Downspout Drainage to Sewer Clogged or Leaking Pt2

All right so it did make it up to 49 degrees today, nice and warm. So despite being tired from all night computer building I DID get out of bed and spend 7 hours in the mud doing the work on the downspout drainage problem. To recap; BOTH downspouts were not conveying the gutter water away, and “away” in my case would be to an underground pipe next to the house right out to the street sewer. I had no flow at all, so water was just pooling on one side of the house, and just spilling on the walkway on the other side of the house.


So let’s pick this up from part one of this series. I had dug up the dirt around the pipe, and now I’ve removed the last segment of the downspout. This is so I can really dig that dirt and get to that broken pipe segment. Next I take the pipe segment out and as you can see it was leaking because it was clearly broken.


With the pipe out you can see, the drainage area is 100 percent clogged. There is no flow going to happen there.


But I have a solution. Want to see it?


OK, so I broke out the powerful Shop Vac and started in on this problem. It’s great because it handles solid matter and liquid and THIS is a perfect situation. Long ass hose too.


So after all the sucking, AND using the auger/snake/router I was able to finally get some drainage. I mean I lot of waste had to go up the hose to get close to clearing out the area. Speaking of area, if you Need A Contractor? Ask Angie! Let Help You Find The Best Contractor In Your Town!


The auger finally broke through and I was able to get a good look down the lower pipe. I was VERY unhappy to find MORE mud and a bunch of cement or stone items that could not be sucked up or broken of. I even stuck a 4 foot fence pipe down there and was able to clear the area a little more but not those stones.


So I have flow but I’m not happy to not have perfect flow. Now all I need to do is replace that pipe that connects the sub pipe to the downspout and put in the dirt. In the next part of the series I’ll show you the other downspout. It was a very different type of job.

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