Demonoid Gone

With demonoidh.jpg killed I’m in mourning. After I felt a little better I wrote a little more here because the situation is probably about to get worse. And I wrote a little bit more when they closed Zcult.

But at first, when I couldn’t get into the site I got the news from here. This other story I found isn’t giving me any joy either; Prosecutor Announces Charges Against The Pirate Bay. Update* Demonoid has opened a forum.



Nov 15 update. So you guys need to leave some comments about possible alternatives. Over at TorrentFreak they’re just doing useless arguing back and forth. I checked out demonoiders and that looks like a forum, but I’m not joining. And is just s e x. TorrentSpy is just all old stuff now, since they blocked US users, but I use a Hungarian proxy when I visit. ThePirateBay site is not really user friendly, as far as I’m concerned and is crashing a little tonight, because of the all the demonoid refugees like me. But they do have today’s DCP pack.

Update 11 months later. Oct of 08 and the site’s been back for months. Having a great old time again!

Update 2 years later. MANNNNNNN can you believe I wrote this sloppy articles 2 whole years ago. Well it’s September 30 2009 and Demonoid is closed again. I think when I joinedaround 2003 they had a long outage too.


Anyway I notice in my stats that people are starting to visit this article and I have no idea why. You go to Demonoid and they have a very clear message about what is going on, but I’ll post that message right here too. So that’s not much anybody can do except wait. You can go to TorrentFreak if you think they might have some kind of special information. And I guess you can try and use The Pirate Bay (although I heard the original guys are in jail and they sold it to some new people. Or maybe use Mininova