Current Overused Comic Book Ideas

Fads come and go don’t they? They’re slightly different from trends aren’t they? Trends imply a shift in tendencies. A cultural move that we all agree on. This concept can be used to examine any number of topics. Today it’s comic books.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of comics. Probably way too many, for reasons I probably shouldn’t go into. But I’m reading a lot and I’m seeing a certain amount of repetitiveness. It’s not the usual repetitiveness that we’ve come to both love and want in comics; like good guys going after bad guys, or capes, or super human strength. Its things like phrasing, costumes and characters. In the near future I’m going to do a BIG article on it, but for now I’d like to broach the subject with these few things I’ve noticed.

“Get off me!” is an expression I’m seeing a lot. I personally associate those words with big brother vs. little brother situations, or females in conflict with males. But it’s popping up in a lot of comics. I saw at least a dozen times before I started collecting images. Take a look at some.

get1.jpg get2.jpgget3.jpgget4.jpgget6.jpgmore-gets.jpgget5.jpg


Ok that last one is a variation done by Captain America. And speaking of him. I’m noticing a lot of characters are showing up with Captain America style belts. It kind of started when they changed Batman’s traditional utility belt to one of these War Packs or Action Sacks, or whatever you want to call them. But now EVERYbody is wearing one. Here’s how Batman started out.



And this is what Captain America wore-I mean it made sense, He WAS in WWII!


So aside from the fact that they didn’t want you to forget he had a penis, that was his belt. Which now has been slapped on Batman too. But all kinds of people are wearing one now, here’s just a couple I found.


Another thing that’s popping up a LOT is calling women cows. But I’ve just started collecting those. And in real life I have never ONCE heard somebody call a woman that. But in England and the comic books it appears to be quite common.



And of course Zombies are now EVERYwhere! These are all from different comic books or even different comic book companies


2 thoughts on “Current Overused Comic Book Ideas

  1. Nothing is so overused as the tendancy to overlook the viable indies out here. The Big 5 are not the only comics around. We in the Black Age have been innovating a variety of concepts that the Big 5 would not touch or lack the vision to embrace.

    Since you were at our convention last year how about reviewing a few of our titles.

    We have a rack at the Azizi Book Store in the Lincoln Mall.

  2. Hi Onli!
    Thank you for personally visiting my little place on the web. I’ll take your input under advisement.

    It is a hurdle on some level to find out about indie titles, then make room for them in your schedule and wallet. So it’s an education issue first.

    Quality is quality if work is good AND people can discover it exist things should go well. I’m going to take a leap of faith and do a project next year -put my money where my mouth is!

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