Cheapest Phone Service in America for 2015 is Called MagicJack

I want you to know about getting a phone service that will save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year. By now you’ve heard that the MagicJack used to be about 20 bucks a year but now it’s about 30 dollars a year. I say “about” because they always send you discounts to keep your business. But that’s NOT the whole story. I took the 5 year deal, and that originally brought the price down to 14 dollars a year. That’s a little over ONE DOLLAR A MONTH for a regular phone. It sounds and works like a regular house phone. Just so you know it’s not a “flash in the pan” deal I originally wrote this article nearly SEVEN whole years ago-look at the date above.

But I keep on coming back, and I’ve even bought the latest equipment.

magicjack go

new magicjack

Listen to this recording of me talking on a MagicJack 20 dollar a year phone (well, I’m on the $14 a year plan). Click the Play Arrow, and slide the volume if you need to…

[audio:|titles=Dave on MagicJack]

And here’s an MP3 download link in case the player on this blog has an issue
Dave on MagicJack

The Most AMAZING thing is you

don’t even need the computer anymore!




With the Magicjack Plus you can just plug the internet cable straight into your internet connection. If you look at the picture below you can see how they look a little different from each other.

mj regular



The price of the Magicjack Plus is $69.95 instead of $39.95 and the yearly cost is $29.95 instead of $19.95 and its STILL a good deal.

mj plus


I just want to give you an idea of how much you can save. MOST people pay pay way too much for phone service at home, but you don’t really realize it until you look at it. So take a look at how much you can save a year. It’s a lot of money!

Keep in mind that first year you need to buy the Magicjack device for $20, but after that you OWN it for life so every year after that your bill actually DROPS LOWER. Just remember you need to order online to get the 5 year deal.

5 year deal price per month

Go to the MagicJack site, and take the Free Trial now because I’m sure this deal isn’t going to last forever. It’s too good. They’ll send you one and you can see if you like it.

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When you get to the Magicjack website there’s a video. It doesn’t really have any ground breaking information-it’s just the MagicJack creator and his little girl talking about Magicjacks! I found out a lot of people sit there waiting on the video to load and then find out they could have just skipped it. So when you get to the site look on the right side of the page for the orange button like the one on this page above.


And here’s that list of some things I’ve been able to do or know about…

-I’ve sent faxes with MJ

-Blocked incoming calls using PhoneTray or Google Voice. Both free, both take 5 minutes to set up

-You can take the MJ with you ANYWHERE in the WORLD with a high-speed connection, plug it in and make a call like you were calling from your house like a regular local call

-It’s only $20 a YEAR, or you can buy 5 years and it’s only FOURTEEN dollars a year. That’s like $1.16 a month (Vonage was costing me over $20 a MONTH for the limited plan and my mother was paying $37 for the full Vonage plan that has the same stuff as MagicJack. Think about it, it’s crazy to pay that figure when you don’t have to.)

-MJ to MJ calls are free-but basically ALL calls are free once you’re signed up

-It sounds good. Listen to the voice sample above

-It’s an easy setup

-You can wire your whole house easily with a 99 cent splitter (but it’s even easier to just use a set of wireless phones!)

-It’s “easy” on your internet connection and only uses about 6kp upload and download

Is It Easy To Use? Yes

As somebody who PERSONALLY used both Vonage and MagicJack I can tell you it’s easier to us and WAY less trouble. I had to actually take my grandfather’s Vonage away because no matter how neat I tried to make all the modem, routers and wires it was still too much of a mess for him. You can even see, in the picture below how I eventually put all the stuff in a box so that he wouldn’t trip over all the wires.

magicjack new

Magicjack Arrives New

Simple Magicjack Installation

Simple Magicjack Installation

And here’s all the stuff I needed just to make Vonage work.

The Old Vonage Mess!

I’ve actually become an affiliate because I personally tried it and it works. So to let people feel confident about getting a MagicJack, I’ve written several versions of this article, some have been super long with me giving all kinds of details, instructions and showing my low bills, but now I’ve decided to make a voice recording and a little Power List so that you can just make your decision easily. You can try it for 30 days free-and you should One last thing, yeah I get compensating for promoting these things, but I really do own almost half a dozen of them and the reason is that they work. I honestly feel it’s worth your while to try it. If it’s good for your situation you WILL save a lot of money. I’ve literally saved THOUSANDS in phone bills for myself, my family and my business lines. That’s a fact.

