ve officially released a video yet, but I was able to get the tune from Youtube for you to check out. (UPdate it’s many weeks later and the official Gnarls Barkley Run Video is here now).

And the new Dan Le Sac is called Thou Shalt Always Kill. It’s one of those catchy songs with the sort of spoken word approach to vocals WHILE talking about music industry skewed stuff. It’s sort of like the old Bob Dylan song, or the recent LCD Soundsystem track. I think Green Velvet did something in this vein too. Anyway this song DOES have a video and it’s pretty neat.

Putting a Stop to Bothersome and Solicitous Calls or Junk Mail

(Sorry about the mix-up, here’s the link for the
Fight Quest and The Human Weapon story here).



So I got a weird call from my sister yesterday. Seems somebody called her out of the blue and started badgering her about a neighbor. To be more precise, the neighbor’s delinquent bill payment schedule. Well, rightly so, my sister wanted to know a) why the hell had she been called and b) how the hell did she even get her phone number. They didn’t answer the first question, but they did say they got the number using a “neighbor search.” I told her that’s very possible. I told her yeah, when you do a search on some of those sites they’ll show you the surrounding places of business or people in the area. I said what probably happened is they just picked 10-20 close by neighbors of the TARGET person and started calling them.

Years ago I used to work for a large, famous bank and we had a division of collection agents who had been doing that or skip tracing for years and those people do NOT feel bad about putting a squeeze on a target, they don’t have any shame about it, and they sure as hell don’t mind embarrassing the person in front of friends or family. So these are the tactics with have to live with now. But these links should help you at least get off the grid as much as can be done these days.