DishNetwork Promo Code. 50 Dollar Coupon

“Ok. I guess I’ve been hiding my $50.00 credit coupons long enough. Giving them to my family and friends and I guess it’s time I make it available to whoever wants it.” That was how this article originally began. But I’ve re-written the article so I explain how to turn a $50.00 special into $500.00 special. FAST! You know? Why miss out on the big money?

Here’s what I got right now, these are my last TWO ONE codes. Normally I just put 2 at a time but they’re going fast. (By the way, I actually ran out at the end of 2012, but I got my last 3 SEPT 2014 and now there are only 2, so if you want one TAKE it now).




These codes have already been used. It started kinda slow and then people got serious, so don’t waste any time.

See, once YOU get your Dish account YOU can give away your coupons. You get 50 dollars for each one you give out, and you can do it 10 times. That means you can get $500 put into your account!!!. And guess what else? You also get 5 Pay Per View movies for the first coupon you give away. That means you get 5 FREE PPV movies! That’s worth about $35. So you’re looking at a total of $535 a YEAR being put into your account. For real. I’m not kidding. And as you can see, I just give my codes to whoever wants them-so you can too. Don’t get caught up in the 50 dollars and MISS the 500. Because if they end the program while you’re still chasing a code, then you get nothing.
Dish 50 dollar referrals

When it comes time for YOU to pass out YOUR codes, just keep in mind; they go SUPERFAST. It can be as easy as putting them on Craigslist or something. DON’T do any funny business like try to sell them or something, just tell people they can have them for free and you’ll have your $500 dollars.

As a matter of fact you can see my bill was in the NEGATIVE. They were putting money INTO my account. Paying ME.

How much money I saved with Dish Network

here are still a few left so get them while you can. Basically you go to the Dish site or call them, and order. When it asks for a code you enter the code. Then, on top of all the other stuff they’re giving away right now, you ALSO get $50.00 added to you account. Which basically would be $5.00 off your bill every month for the next 10 months. (

So call them and order, but the order department does NOT deal with this coupon thing. You  don’t all this stuff until you have AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT

SO LET ME REPEAT. WHEN YOU ORDER THEY REALLY WONT TALK TO YOU ABOUT THIS PROMO CODE THING. After you GET an account you go ONLINE and get your codes. You can choose to have them mailed or emailed to you. It will look like this…

dish referral program

You can use if for your home or business if you’re a NEW customer. Here a


Get $50 


Actually that ad above doesn’t even have all the stuff. You actually get

$24.95 a month for the 1st year on the basic package

Showtime and HBO for 3 months Free

The $500.00 in credits we talked about

Free HD for life

And it’s good for residential or business

Free installation (up to 6 rooms)

Free DVR Upgrade


This I’m not sure about , but I think you can also upgrade to 3 HD receivers for free or it could be free service on a 2nd TV.

I would look at the website or ask on the phone about that last item. But that’s still a hell of a package. If you’ve ever thought about signing up now’s a pretty good time.

Chicago First Snow 2009 so Insulate Your Water Heater

Well, it’s official! December 7, 2009 and it is snowing in Chicago. Day one. And here I am for the third year in a row with a picture to commemorate the event. Having been out of town for 20 years or so traveling the world so that I could meet new and interesting people-and then kill them-it’s good being back home. So without further adieu, check it out…

snow 2009



As a few of you long, long, LONG time readers may recall one of the “themes” of this blog was also the home renovation follow-along for the house I bought for fun and profit. But, oops! Housing crisis! So I’m still sitting on the property AND not doing the work. However, for your pocketbook, I’m doing a special little piece about insulation.

