Come To Chicago for our R Kelly Trial. Forget Saving up for the Olympics

I was going to post a bunch of pictures FROM the sex R. Kelly Sex video . But I thought that might be too much. But who knows, as the trial goes on, I may put in the DVD and take a few still shots. So let’s get down to business. R. Kelly is finally going on trial for his “alleged” sexual misconduct with a minor. Including of course the urination thing, although truth be told, I don’t think the urine thing is actually illegal. Huh! How about that? No doubt if you’re reading this blog you’ve seen the Dave Chapelle video “I Wanna Pee on you .” I didn’t embed that either, but as you can see I’ve instead grabbed some stills off the TV news just MOMENTS ago. So folks this stuff is hot. Today Juror number 3 was chosen. Hurray! Only 9 more plus all the alternatives, which will probably be 2 per juror, so we’re looking at a total of 36 people. Hahahahaha. 36 people with no prior standing opinions about R. Kelly, sex with minors, and willing to give up possibly months or YEARS of their life-in Chicago. Hahahahaha. Good luck!

See people forget that before Kanye West and more recently the Kool Kids and the Kidz in the Hall (the PopHop group not the Canadian comedy troupe currently on tour-actually BOTH Kids groups are on tour, isn’t that funny?). But before all these musical groups in the 2000’s we hadn’t had a black music sensation come out of Chicago in a while. Common came along around the same time as R. Kelly but in those days Kelly was straight R & B and Common was straight hip hop (now of course one guy is on TV for his trial and the other is currently got his third movie in theaters). So R. Kelly has a lot of popularity not just around the world but here in the city. Depending on who you talk to our course. I mean keep in mind for YEARS after the original charges AND THE DVD Kelly was able to go on tour and still have sold out shows. But in a recent article over at the Chicago Reader they talk about the case and how a writer over at has been chronicling weird R. Kelly sex behavior that go back as far as 1996. Keep in mind, Kelly married the now deceased Aaliyah when she was just 15 years old!

I had to include that walking into court picture on, cause I was down there recently bailing out a relative ‘cause that’s also where Cook County Jail is. Folks when I tell you I’m living in the ghetto of Chicago I’m not being cute; it’s for REAL. So I kept watching TV tonight because I wanted to watch DirtyJobs. While I was waiting N.E.R.D came on Letterman and performed a song. I had to take a screen capture for you because these boys were "slam dancing." Another true fact about me is I grew up an actual 80’s punk rocker who did actual slam dancing in punk clubs, so seeing this weird hipster TV version of it on tonight made me laugh my ass off. Here’s a little trivia about N.E.R.D. and their offshoot group the Neptunes. Last year I read a statistic that said they had produced as much as 25 percent of ALL the music on the pop radio stations in Europe and as much 17 percent of all the music on pop stations here in America. These young kids are SO sought after as producers they’re booked up years in advance. So slam dance it up guys, you earned it.bla