Take the MagicJack Free Trial

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6 thoughts on “Cheapest Phone Service in America for 2015 is Called MagicJack

  1. I love Magicjack. Now I love it even more that I got the caller id to work on my phone by getting a fixer.

  2. Here is a question I got today and my reply

    “Everything I read- tells of a dream deal. One area of concern is that in order for the system to work-your p/c must be on- versus the vonage modum etc.. Who keeps their computer on 24 hrs a day- and is this correct-or will it work-without the p/c being on. If it needs to stay on- that’s a major drawback-to something that sounds like a dream. Thanks.”

    Hi Leon
    Thanks for visiting. I actually have an article I’ve been waiting 11 days for approval on, should be approved by mid August
    I compare
    Regular phone

    But in a nutshell-NONE of the three systems is perfect. Regular phone (called Plain Old Telephone Service POTS) is just crazy expensive in a world where internet phone exist. Because basically when you have a conversation you’re “borrowing” a connection. Internet phone breaks your signal up into packets-the same way the internet works-and sends your message as small cheap pieces. It’s the same principle that a FAX works on.

    Vonage WAS great except they wouldn’t (and wont) give call across the board blocking. Plus Vonage prices kept going up and that just made me mad. It didn’t make any sense. Everybody is coming down in price, why the hell were they going up-but at the same time not adding any significant new features. BUT, in terms of ease-of-use I still recommend it compared to regular phone if you’re more or less comfortable with computers. It can AND DOES go out sometimes and you’ve got to get in there and fool around.

    Magicjacklike Vonage no call blocking-but I have an article on ezinearticles on how to set up PhoneTray or GoogleVoice-which are both free-to get perfect blocking. 5 minute job. But let me repeat that magical price-a DOLLAR a month. And the phone quality is actually better than my old house phone.

    But yes YOUR COMPUTER needs to be on. And most heavy computer uses do leave their machine on 24 hours a day-in my case I have TWO machines running around the clock. Because it uses so little power and it’s better for the computer. Turning them on and off is a little bit like a shock to a computer’s system. But DO turn off the monitor when not in use-it does use a lot of juice. Basically what I’m saying is; just because the computer is on you don’t have to use it, or even look at it if the monitor is off. I mean your modem is always on anyway right? And MagicJack will just be running smoothly in the background. Or just turn off the computer and forward calls to the cell phone.

    Even if you don’t go for the 5 year deal. I think it’s a very cheap thing to test out for a month. It’s a money back, no questions asked kind of thing. And a second phone line without having to re-wire your house through the phone company can be up and running in 30 minutes. And then you might decide “what the hell I’m paying 60 bucks a month for my regular phone for the basic line, the call waiting package, the long distance package, the city tax, the state tax, the “fees” and it works the same as MJ, I might as well get rid of the regular one.” That’s why I say, this is something I think people should just test and see how easy it is.

    OHH! One last thing-you need a high speed connection. Dial-up is actually fast enough in my opinion since MagicJack only takes about
    8kb upload
    8kb download
    during a conversation BUT if you loose your dial up signal the phone would be out, so that’s why people need an “always connected” line.

  3. Is AT&T the cheapest to go with for just the naked DSL? I did see the link, but my friend who just did this with the magicjack said their bill is over $35.00. Any suggestions or info to other places would be great. Oh, we live in California. If you could privately email me that would be great. Thanks.

    • Hi Carol

      You should visit my main ATT DSL article, scan it, then take a look at the comments section with a lady from San Francisco last week.

      Option 1
      Then you should just type in what you’re looking for at google, but you should read through those comments.

      Option 2
      Also if you have any other kind of tv or cell phone you should really look into the mix and match ATT uverse stuff, I’m pretty sure I have a link for that too but that can really cut your cost.