Since my computer hard drive burned out last week I can’t really do any real business, but I finally got this temporary laptop so looks like I’m writing for the blog again after all these months. But not for long; I’ll be getting back to work soon since I won the spare parts I need to do a little hard drive surgery from eBay last night.

hard drive


Insulating your water heater can save you a TON of money for the year, and the annual saving compounded over the next few years will really make you happy. So doing this job isn’t rocket science, but what MIGHT throw you off is buying the insulation if you go to Home Depot. They actually don’t keep it in the insulation department, they keep it in the water heater dept. ANNNNND if you don’t know what you’re looking for you’ll STILL miss it. The keep it rolled up like a sleeping bag, so I took a photo for you. Look at that weather! See how long ago I bought supplies. Poor house….

new insulation

And I’ve included a picture of what it looks like when you unwrap it. Those white strips you see are the tape that you use to seal the deal. You’re basically going to treat your water heater like a hotdog, and this thing is the “bun.”

insulation open

And finally, in this last picture you’re seeing how NOT to do the job. This is just me getting it into position. You’ll really want to cut holes out for all the “works.” The rusty ass pipe you see leading into the water heater is the gas supply. And you want to cut around the stuff so a) you have access and b) don’t have a HORRIBLE accident. Do NOT leave that on there like that. I’ve even put a caption on that picture because I get so many image searches on this blog.

water insulation

I’m sad to say I’ve had to fix about 3 or 4 of these heaters for various neighbors when the ‘hood has had the occasional flash flood. And I’ve done the job in the dead of winter! And I gradually began to notice that these heaters gave off quite a bit of heat. And then I realized they’re not just heating the water (like they’re supposed to be doing) they were trying the heat the WHOLE BASEMENT. Without insulation the heater will try to compensate for the room temperature and burn WAY more gas than you need for your water. Do this job. It’s 30 minutes and about 30 dollars.

Gutters, Drains and Leaf Cleaning for Drainage to Downpouts

Splat-splat-splat, splat-splat-splat, splat-splat-splat. That’s the sound that let me know I was NOT getting good drainage from my gutters to my downspouts. To say I was surprised is an understatement. On this blog I’ve gone through at least two separate SERIES about issues with getting the water from my roof to the city sewer. The first series of articles was about ground level issues where The water was making it down the downspouts but then was clogged at the ground ceramic piping and so just flooded the area instead of making its way to the sewer. Then there was the whole issue of leaves at the top of the downspout. Later I wrote about the gutters when I decided to paint them as I was doing the siding installation. So basically it was only 6 months ago at the start of the winter that I had gutters as clean as a whistle with a nice sound down the aluminum downspouts that gave me a lot of peace of mind.

So we’re supposed to be coming to the end of the “April showers” season but the rain looks like it’s going to be coming right along for at least another 2 weeks. My neighbor knows I tyro do my own work around the house so asked me to come look at his gutters. His problem was that in the front water was spilling out of the gutters as if somebody was pouring the excess water out of a pot of recently cooked pasta. Not good. I told him my theory; which was that the gradual wight of the water had basically bent the gutters outward and he would probably need to either get some new gutter supports or put some shims behind the gutters to tilt them back up. And I left his place feeling pretty satisfied with myself. Oh woe to the smug man. Next day it rained and I figured it was a good chance to see how my own gutters were doing. I was quite shocked to find on both sides of my house rain water was spilling over before even GETTING to the downspouts. Had the weight bent mine too?


I got out the ladder and decided to some dangerous wet climbing WITH my camera. Leaves. I couldn’t believe I had leaves clogging up my works. I had worked during the EARLY part of the Fall cleaning them out, but clearly the late Fall had filled my gutters up again. So now I’m determined to get some kind of gutter protection. There are a few models out there. The easiest way to show you is to build an Amazon showcase that you’ll see below. Or if  you Need a local handy person? Check Service Magic Call them at 877-576-3375

But basically there are these inexpensive guards but the problem with those is that another neighbor of mine has the water just bouncing off and spilling over the house. And I mean a flood of water. So that’s really a house by house situation. I DID see some great gutter protection on This Old House that I really liked. There were basically wire brushes. The water can pass through and the leaves fly over the side. There are also some pretty expense gutter guards which act like a seal. And there’s a VERY good DVD which compares them all too.

So I took a few pictures of the adventure, and it get the leaves out of the downspout took several tools. The first one below is the clog itself. I used a giant kitchen spoon. I used a car jack handle and I used a flexible long piece of metal to push the debris through the S curve of the downspout neck.


But I probably should have gotten this ting from Ace Hardware. Click the picture to see details.

gutter cleaner

After I got things cleared out I took a few pics. But you can see above the blockage was solid and no water was getting through.