Chicago Snow April 2009

Well, this isn’t much of blog post, but in keeping with my habit of recording surprising weather in the city I bring you this latest photo. Tonight I went to take the garbage out wearing sweats and house shoes. So guess who was surprised to find himself severely underdressed? About a week or 2 back we also got a little bit of this rain/slush type snow too, but that was still in March and, you know, it wasn’t really super surprising. And yeah, this is still early April, but it IS April so to get several hours worth of snow is kinda on the weird side. Not quite biblical weird like frogs and locust, but weird.


2 thoughts on “Chicago Snow April 2009

  1. We had that dreadful snow last week too…even now it’s still unusually cold – this 30 degrees at night stuff is annoying! Though, it is better than the -20 weather we had in January and February I suppose!

    • Hi Chelle!
      Yeah we had some super cold days this winter, but I think last winter was snowier. That’s why I was surprised by this sort of last minute assault. But the precipitation in general is kinda putting a crimp in my “workout to look good by summer” plan, so I’ve had to resort to indoor exercise…

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