  4. Hey what’s up folks!

    I’ve gotten really behind with posting the emails here in the comment section. But here’s one I got this past week. I’m posting this one as a lesson/warning about the up and down nature of dealing with me. Some days good, some days…


    i have wintel xp pro sp2 rig with 2.4G pentium. plug a conairphone into mj and mj into usb 2 port. the mj lights up, i get a little “jingle” sound, and a tray icon for disconnecting a usb device.

    i cant open other apps at this point. i have tried all 4 of my usb ports, different phones, rebooting, yada yada.

    i have an att dry loop which has always given me good internet. i use firefox 3.6.

    ive left the mj in the port for as long as 15 minutes and it still does nothing.

    any ideas would be appreciated.



    Hello John

    For the life of me I can’t imagine why you came to me and didn’t go straight to the magicjack site and let the creators help you. But since you’re here and talking AT me like we know each other or I owe you some help I”ll try help despite your strange “this guy owes me a favor” tone.

    So to begin with I would try a different computer. Obviously your computer is powerful enough since MJ will work on the most out of date, crappy machines. So it’s not a power issue, it’s something about your configuration. Something is blocking. The good news is that you have XP and not Vista which would be a little more complicated.

    I’m not sure what “other apps” you’re trying to open. Some kind of MJ thing or just other USB devices wont work with your computer?

    You say you have tried other phones, but that issue is almost a little cart before the horse. Your first goal is going to be getting that MJ softphone on your desktop. It will look like a regular phone -actually there’s an image on my blog. If you’re not seeing that, chances are your MJ hasn’t downloaded the startup software. So that is probably what you need to have happen.

    Because right now it’s sounding like your computer doesn’t recognize what was plugged into the USB. The MJ is seeing your computer though, that’s why you’re seeing the lights. MOST of those MJ’s work, but I have heard about some brand new ones that don’t; and that’s why I suggested trying to find ANYbody’s computer just to test the MJ. And I’m also assuming your MJ is new.

    However, next, I would go to the MJ “chat help” section on the MJ site or the FAQ section. One or both will probably direct you to a download link, so you can get the software (what a MJ should do on it’s own). Install it and THEN your computer will probably be able to recognize what’s in the USB port. Then your MJ will see the software. You’ll be asked to register your account probably-it’s been a few years since I did it-but the point is once MJ is actually ON your computer and your computer, and it’s online, you’ll get a dial tone.

    Helping with a dose of reluctance


    whoa! sorry man. i probably should have gone to the mj site and tried live chat, but my research showed that tech support wasnt all that good. since i just had a dry loop connected, i googled “dry loop magicjack”. first on google was your site ( it looked like it was made for me. you seemed to be a big fan of mj and others had asked your help and that you were offering to help.

    if i came on strong or misread, i apologize. last thing on my mind. i appreciate your response and your honest feedback; thought genuine people like you had faded away.

    ill try the “live help” thing on mj site. sorry to have barged in like that.




    Well, that’s what happens when you reach out to “genuine people.” They might turn out to be an asshole like me! Yeah I’m MOSTLY a nice guy, who’s kind of helpful-but if it’s on the blog. In that format there’s sort of an ongoing conversation going, so if people jump in with a question with zero introduction I’m a little more forgiving. Although I’m still used to “hi my name is X, I was wondering if you…”

    But I do get the occasional demanding email, however in those cases it’s some foreign born person and the English a little broken. Even then I’m sort of forgiving; but to a native born guy named John, speaking English since birth person, I find that kind of weird-“Here are some facts now give me some results”-Don’t you? If some guy just walked up to you and did that, wouldn’t you find it weird? AND they didn’t start at the place where they bought the thing? So that’s all I was saying.

    Now just a little follow up; you didn’t mention you had dry loop. I think it’s in the comments section of my ATT article, but regarding MJ, you do want to make sure you’ve allocated enough bandwidth. Basic DSL is usually 78kb download/35 upload and MJ needs about 6-8kb upload and download to get a clear sound.

    If I were you, I’d do an online speedtest by typing “test dsl speed” into google, and I’d get a free tool like NetLimter so you can see which applications are using bandwidth at any given time. But generally I think the previous email should get you up and running, these tips are just extra



    hi dave

    point well taken. i will be more polite from now on.

    took your advice, verified i had a good enough broadband and got to thinking about your comment about the mj download being blocked. i disabled antivirus and firewall, downloaded the update.exe and ran it. my box froze so i d/c mj, rebooted and contacted live help on mj site. after explaining what i had done, they escalated me from tier 1 to tier 3 tech support. they had me download and install “MicrosoftFixit50027” which cleared up the problem. the registration went off without a hitch and ive made several phone calls with very good results.

    thanx for the help. and the kind feedback. live long and prosper.


  5. Hey folks!
    Well as usual I get lots of emails and I always forget to post them in case some of those people’s questions are things you might want to know. So I found a couple and I’ll put them up now, read on…

    John said—
    So far I’ve been unable to fax with my magicjack. I have a Cannon L80.
    Can you help me, and many others, to learn how to fax with magicjack?

    My response
    Hi John
    Who are these others? I haven’t had any significant emails about that issue-mostly they’re in the “is it possible” category.

    The unit you’re talking about sounds like a printer or combo fax/scan/printer or maybe you can let me know what it is.

    But generally I fax through my computer by just plugging the phone line into the modem. Again, I don’t know what kind of setup you have.
    So if I were in your position I’d start rulling things out. I had a bad dsl connection and fought with the phone company quite a while until I ruled enough things out and now it works great. The easiest thing to do is to try and fax from a regular phone line. If it that works then take the MJ to somebody else’s place and try to get a dial tone. IF you’re very lucky and that place has a fax then try to fax at that location.

    I’d be curious what you have tried so far. But you’ve got to do one at a time.

    Another John said–
    Hi Dave,
    I really like your website! You are awesome to provide so much helpful info for free. I’m hoping you can help with my question… I was wondering how to block calls on my MagicJack? I read about PhoneTray but heard that it only works with Dial-Up. Take care and thanks so much for any advice. -John

    My response
    Hi John
    I appreciate you visiting and your opinions about my efforts. My original article is thousands of words long, but I took it down this week to see if people liked the voice thing better. It had a little more ‘how to” in it.

    Well phonetray can do the job and it’s free, is there a special reason you haven’t tried it?

    But if you listen to my voice thing I STRONGLY advise Google Voice, which is also free. I advise this to anybody I know who has a phone number, especially a new one that people don’t know yet-the GV number would the number you give people and you keep your actual phone number “behind the scenes.”

    Like I said they’re both free so test them out

    John said
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I will definitely look into Google Voice and Phonetray. Do you know if each of those works with DSL?

    Thank you again,


    Lori said

    Hi, I found your site while searching Google. I was impressed with your bargain hunting experience and knowledge! I got MagicJack a few weeks ago and love it. I’m canceling my AT&T home phone (while keeping DSL). I’m currently using the DSL Pro Speed ($30… jumping to $40 when I drop the home phone). My question: Is DSL Basic ($20/month) 384 kbps upload speed fast enough to use MagicJack? I know from MagicJack’s FAQs that it is fast enough (128 kbps upload is required). But AT&T’s upload speed is a max speed (if you read the fine print). I was worried that the speed might dip lower than that (if that’s even possible). Also I read somewhere that your distance from AT&T determines your true DSL internet speed. I’d hate to lock myself into their DSL Basic 1yr contract only to find it doesn’t work with MagicJack. Though I’d definitely try it if you told me that the majority of people you’ve heard from have had no problems. Thanks for any advice! Kind Regards, Lori

    My response

    Hi Lori

    So I’m not sure if you saw one of my main ATT or my Magijack article, but on the MJ one I show the speeds necessary, and it’s’ only about 6-8kb upload. So the 384kbs is about 38kb so you’ll have “30” to spare. In one of those comments sections I go into greater detail but that’s basically the answer. In those comments I also advise doing an online “speedtest” so you can see what your connection is really doing. As well as having a free tool like NetLimiter so you can see at all times what speeds all the devices on your computer are using. More of a “interesting” rather than needed type tool.

    In one of my ATT articles I show how to test YOUR actual speed at the computer level and what you’re getting on the internet. Also right now, most if not all of the ATT stuff does NOT have the contract. Click on one of my links and a) if you buy it online I’ll get paid! and b) you’ll be taken to their current pricing/contract deals so you can see. (Yeah, don’t worry about “a” but you should see their current offers because even I was surprised by the changes they made about 9 days ago.

    There are links in each of my ATT/MJ articles and comments section to the other related article, and you might want to stop by and just glance over them since a LOT of issues get covered.

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